Mercedes Vito Hire Options and Review of Mid-Sized Van for Fleets

Any fleet will benefit from hiring Mercedes vans. And there’s a great range on the UK market, ensuring your needs are met. No matter your business requirements.

So, in this Mercedes Vito review we’re covering all the impressive advantages of this cargo and passenger van. Read on for the key details or compare the market now to find the best hiring deals on the market.

The Mercedes-Benz Vito van

Mercedes Vito Review: Versatility and practicality for fleets

  • 6.6m3 maximum cargo volume
  • 1,029kg maximum payload
  • Spacious loading space with twin sliding doors
  • Industry-leading safety features
  • Six-speed manual transmission
  • 9-G Tronic automatic gearbox

The Mercedes-Benz Vito is a practical and versatile mid-sized vehicle to hire. For businesses like yours, it’s ideal for hauling cargo or as a passenger van. With its stylish appearance, functionality and brand status it’ll more than look the part in your fleet.

It has a spacious and well-designed interior. It’s big enough for eight passengers, providing loads of headroom and legroom for anyone taking a long (or short) trip.

For engine specs under the van’s hood, the Vito has three options:

  1. Fuel-efficient diesel engine.
  2. More powerful petrol engine.
  3. Eco-friendly EV option (part of Mercedes’s EV range).

To complement your choice there are amazing safety features. These include:

  • Active Brake ASSIST: Alerts your driver to potential hazards on the road using a visual warning system. It will also slow the van down by itself if it needs to.
  • Active Distance ASSIST DISTRONIC: Lowers driver strain by keeping the van at a distance from the vehicle ahead.
  • Tyre pressure monitoring: Automatically keeps track of tyre pressures, saving you time and letting you know whether you’re at the optimum level.
  • Crosswind ASSIST: Detects any instability caused by windy days, which can keep your drivers safe.
  • Attention ASSIST: Spots any fatigue kicking in with drivers and alerts them with audio or visual cues.
  • Lane Keeping ASSIST: Monitors whether lane changing is intentional, stopping drivers from veering dangerously.

The Vito offers a comfy ride, too, with its suspension tuned to make it suitable for long journeys on motorways or bumpy roads across rural environments.

Whatever the situation your drivers find themselves in, a Vito Mercedes-Benz has a tight turning radius. That means they can easily navigate through busy city streets or crowded parking lots.

And it’s the little details that make this van such an ideal fit for many businesses on the market. It’s designed to ensure you deliver on your full potential.

Finally, keep in mind the Mercedes-Benz Vito is a premium model.

That means it’s more costly than other vans on the market (even in Mercedes’ range). But most recent variants close the cost gap down over similar vans. And this is helped a great deal if you choose to hire one instead of buy it outright.

iCompario Tip: Use Mercedes Vito hire to save your fleet money

You can hire Mercedes Vito vans using flexible or long-term hiring contracts to cut down on business costs. Whether you need a van for a day, week, month or a few years, you’ll find a deal that’ll suit your fleet.

Hiring ensures you get a top-quality vehicle without the need to buy it outright. You may simply not need a van for the next decade, so why not consider flexible hiring options to keep your budget in check?

Compare the market for free to get instant results on the best van hire deals.


What to look for when buying a Mercedes Vito

Right, if you’ve got your eye on a Vito, but you’re wondering what you need to keep in mind, here are some quickfire dimensions and stats you need to know. Starting with our verdict on the van.

Are Mercedes Vito vans any good?

Yes! They’re spacious, reliable and packed out with Mercedes’ cutting-edge technology. Whether you need a cargo or passenger van, this is top-quality stuff.

The only downside is its price. But you can take the edge off that by hiring a Vito for as long as you need it.

What’s the Mercedes Vito interior like?

Its cabin is well-equipped with premium features such as a large touchscreen display, a high-quality sound system and advanced safety technologies.

That includes the lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control and blind-spot monitoring we mentioned above in this review.

These features make the Vito Mercedes-Benz one of the safest and most comfortable vans you can get on the market, with enough gadgets to impress even the geniuses at NASA. And although the Van won’t get you to the Moon and back, it will make fleet look like the real deal.

What’s the Mercedes Vito height?

The Vito is available as L1, L2 and L3 models. The heights for these are all the same at 1,910mm (6.2 feet). That’s when they’re unladen.

Once you’ve stuck your cargo in the back, then that’ll drop down a bit. Keep that in mind when you’re out and about on the UK roads.

iCompario tip: Need a large van? The Sprinter is for you

If you’re looking for a large van for your fleet, then you’ll want to hire a Mercedes Sprinter van as well. This is either a cargo or passenger van, with a huge payload of over 1,000kg.

It’s a front or rear-wheel drive van boasting a nine-speed gearbox and all the latest fancy features. It’s just got that all-important extra space for your payload or extra passengers, making it ideal for fleets in need of more room! Compare now for hiring prices.

What seats will fit in a Mercedes Vito?

Up to nine, with the Mercedes Vito nine seater the maximum passenger capacity for the van. The lowest number is for two people, which is (of course) better suited to cargo fleets.

Either way, you can adjust the seats as and when you need to. The Vito is a flexible van and offers a lot of seating arrangements for your fleet’s needs.

Are Mercedes Vito reliable?

Yes, they’re high-quality vans thanks to Mercedes’ trademark manufacturing standards. Some motorists have claimed it can achieve a million miles if you maintain it well enough.

But it’ll certainly make 200,000 miles with no problem. All of the brand’s legendary manufacturing clout is clear in the van. It’s top-quality and won’t let you down.

Mercedes will also provide you with tips and advice on upkeep for the van, so you can ask it for guidance on getting the most out of your vehicle.

iCompario tip: Need a small van? The Citan is best in class

If you’re looking for a smaller van for your fleet we can recommend hiring the Mercedes Citan. It’s a smaller van, but packs in a maximum payload of 667kg.

That makes it ideal for fleets in city environments, where you can manoeuvre the nippy van to destinations fast. But it also packs in the usual fancy Mercedes tech, so you won’t miss out on safety features. Compare the market to check hiring deals!

It’s time to hire a Mercedes-Benz Vito van

If you’re ready to add to your fleet, now’s the time to compare the UK market for the best van hire contracts. All you need to do is:

  1. Enter your business details.
  2. Wait for us to complete a market search.
  3. Choose your hiring package.

From there, you can seal the deal and you’ll be driving in no time! It’s free to compare the market and you get deals in less than 30 seconds. Hit the button to get started.

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