Soll man Flottenverfolgungssysteme mieten oder kaufen?

Is your company ready to enter the world of business vehicle tracking? Maybe you want to improve your existing service? It is very easy to understand the tremendous benefits that vehicle tracking brings to businesses, from incredible cost reduction, improved security, or excellent productivity. However, it is not always easy to understand the best way to pay for your service.

Here we look at some options, advantages and disadvantages and hopefully help you decide which one best suits your company and your individual requirements. Every company is different, so please take the time to consider what is best.

The payment options in the world of vehicle tracking vary from company to company; however, they generally fall into three categories: buying, renting, and leasing.

Direct purchase of a tracking system


Some would say buying your tracking devices is the easiest option. There is less paperwork than leasing, for example, and leasing companies will often ask for fairly detailed financial information about your business. They also ask how the equipment will be used in your company, giving assurances about the conditions. In addition, the equipment purchased offers tax advantages in that it is usually deductible in the year of purchase.

Buying your tracking equipment is the easiest way to understand – you buy your equipment at an agreed price and own it for as long as you wish.


When buying your vehicle tracking device, many people consider buying small technical consumables a bad idea due to the short shelf life of the products. Although some systems can be retrofitted, often remotely, it has long been believed that technical equipment is constantly being improved and developed.

One of the disadvantages of purchasing tracking devices is that your equipment is „out of date“ in a relatively short time compared to the latest versions or technologies in this sector.

Vehicle tracking device leasing


With some leases, you don’t pay anything in advance that will make your company’s cash flow easier. In most cases there are monthly fixed costs for your equipment. Another advantage of leasing is that your equipment is always up to date. For example, if you lease your technical purchases over a period of three years, for example, after that period you can sign a lease for something completely different and upgrade all of your equipment.

If you spread the cost of leasing, you may also be able to afford a little more than a purchase – giving you a competitive advantage and allowing your business to thrive faster in a short period of time.


You will be there in the long run! At least as long as you sign a lease. If you sign a lease for three or five years, you may still pay for the equipment long after you stop using it.

If you decide to upgrade to new equipment two and a half years after a five-year lease, you almost certainly need to either extend the lease period significantly, increase your payments by a substantial margin, or possibly both. In most cases, leasing costs a lot more than buying or renting.

Vehicle location equipment rental


Some would argue that renting small technical equipment is somewhere between buying and leasing. It has many advantages from both and few disadvantages.

First, it offers the initial financial benefits of leasing, but without the long-term commitment. Many companies offer the rental of tracking devices for a shorter period, for example one year, instead of three or five years, as with leasing. This means that you can use the technology you want immediately, without a large initial financial outlay and without having to commit to the solution for many years.

You also have a very simple process as the company you rent from takes most of the risk. You pay all the costs to get the tracking kit from manufacture to implementation, and you simply pay a rental fee to them to use it.

When you’re done with the kit, either return it to the company at no additional cost or upgrade to the latest technology, and in most cases, do so at no additional cost per month.

Renting your vehicle tracking equipment allows you to remain fully flexible without taking on long-term commitments, which is not a bad thing given the recent financial instability around the world.


There are not many rental challenges – the most important one we can think of is that you have to pay more money for the same equipment if you rent it for a longer period of time.

However, most people who rent them do so so that they can keep everything very flexible and easy to upgrade when the technology requires it or when they just want a change.

Overall, the decision must be based on your individual needs as a company. We would only encourage companies to rethink their own position, which is financially advantageous for them, and to carefully plan the purchase of technical equipment – they may well be out of date before you paid the cost.

Vehicle tracking costs for businesses

It’s easy to see why vehicle tracking systems have become so popular in a variety of industries, from logistics and manufacturing to taxi companies and courier services. Whether you’re selling pots or transporting titanium, knowing exactly where your vehicles are and how they’re being driven can make your business more productive, efficient, safe, and sustainable, and can make a real difference to your bottom line.

What does the cost of vehicle tracking depend on?

As with any technical product, there are a large number of options for vehicle tracking. The price you can expect depends on a number of factors, among others

The brand you chose

Whether you decide to buy a tracking system or to lease one (this is covered in detail here).

Your installation options; will you choose a DIY approach or hire a professional? (If you decide to install it yourself, be sure to check out our guide to installing vehicle tracking).

Maintenance – this depends very much on the system chosen and the location of the tracker, but it may require monthly or yearly maintenance, which can be costly.

Vehicle tracking costs by fleet size

The size of your fleet affects the total cost of your vehicle tracking system in two ways. The first is obvious – the more vehicles you track, the more you pay. However, the more vehicles you track, the more likely you are to need advanced features like live tracking data (see table above) – and the more you pay per vehicle.

Additional vehicle tracking costs

It becomes clear that the „vehicle tracking costs“ are something of a broad umbrella that covers a whole range of fixed and additional costs. Here’s a quick explanation of how some of these fees could affect the total cost of your vehicle tracking system:


Installing your systems can be tricky and time-consuming, so it might be better to hire someone to do the job. If you choose the DIY approach, you can find out everything you need to know on our vehicle tracker installation page.


It can be very costly to keep your system completely up to date. Check how often your tracker needs to be updated and consider how logistically it is to update an entire fleet of trackers.

Roaming charges

Since GPS location systems work via a SIM card, you will be charged for roaming data outside the normal limits. So be sure to check this when choosing a vehicle tracking system. If you rent your vehicle tracking device, any damage caused to the equipment will be charged at an additional cost.


It takes time, care and attention to keep your trackers clean and tidy and to check them daily. It doesn’t cost much, but it’s worth considering when investing.

Buy vs. Rent a vehicle tracking system for your company

Die Entscheidung zwischen Kauf oder Miete eines Fahrzeugverfolgungssystems ist eine wichtige Entscheidung, aber eine, auf die es keine richtige Antwort gibt. Beide haben Vor- und Nachteile, die eine Überlegung wert sind. Welche Option für Sie die richtige ist, hängt also von den Umständen Ihres Unternehmens ab und davon, wie Sie es betreiben wollen.

Arten von Flottenverfolgungsverträgen: unbefristet vs. Abonnement-basiert

Eng verbunden mit der Frage Kaufen vs. Mieten sind unbefristete und auf Abonnements basierende Verträge. Bei einem unbefristeten Vertrag/Lizenz kaufen Sie sowohl das Gerät als auch die Software im Voraus und können es dann mit geringen monatlichen Kosten so lange nutzen, wie Sie wollen.

Bei einer Lizenz auf Abonnementbasis zahlen Sie eine monatliche Gebühr, um sowohl die Tracking-Geräte als auch die Software weiterhin nutzen zu können.

Preisvergleich für Fahrzeugortungssoftware

Wir nähern uns dem Ende unseres ausführlichen Leitfadens zu den Kosten der Fahrzeugverfolgung. Egal, ob Sie mieten oder kaufen möchten, wir haben hervorgehoben, wie Sie das beste Angebot erhalten und worauf Sie achten müssen, um unerwartete Zusätze zu Ihrer Rechnung zu vermeiden.

Sind Sie auf dem Laufenden? Dann ist jetzt der ideale Zeitpunkt, um die perfekte Fahrzeugverfolgungslösung für Ihr Unternehmen zu finden. Füllen Sie einfach einige Details aus, und Sie erhalten eine Reihe von maßgeschneiderten Angeboten von unserer handverlesenen Auswahl an Anbietern von Fahrzeugverfolgung.

Wie viel kostet der Einbau eines GPS-Fahrzeugortungsgerätes in Ihr Auto?

Unsere spezielle Seite über die Installation von Fahrzeugortungsgeräten enthält alle Informationen, aber die Kosten hängen im Wesentlichen vom gewählten Ortungsgerät ab und davon, ob Sie es selbst installieren können. Wenn Sie das können, dann können Sie vielleicht ein paar Euro sparen, indem Sie Geräte in Ihre Fahrzeuge einbauen, aber Sie müssen diese Ersparnis gegen die verlorene Produktivität und den Stress, den Sie durch den Selbstbau haben, abwägen.

Ist ein Fahrzeug-Tracker den Preis wert?

Betrachten Sie es als eine Investition in die Zukunft Ihres Unternehmens – das ausgegebene Geld wird Ihr Unternehmen effizienter, produktiver und profitabler machen und Ihnen dabei helfen, neue Geschäfte zu gewinnen, Kosten zu senken, Zeit zu sparen und einen echten Einfluss auf Ihre Branche zu nehmen.

Was ist das beste Trackingsystem?

Es gibt keine Antwort auf diese Frage – welches System das richtige für Sie ist, hängt von den Umständen und Bedürfnissen Ihres Unternehmens ab. Eine umfassende Übersicht über einige der führenden Systeme auf dem Markt finden Sie auf unserer speziellen Seite über die besten Fahrzeugverfolgungssysteme.

Tipps, um die Kosten für die Fahrzeugverfolgung auf ein Minimum zu beschränken

Beim Vergleich von Fahrzeugverfolgungssystemen gibt es viele Dinge zu berücksichtigen, von der Vertragsdauer bis zu den Kosten für die Ausbildung. Hier sind fünf großartige Tipps, um die Kosten für die Fahrzeugverfolgung im Griff zu behalten und sicherzustellen, dass Sie nicht zu viel bezahlen.

It may sound obvious, but look at the whole market and don’t just look at one brand. After all, you need to know what is out there to know that you have the right deal for you.

The best way to accomplish this is to receive offers that are tailored to the individual needs of your company and the size of your fleet.

Keep this in mind when comparing vehicle tracking providers and consider the procedures and price points associated with adding more vehicles to your contract. If the jump from a small to a medium-sized fleet looks like it will cost a substantial sum, you may need to look around for other providers.