Compare iPhone 13 business contract deals

Apple’s iPhone 13 is one of its latest models, launching in September 2021. It’s packed with cutting-edge tech that means you get a business mobile phone with all the latest features.

So, in this guide we’re taking an in-depth look at iPhone 13 business contracts to see what they can do for you. Plus, you can compare the market to find the best deals in the UK.

Model of an Apple iPhone 13 for business

In review: The iPhone 13’s greatest bits

  • 146.7 x 71.5 z 7.65mm model
  • 6.1 inch display size
  • 12MP + 12 MP camera megapixel
  • 128GB memory
  • 2169p (4K) video recording

You may have heard of Apple’s iPhones. They’re pretty nifty devices. The iPhone 13 packs some of Apple’s most innovative technology.

At the heart of the phone is its A15 bionic chip, designed to be as fast as lightning when processing anything. Absolutely everything you want to do will be instantaneous!

That includes Apple’s most advanced ever dual-camera system, that is 12MP, meaning you get maximum picture quality for quick picture snapping opportunities.

Another big step up is with the battery life of the phone. With this model, you get:

  • Up to two and half hours more battery life.
  • Up to one and a half hours more with the iPhone 13 mini.3

Now, that can prove crucial for many a business setting. Imagine if you’ve seen employees on a work trip. That extra battery life is going to come in mega handy!

The iPhone 13 supports superfast 5G, which is great news for business future-proofing.

And Apple encases the mobile in a ceramic shield, so it’s tougher and more endurable than most phones on the market. If you drop the thing, no more smashed screens to worry about!

Finally, you can get the mobile in two sizes:

  1. Standard iPhone 13 at 6.1”
  2. iPhone 13 mini at 5.4”

Both feature a super retina XDR display. And, well… what can we say? It’s a fantastic phone and one of the best on the market.

One of these will help you get more done than ever before. And they’ll make a great perk for employees! So, compare the market to find the best deals out there.

Where to get the best iPhone 13 business deals

Scouring the net looking for the best iPhone 13 business deals can be tough work. Where do you even start? Well, a comparison site is a great place.

For example, we can tell you straight away there’s a deal for an iPhone 13 128GB. With this you can get:

  • 5G ready from the off
  • No upfront costs
  • 36-month contract
  • Unlimited data, minutes and texts

These features can change over time, so make sure you check carefully with each deal before singing anything.

But for an iPhone of this quality, that’s an indication of how great deals can be. And you can compare the market for free to see what else is available.

The benefits of an iPhone 13 business contract

A business plan is designed to allow the calls you need to make. And it also supports your need to access the internet. It may include free calls, high data allowances or extra software to support how your business works.

In most cases, your business will benefit most from choosing a business contract over a personal one. Need extra tips? Check out our guide to the difference between business and consumer mobile contracts.

Below, we explain the many advantages you can expect from a business plan.

Total flexibility to work!

Simply put, an iPhone 13 business contract gives you and your employees total freedom. You can all do your job without worrying about losing your connection.

You can pick what contract you want, from long-term to short time periods. You can go SIM-only. Or you can get handsets to go with the package.

And you don’t have to worry about any data limits on your service.

So, it’s tailored to meet your needs and offers you the best possible flexibility. Staff can work from home or while they’re travelling. And there’s no disruption to their work.

Get extra hardware

Depending on your provider, you can get useful hardware thrown into the deal.

That can include handsets and other useful gadgets. With the package, you’ll also often get faster replacement of any faulty devices you have.

That depends on your contract, but many providers will include it in to replace, say, a faulty handset within 48 hours.

Top-quality customer support

If you go for a business contract, chances are the provider will provide you with premium customer support. Along with those quick hardware replacements, you can also expect expert support for whatever other issues you face.

From glitches to software guidance, you’ll be able to call your provider and cut the queues to get the answers you need.

It’s a business expense

Getting a business contract is a genuine business expense in the eyes of HMRC. That makes your accounting easier, because it’s tax deductible and a solid saving in the long-term.

Greater security

With business mobiles, you really limit the risks of what employees could do with personal phones.

From data breaches to losing their device and exposing crucial business data, with a business contract you can put in place restrictions to make sure none of your important info is ever leaked!

If you want to keep your business secure, then it’s the best option to take.


One great advantage is business mobile plans often come with insurance thrown into the deal. So, no matter what happens you’re fully protected.

Remember to check the fine print for a deal to see if it’s included in your contract.

Save extra money with your tariff

Business plans are very cost-effective. They can save you a lot of money in the long-term based on clear billing, network solutions and tariff structures.

You can pick the best data, texts and minutes to support your needs. And you can pool data between colleagues so they can balance out the data they use.

But that’s why it’s important to compare the market before committing to a contact! That way you know what you’re getting in a deal and which provider suits your needs the most.

Time to get your iPhone 13 business contract

If you’re ready to get decked out with Apple’s fantastic phone and a business mobile plan, then compare the market to find the best deal.

You can use our free comparison tool to do that!

All you have to do is enter your details into the form, we search our database and you get some recommendations. You’ll then be put through to a provider.

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