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Ford Transit Connect Review: Hire Now to Expand Your Fleet

Ford van hire is very popular with fleets, because it keeps your costs down over buying a new van outright. But which Ford model suits your business?

Well, in this Ford Transit Connect review we’ve got all the details to make for a convincing case with this excellent small van. Read on for all the key details! Or compare the market right now to find the best hiring deals.

A Ford Transit Connect van

Ford Transit Connect: The small van that packs huge business benefits

With the Transit Connect, Ford has delivered a benchmark small van. Sure, it has some huge vans in its range (like with the Ford Transit van), but here’s a nifty alternative.

This ultra-practical van is great to drive, has fantastic MPG (miles per gallon) and a payload of 982kg. Considering it’s smaller than many other vans on the market, that’s a massive payoff right there!

While the engine does lack some torque, and the bulkhead sticks into the load area a bit, these are only minor quibbles. The Connect is fantastic for urban fleets needing to nip around cities and towns at a pace. You won’t get stuck thanks to its size.

The panel van has been around since 2002. The second generation launched in 2012 and then there was a facelift in 2019 from Ford. The interior got a redesign, so it all looks sophisticated and packs enough tech to support its image. You get stuff like:

  • FordPass Pro: This app is designed for commercial vehicles and boosts your security measures, with things like SecuriAlert and Vehicle Health alerts. You’ll always be in the know about the wellbeing of your cargo and van.
  • HVO: Hydrotreated vegetable oil! Yes, you read that right. This renewable fuel can be used in Ford vans instead of diesel, making your fleet environmentally friendly.
  • Loud-through storage: You can carry items that are three metres, if you pick the L1 van. L2 models can hold slightly more, too, which is down to the load-through bulkhead design.
  • Active Park Assist: Helps to steer your van during parallel or perpendicular parking. Not bad, right? It’ll help you park up into even the trickiest squeeze.
  • Pre-collision assist: This detects pedestrians and vehicles nearby, so your drivers are alerted and can avoid incidents.

Many fleets report the Connect is very car-like to drive. And with its stylish appearance, it’ll really help your business look the part. Customers will be very impressed if you turn up in one of these, with the iconic Ford badge on the front.

The Ford Connect Transit has a wide range of models, so you can tailor it to meet your fleet’s needs.

All-in-all, this is a winner of a small van and something of an industry benchmark. It does a huge amount right and will get you from A-B no matter the cargo you’re hauling. Sound good enough? Hit the icon to find your hiring deal in less than 60 seconds.

Ford Transit Connect dimensions

Want the lowdown on the Connect’s stats? Here are quickfire look at the key dimensions:

  • Payload total: 982kg.
  • Diesel engines: You get these choices:
    • 1.5 L Duratorq I4 turbo
    • 1.5 L EcoBlue I4 turbo
  • Petrol engines: There are a bunch to choose from:
    • 1.0 L EcoBoost I3
    • 1.6 L EcoBoost I4
    • 2.0 L Duratec 20 I4
    • 2.5 L Duratec 25 I4
  • Power and torque: Between 128 and 171 ft-lbs of torque.
  • Transmission: 8-speed automatic 8F35 (2019-now).
  • Top speed: 108mph.

Keep in mind the stats are different from one model to the next. Or depending on the type of engine you get.

What wheels fit a Ford Transit Connect?

This depends on the size of the model you have. However, with the Transit Connect, Ford recommends the standard stock wheel size is 16” in diameter. And they’re 6.5” wide.

Think of it this way—wheels with a 16-17″ diameter and a width of 6-7″ featuring a bolt pattern of 5×108 should fit your vehicle.

But do make sure you check before having them fitted, either directly with Ford or at a location before you get them bolted on to the van.

Ford Transit Connect Tyre pressures you need

The recommendation is for a minimum tyre pressure of 51psi (equal to 350kPa/3.5bar).

You can contact Ford directly for further details regarding tyre pressures, as depending on the time of year you might want to get different types fitted (such as during winter).

How big is a Ford Transit Connect?

It’s a small van, but it’s still 1,835mm wide (six feet) and 1,861mm (just over six feet) high. The van is plenty big enough to complete a considerable payload.

How long is a Ford Transit Connect?

It’s 4,418mm in length. That means it’s some 14.4 feet long, so you’ve got quite a big vehicle on your hands despite its “small van” status.

The interior of Ford Transit Connect

Ford redesigned the Connect’s dashboard in 2019. The good news is it means the Ford Transit Connect interior is looking better than ever.

It looks a lot like a car’s interior. It’s comfy, with two seats for the standard setting.

The wheel is big and easy for drivers to move around, getting your van from A-B with no problems. And there’s a handy mini-tablet that feeds back vital data such as location and GPS.

How many seats are in Ford Transit Connects?

The Connect Double Cab-in-Van can sit up to five adults, so it’s a great crew van.

If you’re not choosing that option, though, your standard Connect has up to three seats in the front cockpit.

How much weight can a Ford Transit Connect carry?

The Connect has a maximum payload of 982kg, so that’s your total limit. It’s more than enough for a significant payload, bearing in mind this is a small van.

Are Ford Transit Connect vans reliable?

Yes, they’re very reliable. Ford has a long history of delivering top-quality engineering and this van is no different.

Although, keep in mind, the reliability of your vans will depend on how well you maintain the vehicle as well. Let it fall into disrepair and, of course, it’ll start being unreliable.

How many miles do Ford Transit Connects last?

The mileage is around the 150,000-mile mark. But there are a lot of things to keep in mind there, such as how well you look after your van.

If drivers floor it all the time and brake harshly, then you’ll damage components and it could mean a shorter lifespan. Remember, bad driving habits can harm your business.

However, if you look after it… you may well add a few extra 10,000+ miles onto the lifecycle of the van.

Ford Transit Connect: hire or purchase?

If you want to cut down on fleet costs, hiring a Connect is your best choice. You get all the benefits of the van, minus the starting price of around £21,000. Instead, you get an affordable fixed weekly fee.

Choosing a van hire option is very easy to do. With Ford Transit Connect contract hire, you have two main choices:

  • Long-term hire: Hire for as long as you need to! For most fleets, that’s about one-two years. And you’ll have the van, guaranteed, for all of that time.
  • Short-term hire: Flexible, cost-effective and handy. Need a van for a day, week or month? Then you’re sorted with this! Simply rent the van, then return it when you’re done.

Rentals are just much cheaper than buying a new van, so it makes sense for many fleets. But it’s, of course, suitable for any organisation.

Vehicle hire is cost-effective for any type of business. Ford Transit Connect hire will keep your costs down and still bag you a top-quality vehicle.

To get started, all you have to do is hit the icon below. It’s free to do a market search of the UK and you’ll get money-saving deals in less than 60 seconds.

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