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All You Need to Know about Microsoft Teams and VoIP

Microsoft Teams is one of the best and most widely used communication tools in the world. It’s a very important part of many businesses’ telecoms solutions. But regardless of its popularity, there’s still uncertainty around Teams VoIP.

We’re here to help you with two things: demystify Microsoft Teams VoIP and compare the market for the best VoIP solutions. So, this guide is all about answering questions regarding Microsoft Teams VoIP calls.

Microsoft Teams and VoIP on laptop

Why is Teams so popular?

Microsoft Teams has grown in popularity with the increase of remote working. Video calling has become the new preferred method to hold meetings. How could it not be? It’s easier to gather everyone together from wherever they’re working. We now prefer to drop a message on Teams instead of popping over to a colleague’s desk.

Teams makes it easy to share files or share your screen in a meeting. But is it enough? No, simply because not everybody uses Microsoft Teams. That’s where Teams VoIP comes into play.

Quick overview of VoIP

First of all, what do you know about VoIP? It’s important you understand what VoIP is before we move on.

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is a technology that uses the internet to make and receive voice calls. Which means you don’t need analogue phone lines anymore. So, less hardware, less maintenance, better voice quality and better security.

VoIP works with many apps like WhatsApp and Skype, for example. And now Microsoft has added VoIP to its Teams software, which is amazing news for businesses.

Microsoft Teams VoIP—everything you need to know

Microsoft Teams and VoIP make a dream team. How and what are the main benefits? This is what we’re going to talk about further on.

Does Microsoft Teams use VoIP?

Microsoft launched Teams in 2017 and soon after decided to add VoIP technology directly into the Teams app. Teams supports VoIP phone calls to anyone, no matter what they’re using—a landline, a mobile phone or Microsoft Teams.

So, the answer to the question ‘Does Teams use VoIP?’ is a short and straightforward ‘yes’.

How do you integrate VoIP with Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams can connect to your office phones and that’s one way to get Microsoft Teams VoIP phones.

To set up calling services in Teams, you must have a Microsoft 365 business plan. Telephony in Teams is available as an add-on to your Microsoft 365 plans.

The next step is finding the right VoIP provider to help your business with successfully integrating VoIP telephony into Microsoft Teams so you can bring your phone numbers into a seamless collaboration solution.

Because the VoIP provider is very important in this equation, we can help you choose well. Feed us a few details about your business and we’ll find the right provider for your needs, with a good Microsoft Team VoIP pricing scheme.

So, is Microsoft Teams VoIP?

Basically, yes—Teams calling is VoIP. Because users get to make VoIP audio or video calls to other Teams users or even to people who don’t have Microsoft Teams, by sending them a link.

This makes collaboration and communication quick and easy. You can schedule calls in advance, making sure everyone is available. Or you can just make a quick unscheduled call.

You can even dial external numbers from the Teams app. It’s the company’s call whether it chooses direct routing an existing PSTN or purchasing a call plan which will provide a phone number and allow external calls.

Is Teams VoIP secure?

Yes, it’s very secure. Teams VoIP is a phone system designed for businesses. With a 99.9% uptime guarantee, Microsoft’s cloud offers built-in redundancy and load balancing.

Teams VoIP is a part of the Microsoft 365 cloud platform and includes all of the security features and accreditations that are included in every Microsoft cloud service.

iCompario tip: Include business mobiles in your telecoms solutions

Microsoft Teams and VoIP work seamlessly on mobile devices. With the right business mobile plans, your business can experience an even bigger boost in productivity and efficiency.

Let’s find you the best business mobile deals to complete your business telecoms solution.

Benefits of Teams VoIP

Microsoft Teams VoIP calls have huge benefits for business. It’s all about knowing how to take advantage of them.

The benefits are huge and many, so we’re not going to list them all. But here are the most important ones for your business:

  1. A Microsoft Teams VoIP phone is convenient and easy to use. You can make and receive voice calls from any device connected to your business’ Teams. No matter where you are, customers can call you on your number as if you were in the office.
  2. Increase productivity with Teams VoIP. Microsoft Teams is designed to ensure good communication between your employees and with your customers. The software is very intuitive and easy-to-use saving you a lot of time and causing less distractions so you can focus on your call.
  3. Reduce costs. The introduction of VoIP itself means lower phone bills for businesses. Microsoft Teams helps you reduce costs even further by offering low-cost monthly fees to fit businesses of all sizes.
  4. All the features you could need in one app. Basically you get a whole range of calling features at your fingertips. To name only a few, you have:
    • Auto attendant
    • Call queues
    • Call transfer
    • Audio and video conferencing
    • Aloud voicemail
    • Online meetings
    • Chat messaging
    • Screen sharing
    • File sharing
  5. Seamless customer service. You get called queuing and on hold music so your customers get the best possible experience. You can record calls for training purposes and handling disputes. You have everything you need to render a truly seamless experience for your customers.
  6. A secure and reliable phone system. Microsoft Teams VoIP is an extremely secure platform. Two-factor authentication, single sign-on via Active Directory and encryption of data in transit and at rest are all enforced by Teams across the organisation.
  7. Teams VoIP is an easy scalable and flexible solution. Because it’s 100% cloud-based it’s easy to add new users, port existing phone numbers or request new ones. You don’t have to wait around for hardware which will minimise the disruption to your customers. Teams can grow and adapt at the same pace as your business does.

Find the right Teams VoIP provider

The VoIP provider you choose can make a huge difference for your business. You want to make sure you can reduce costs, improve productivity and employee experience and increase customer satisfaction.

Find the best VoIP provider for your business in three easy steps:

  1. Fill in our online form
  2. Provide us with a few details about your business needs
  3. Choose the provider from our recommendations

Easy, isn’t it? Get started by pressing the button below.

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