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5 Reasons Why You Should Get Sole Trader Mobile Phone Contracts

Sole trader mobile phones have more benefits than you’d think! You could get the latest and best smartphone at an affordable price, plus unlimited data and phone insurance all in one deal.

But should you? Is it worth it? Read our guide now to find out why a business mobile phone contract for a sole trader is a must-have and how to get one. Compare now to find the latest offers.

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Can sole traders have business phone contracts?

Yes. Every sole trader dreads filing tax returns every year. To make your Self-Assessment easier, buy and register the business phone for a sole trader in your company name. This way, you claim all the related costs, such as your monthly bill and the purchase cost.

But how does it work and why should you get it? Our guide explains all the reasons to get sole trader mobile phones and how to go about it.

Top 5 reasons to get sole trader mobile phone contracts

Investing in a new phone is a big decision! Shopping around for a new provider and finding a good contract takes time. But it’s well worth it. Here’s why business mobile phone contracts for sole traders are so good.

1. Unlimited data to keep your business running wherever you are

A business phone for a sole trader is essential when you’re on the go. For self-employed drivers or remote freelancers, a phone with unlimited data is a blessing.

Many personal contracts have a limit on how much data you can use. It’s easy to hit that ceiling when you’re talking to clients via apps, sending emails and posting online.

Sole trader mobile phone contracts, more often than not, come with unlimited data and unlimited calls. Never worry about running out of data again!

2. Get the latest sole trader mobile phones at affordable prices

Getting the best smartphone as a sole trader doesn’t mean you have to fork out a fortune. Just like a personal contract, you can get the latest Samsung or iPhone on a monthly deal. Many of these deals last for around 24 months, though some can be shorter or longer.

What about the upfront cost? That’s a common addition to personal phone contracts, but less so for sole trader mobile phone contracts if you know where to look. See our favourite business mobile plans now.

3. Save time on your claims for sole trader mobile phone expenses

Completing the Self-Assessment paperwork is the worst part of being a sole trader. To make your claims easier, consider sole trader mobile phone contracts.

Business mobile contracts make it easy to find out exactly how much you’re spending on business calls. If you don’t use a separate SIM or phone for business use, you’ll have to dive into your monthly bills to work out your business versus personal use time average.

The thing is, that average could be lower than what you’re using. You could be missing out on your claims without knowing it.

4. Unique protection features to secure your business device

On a personal mobile contract, you usually have to shop around and find any security extras yourself. And they may not be designed for business use either.

For sole traders, protecting your mobile phone is a big deal. It contains important information such as customer contacts and transactions.

One of the best parts of sole trader mobile phone contracts is they can include security features such as mobile phone insurance for peace of mind.

If losing your phone for even a day would affect your profits, getting suitable insurance is a must. Having it in a package deal alongside your new phone is just the cherry on top.

5. Cut you customer service waiting times

If there’s one thing we know how to do, it’s queue. But every minute you spend listening to that waiting music is wasted time. You could be spending it on your business instead.

Is it possible to get a VIP pass for customer service? Yes. With sole trader mobile phone contracts, customer service priorities you.

Ever have trouble with your data or see unexpected charges on your bill? Skip the queue and get your answers fast using sole trader mobile phones.

Should I get a business or personal phone?

Personal phone contracts are designed for private use. These contracts will be under your personal name, not your business name.

Sole trader phone contracts are more convenient. These mobiles are registered under your business name and have your business name on all related invoices. This makes your business expense claims easier and faster to file.

See our guide on mobile phone as business expenses to find out how to make your claims.

What sole trader mobile phone should I get?

The most important thing is the phone works for you and your business. If you like the phone you have now for personal use, then getting something similar for your business works well.

Don’t be drawn in by the latest and most expensive goodies! Sometimes slightly older models work just as well and often have a cheaper contract price.

Whatever phone you get, make sure you keep your receipts and phone bills for when you need to file your business expenses later.

What if I don’t want handset sole trader mobile phone contracts?

If you’re thrifty, you might’ve already gone out and bought a second-hand phone. Or maybe you just like the one you have already.

You can still get a business mobile phone contract for sole traders, if you follow a couple of steps:

  • Search for SIM-only phone contracts.
  • Shop around and find a suitable SIM deal.
  • Order your new SIM card.
  • Insert your new business SIM into your phone.

Using a business SIM-only deal lets you stay flexible, which for many freelancers and sole traders is a must! SIM-only sole trader mobile phone contracts also tend to be much cheaper than a smartphone deal.

What networks do business phone deals?

If you’re looking for a business mobile phone as sole trader in the UK, you’ll be happy to know that all major networks and brands in the UK offer sole trader mobile phones. That includes big names like Vodafone, EE, O2, 3, and more.

Can I claim sole trader mobile phone expenses?

Yes. If the phone is bought and registered under your business name, then you can claim it as a business expense.

Business phones for sole traders are an “allowed expense” and one you should be claiming for! This includes the purchase, monthly bill, and any costs outside your regular tariff.

How to get sole trader mobile phone contracts

  1. Compare mobile phone deals
  2. Choose your phone and provider
  3. Claim any deals
  4. Order your new mobile phone under your business name

Your first step will take the most time! Many comparison sites have long forms and favourites to push. How can you find good offers?

We don’t play favourites. Compare now and get your deals in 30 seconds.

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