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Electric Fuel Cards for Business Guide

As the number of UK charge points rises to over 28,000, getting an EV charging card is so essential to give you the benefits of the incoming electric trend.

The best fuel card for electric cars, vans, and hybrid fleets are the Fleetone REV and BP charge cards. If you’re on the island of Ireland, the DCI One is your best bet. Which card is suitable for your business needs? Let’s find out!

Company car being charged at an EV station at a solar powered hub
Fuel Card Network Size iCompario Star Rating
Fleetone REV hybrid fuel card

Fleetone REV

4,000+ EV charge points

3,350+ stations

BP fuel card for electric cars

BP Fuel & Charge card

8,000+ EV charge points

3,000+ stations

DCI One electric car fuel card


1,000+ EV charge points

1,700+ stations


Best electric fuel card in the UK: Fleetone REV

EV fuel card score: 5/5

Fleetone REV electric fuel card

  • Accepted at EV charge points: NewMotion, IONITY, HastoBe, Fastned, EV-Box, ESB Group and Engenie
  • Accepted at pump stations: UK Fuels, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrisons and Co-op
  • Network size: 4,000+ EV points, 3,350+ stations
  • Suitable for: electric vehicles, hybrid fleets

The Fleetone REV card is an all-in-one EV fuel card that can do it all. Sole traders and small-medium businesses alike all work well with this card.

Almost every card comes with a smartphone app. The Fleetone REV is no exception! On the app, find your nearest charge points on a map which includes details on ycharge point speeds and costs.

We also like how you can track your payments on the app, so you know what you’re spending when you recharge! The best thing you can do is download the REV app and see what charge points are near you – you could save a fair bit by finding the cheaper stations.

Few electric cards can compare with the Fleetone’s network size. It has one of the most varied networks with seven charging brand networks open to you and thousands of petrol/diesel pump stations.

If you want more choice for your electric, hybrid, and petrol vehicles then the Fleetone is your best choice.

Woman charging an electric car using EV fuel card

Biggest electric fuel card: BP Fuel & Charge card

EV fuel card score: 4/5

BP electric fuel card

  • Accepted at EV charge points: BP
  • Accepted at pump stations: BP, Esso, Texaco and Gulf
  • Network size: 8,000+ EV stations, 3,000+ pump stations
  • Suitable for: electric and hybrid vehicles

The BP Fuel & Charge card lets you access a whopping 8,000 BP branded charging stations. Travelling across the UK? This is one of the best electric fuel cards for its vast range. Range anxiety is a common fear for many businesses, but the BP charge card nips that anxiety in the bud.

Is it a hybrid fuel card? Yes. It’s accepted at some of the biggest station brands in the UK. If you have a mix of petrol, diesel and electric then it’ll work fairly well.

For more EV and pump station variety, the Fleetone REV wins, but if you just want a solid network, then the BP Fuel & Charge card does the job and does it well!

Like most EV fuel cards, the BP Fuel & Charge card comes with a free app to download. We recommend getting the app along with the card to find your nearest stations.

The one downside is since you’ve only got the BP EV charge points, you don’t have much choice in prices. Still, this one is an incredibly convenient electric fuel card with a massive network that works for many business types.

Best for Ireland & Northern Ireland: DCI One REV

EV fuel card score: 3/5

DCI One electric fuel card

  • Accepted at EV charge points: ESB, NewMotion, IONITY and Fastned
  • Accepted at pump stations: Maxol, Texaco, Amber, Circle K, Star, Emo, Top and more.
  • Network size: 1,000 EV stations, 1,700+ fuel stations
  • Suitable for: hybrid, electric, petrol and diesel

The DCI One REV is one of the best hybrid fuel cards, but only if you’re on the island of Ireland! For businesses in England, Scotland and Wales choose from the cards above instead.

This electric fuel card is accepted at charge points and stations on both sides of the border. We’ve yet to find another fuel card for electric cars that can compete with its network size in this location.

The best part is you get all of your fuel costs (electric, petrol and diesel) all on one invoice. That makes paperwork much less of a hassle and tracking your usage is a lot simpler.

What about charging costs? The DCI One REV has one of the best price plans on the market. Most EV charge points will charge you a specific rate to use the station. On some networks and cards, that rate can vary.

On the DCI One REV, you’re charged a flat rate for each charge, so even if you use a rapid charge point for 30 minutes or standard one for five hours that rate stays the same. And then you’re charged for how many KWHs you use.

For businesses on a budget, this card has a nice 36-month pay as you go option to help you spread out the costs.

Man using a fuel card at a pump station paying for fuel

Why should I get an electric fuel card?

Some major companies like BP, UK Fuels and Shell now offer electric fuel cards.

The green wave is here and having an electric charge card in your wallet is a great tool to help you ride that trend with ease.

  1. Find your nearest EV charge points on an app on the go.
  2. Access a wider variety of charge points for a better EV strategy.
  3. Reduce range anxiety.
  4. Get digital fuel invoices.
  5. See fuel spending for each member of your fleet.
  6. EV fleet cards can make fleet management better.

Can I use a fuel card for electric vehicles?

The best electric car fuel cards have a good network size, clear pricing, and are flexible. Many electric vehicle fuel cards are also accepted at pump stations, so your petrol and diesel fleet vehicles aren’t left behind.

Only some electric fuel cards are designed for hybrid fleets or just electric vehicles. Do a comparison to find the type you’re looking for.

How to get an electric fuel card

  1. Compare EV fuel cards
  2. Fill in an application form
  3. Get your charge cards

If you’ve ever applied for fuel cards before, the process is just the same. Find the card that best matches your business with a quick comparison.

After that there’s a little bit of paperwork (sorry!) to send in your application. When your application is accepted, your card(s) are sent in the post. If you get EV fleet cards, you can then assign each one to a driver.

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