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The Best UK VoIP Providers in 2022

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the biggest thing in the business telecoms world right now and we don’t expect that to change. Hybrid and remote work are booming, so businesses are jumping at the chance to take their communications up to the cloud.

VoIP uses the internet, so we’re waving goodbye to clunky office phones. Check out our guide to VoIP to find out more. UK VoIP providers also offer businesses tons of new, shiny features to take communications to the next level. But what are the differences between these systems, and which one is best for you? Here’s our in-depth guide to the best VoIP providers and products for every business type.

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1. 8×8 Express – Best For Small Businesses

Mobile compatibility: iOS, Android

Unlimited calls in the UK

First free month trial

Limited customer service

Do you want a separate business number for your mobile phone? Many small businesses and sole traders will find that the 8×8 Express covers what they need without blowing their budget. Out of all UK VoIP businesses, 8×8 Express ranks as one of the most affordable. But if you have a bigger business or need to make a lot of calls then look elsewhere!

Pros Cons
First month free trial Limited customer service for the Express
Unlimited calls in the UK Unlimited calls only for standard landline and mobile numbers
Unlimited video & audio conferences Not great for making international calls
Affordable standard plan Limited features


Express is the standard plan available with 8×8. More premium plans are available with 8×8 that expand on the Express features, but the basics here cover quite a lot. You have unlimited calls to all standard lines in the UK, so B2C with a heavy UK customer focus will have a field day on the 8×8 Express plan.

If you’re making international calls, you’ll need to upgrade to at least the 8×8 X2 plan or look for another VoIP provider. The 8×8 Express isn’t the best option for making international calls!

iCompario tip:

Attention to all international businesses! 8×8 Express is only available in the UK and USA. Everyone else will have to go up to their next available plan, which is a little more expensive but does come with more features.

How much is 8×8 VoIP?

  • Express: prices from £10 per month per user
  • X2: prices from £19 per month per user
  • X4: prices from £36 per month per user

This VoIP provider does offer savings if you choose annual billing instead of monthly. Either way, you get your first month free to just try out the system.

The Express line is an excellent choice for businesses that only have a few phones needed. If you’re a sole trader or small business that needs cloud-based telephones, then consider the 8×8 Express.

Larger businesses or businesses that need to make more calls will need more features, so consider a different VoIP provider or level up to a premium 8×8 plan.

2. NFON – Best for Medium to Big Businesses

  • Mobile compatibility: iOS, Android
  • Only pay for the features you choose
  • 60 compatible CRM systems
  • Excellent cancellation policy

NFON is a leader among UK VoIP providers. Since 2019, NFON has seen consistent growth like many VoIP providers because of the incoming ISDN switch off. But out of all cloud telephony systems, NFON has shown solid improvements and features for their users during this time. For businesses who already use Microsoft Teams, NFON is an easy switch as it fully integrates with the system.

Pros Cons
Online customer support with same day response time Not compatible with Linux, Chromebook, or iPads
24/7 phone support Can take longer to set up
Security features Can be some useability issues to begin
Cancel contract with 1 month notice Small fee for paper invoices
150+ optional extensions Other VoIP providers offer a wider range of compatible handsets


But it’s not just Teams. Many major CRM (Customer Relations Management) systems are compatible with it including SugarCRM, Microsoft Outlook, GoldMine, and yes even Skype-for businesses.

In total, NFON can be used with over 50 CRM systems, making it one of the most flexible choices for businesses that are already using the cloud.

NFON also has a higher level of customer support than the 8×8 Express, though that’s to be expected as the 8×8 is only a basic level of telephony. If you’re looking to upgrade your VoIP system and want more premium features, we recommend considering NFON.

How much is NFON VoIP?

  • Flexible pricing based on the features you choose

NFON is one of the most flexible UK VoIP providers for medium to large businesses. Whether you want to cover your basics or need extra features, NFON can work for you. The best part is you only pay for the features you choose, so your business isn’t locked into a system with unnecessary costs.

We get how important future-proofing is, especially post-pandemic! The VoIP provider also offers lifetime upgrades at no extra cost, so your business is always a step ahead of the game.

What if you change your mind? NFON has one of the best cancellation policies on the market. Your contract is highly flexible. You’re not locked in forever. You can cancel the contract on a monthly basis, so switching is easy if you want to. You probably won’t want to, though!

3. Wildix – Best All Arounder

  • Free unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles
  • Usable in browser
  • Share contact lists across departments
  • Compatible with PBX systems

Wildix is often compared to Microsoft Teams. If you’re wondering what’s best Wildix vs Teams, then we recommend using a bit of both.

Teams is an all-rounder that’s easy to use for most communications, but it’s not the best for handling phone and video calls.

Especially when you need to forward calls or make voicemails. Wildix takes your communications to the next level with no major installation or change needed. As far as telephony goes, Wildix is the most straightforward VoIP provider that we’ve found.

Pros Cons
Can integrate PBX systems as a backup Average customer support
Available on browser, compatible with all systems (Windows, Linux, etc) no software installation needed Not available on all browsers (only available on these & updated versions: Firefox 21, Opera 12, Google Chrome 27, Safari 6, IE 10)
SMS, Cloud, Email, and Fax included Basic automatic email invites
Good amount of features Can be a higher price than other providers

Wildix fills in the gap to cover all your bases without causing a big interruption or breaking the bank. You can use Wildix in all major browsers, so you don’t even have to install an app to use it. This makes one of the few VoIP systems that can be seamlessly used on all mobile devices, iPads, and even Chromebooks.

For its price, Wildix has a good number of compatible systems that make it flexible for many business types. Businesses that already use Salesforce, HubSpot, BridgeTree and more will be pleasantly surprised by how easily Wildix fits in.

When it comes to customer support, Wildix is about average. Most customers will experience no major issues, but you may get some delayed wait times from their ticket support system. There is a handy online support system with a live chat to handle any bumps in the road.

How much is Wildix VoIP?

  • Varied prices depending on products chosen

Wildix is suitable for businesses of all sizes. The VoIP system is available fully up in the cloud, virtual PBX, or hardware PBX. It’s hard to say how much you’ll pay depending on which option you pick and how many users you have. We recommend getting a quote and comparing with other VoIP providers to get the best deal.

iCompario tip:

What if you still want to have some phone hardware in your business? Not every manager wants to toss every phone into the bin! Wildix VoIP phones are unique for displaying the status of all your co-workers, whether they’re on or off-site.

How to find the best UK VoIP providers for your business

Which VoIP provider to choose will depend on the size of your business and what features you’ll need. There are many VoIP options these days and the cloud is only getting bigger, so it’s really tough to get the best deal and features in one package. Fill in a quick form and we can help you find the right cloud telephony for your business.

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