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Do You Need a Cloud Based Telephone System?

Businesses are moving on from old office phone systems and moving up to the cloud. Cloud based telephones let your business communicate over the internet. But should businesses choose cloud based and which systems are best?

Cloud-based telephone systems provide many features to level up your communications including VoIP, video calls, and messaging platforms. Find out what cloud based phones can give your business.

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How a cloud based telephones work

Instead of using office phones and connecting over phone lines, cloud based telephones use the internet. Cloud based telephones are also known as cloud telephony or cloud calling. The telecoms system works as a single platform where you can message, call, video call, and share files.

For customers, nothing major changes. Any calls they make from their mobile or home phone are rerouted to the internet system and you talk to them as usual. If anything, cloud based telephones can improve customer service as you have all the management tools you need on one platform.

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The cloud telephones can also be combined with collaboration tools you already use like Google or Microsoft Office so you get the best experience for your business as you make the switch over to the cloud.

Top reasons to get a cloud based phone system

Businesses of many types and sizes can benefit from going to the cloud.

1. Makes your business more flexible

With an internet connection, you can connect anywhere and anytime. Your business is not locked down in place by needing to be in the same place as your telephones. Your employees can use their mobile phones, laptops and PCs to make calls wherever they are over the internet. If you want to move to a hybrid or remote working model, cloud based telephones are just the system you need.

2. Predictable payments

Bills to upkeep office telephones never really go down, do they? Compared to older communication systems, cloud based phones have a unique benefit: you know what you’re paying for, and you know when you’re paying it. Cloud based telephone companies often offer contracts for a monthly payment schedule, so it’s easier for you to plan out your budget and combine many of your expenses in one package.

3. Combine services you already use

Your business may already pay for a file sharing system on the cloud. With remote work being more important than ever, you probably already have a video call system too. Instead of spreading out the cost over different platforms, using cloud based telephones means you get everything you need in one package. It makes your costs easier to manage and gives you the added benefit of having everything on one platform, saving you time.

4. Customise your call system

Cloud telephone providers can offer you a basic system to get you started or you can choose from a multitude of added extras. These extras can be well worth it for many businesses. On your telephony platform, you can:

  • Record calls
  • Forward calls
  • Set up an auto-attendant
  • Make video calls
  • Set up an automated call system for customer self-service

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Many added features of cloud telephones can help to improve your customer service and simplify the way you manage your communications. It’s worth comparing providers to find what features they can offer you and choosing the features that will support your communications.

One of the best things about hosted phone systems is that upgrading and adding features are very straightforward. If you change your mind, you can always go back to your provider for more and it won’t interrupt your operations.

What businesses need a cloud based phone system?

Not every business will need to move to the cloud right now. If you’re a self-employed construction worker, this would be the time to hang up. But many businesses can and should consider getting cloud telephones, especially with providers offering small business VoIP packages too. Here are just some of the major business types that will benefit from cloud based telephones.

Hybrid and remote working

As the pandemic hit, one type we all saw growing was the vast number of hybrid and remote working roles. Businesses are no longer restricted by having employees in the office every day. If you want to recruit remote working employees or offer hybrid roles, you will need to invest in cloud systems to make those accommodations without interrupting your business.

This business type will especially benefit from the added features of cloud based telephones, where you can share files and message team members from a single platform. This makes remote communication much easier.

Customer service focused

The days of hanging up when a customer heard a phone service bot are nearly gone altogether. Automated calls and messaging systems give your customers a quick and easy way to get in touch with minimal contact at the first hurdle. These systems can make sure your customers get in touch with the right person at the right time.

As a bonus, cloud telephones let you easily record phone calls so you can track and manage your employees from just one platform. For businesses looking to improve their customer service, upgrading to a cloud based system is a great step to make.

Future proofing

Practically every business type needs to make calls and provide easy communication between employees. If you make your calls over office phones, then you need to prepare for the ISDN switch off in 2025. Phone lines will be removed, and you will no longer be able to make calls as usual. You will have to move to the cloud. Whether you need the extra features or just want to make basic calls, cloud telephony is the ideal solution to prevent interruptions.

How to find a cloud based telephone provider

Many providers offer cloud telephones to move your communications over to the internet. But not every provider will offer a system that is best suited for your business. You’ll need to find a provider that offers a system that works with your requirements and budget, then analyse the features you need.

Finding a cloud based telephone provider doesn’t have to be complicated. Use our free quote tool to find the right one for you. All you have to do is fill in a quick form and we’ll get you in touch and in the know.

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