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Iveco Daily Review for Cost-Effective Fleet Hiring Options

For any fleet, Iveco van hire offers you a durable and reliable vehicle for cargo. Its best model on the market is, without doubt, the Iveco Daily van.

And Iveco van hire is the ideal way to get one (or more) of these vehicles into your fleet. You can compare the market now to bag yourself the best deal. Or you can read on for a full review of this large van.

The Iveco Daily van

Iveco Daily review: A durable and reliable award-winner

Iveco is an Italian manufacturer and its Daily range of vans have been powering businesses since 1978. This is the third generation of the model you can get. Launching in 2014, it was so good it won International Van of the Year in 2015.

You can’t do an Iveco Daily review without mentioning that! Okay, but that’s quite a long time ago now. So, does it still get you from A-B as the class of the field?

Well, yes, it’s one of the better vans on the UK market. It’s  still an excellent van to hire, helped out in 2019 with a facelift. It now has full LED headlights and driver assist technology. Some of the features include:

  • Traction Plus on slippery road surfaces.
  • AEBS and City Brake Pro to help drivers avoid incidents.
  • Proactive Lane Keeping Assist to keep in line.
  • Crosswind Assist when it’s very windy to keep the van stable.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC).
  • Hill Descend Control down steep slopes.
  • Queue Assist for a stress-free time in traffic jams.

The Daily features a modern interior, with a cab designed for comfort and driveability. Drivers get a fantastic view ahead, and to their sides, with large door mirrors allowing for excellent visibility of roads.

The interior is solid 4/5 stuff. It’s nothing revolutionary. But it more than does the job and will keep your driver comfy, no matter how long their journey is.

In short? Iveco’s van is top-quality, safe, secure and will get the job done. It can carry 1,362kg maximum payload, too, so if you’re on a big mission and need a large van for the job… this is one humdinger of a choice. Hit the icon to get yourself a hiring deal.

iCompario tip: How to Hire Iveco Daily vans

For many fleets, buying a van outright is kind of expensive. The good news is Iveco Daily hire is a brilliant alternative that keeps costs down. Here’s how it works.

Iveco Daily contract hire

Vehicle hire is very popular these days for businesses. You have two key options to think about:

  • Short-term hire: This flexible option let’s you hire a van for as long as you want, whether that’s for a day or a week. So, this is great if you need an Iveco for a short time before handing it back.
  • Long-term hire: Got set work for years ahead? This is the one for you! You can hire for one-two years, safe in the knowledge the van is yours for all that time.

Iveco Daily van hire is so popular because it saves businesses a load of money. Think about it—you don’t pay upfront for the vehicle in the £30,000+ range. Instead, you get fixed weekly instalments that are affordable and match the time you really need the van.

You can compare the market right now, for free, to find hiring deals in less than 60 seconds.

Iveco Daily specifications

Need some quick facts about Iveco’s technology? In the sections below, you’ll find all the answers to the most common questions.

Iveco Daily dimensions list

Here are specs in a list for quick reference:

  • Payload total: 1,362kg.
  • Engine: A range of choices:
    • 2.3 litre light duty.
    • 2.3 litre heavy duty.
    • 3.0 litre heavy duty.
    • 3.0 litre CNG.
  • Power and torque: Horsepower from 136-207.
  • Torque-weight ratio: 8.8 Nm/kg.
  • Gearbox: Six or eight-speed gearbox.
  • Transmission: Self-adaptative shift tech corrects gear changes smoothly in under 200 milliseconds.
  • Top speed: 70mph (even with a large cargo).
  • Economy: Choice of EVO and Power modes to suit your fleet’s strategy.
  • Emissions: Compressed natural gas as part of the CNG range for eco-friendly fleets.

Remember, some of these specs will vary from one engine type to the next.

How much does an Iveco Daily weigh?

The weight ranges between 2,200 and 7,000 kg. The engine you choose, and any extra features you add, will affect how heavy it is overall.

It’s a large van! So, it’s always going to come in on the heavier side of things. If you need a big vehicle to shift major payloads, then it’s a fantastic choice.

Are Iveco Daily vans reliable?

Yes, the van is very reliable. Iveco has a strong industry record in engineering the vehicles. This leads to a full service need every 12,000 miles (that’s about 12 months).

During that time, you shouldn’t need to service the van. Although unexpected issues can always arise, the Daily’s reputation as a durable vehicle means it more than has the capacity to get the job done time and time again.

What are the right Iveco Daily tyre pressures?

You should refer to your van’s handbook, or refer to Iveco directly, to get the correct type pressures for your vehicle. The exact pressure can change depending on the types of tyres you have, plus the time of year.

Are Iveco Daily vans any good?

Yes, they’re excellent vans. It won International Van of the Year in 2015! It was issued by the global transport sector by an expert jury.

The reason for its win? Well, the van is durable, reliable and has impressive technology. It delivers on every front for fleets, whether that’s payload space for deliveries, security features or with comfort when driving.

It’s also a van with long intervals between service needs. It’s the largest panel van on the market, too, and one backed up with eco fuel choices and a powerful engine.

Compare the market for an Iveco Daily

Iveco’s vans attract 1,000s of fleets across the UK. To add one (or more) to your fleet, all you need to do is:

  1. Enter your business details.
  2. Hit the compare button.
  3. We search the market.
  4. Get your deals.

It’s free to search and you’ll get hiring options in less than 60 seconds, with your results tailored to your fleet’s needs. Hit the icon to get started.

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