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Best BMW car trackers in the UK for businesses

  • Live vehicle location tracking using GPS
  • Expert vehicle recovery services to combat theft
  • Compare Thatcham (S7) and Police approved devices
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What are the best car trackers for BMW?

BMW cars regularly top the charts are some of the most stolen cars in the UK, particularly the BMW 3 Series. Getting a vehicle tracking system puts you one step ahead of anyone with sticky fingers.

The best trackers for BMW are at least Thatcham S7 in standard and include an experienced police-approved vehicle recovery service.

Finding the right device for your vehicle isn’t easy. We’ve narrowed down the choices. The best option is the CanTrack device, though Kinesis and Atom can work for some business types.

Which device is right for you? Scroll down to find out.

Best BMW car tracker overall: CanTrack

Cantrack BMW tracker
BMWs are valuable assets and targets for many car thieves. It’s important to have a reliable, industry-standard tracker to act as a deterrent:

  • Free theft investigation: when a CanTrack device is installed in your BMW and it gets stolen, a team of vehicle recovery specialists are called in to help you get your vehicle back.
  • Thatcham and police-approved: the device and service are Thatcham S7 in standard and police-approved (Secure by Design) so you know you’re getting good quality.
  • High success rate: the vehicle recovery service has a success rate of 95%. That’s one of the best rates available in the UK.

This device is available on a monthly subscription or to buy outright. We recommend trying it out on a subscription first, as you can get it for less than £14 a month.

Atom: best BMW car tracking system for sole traders

atom BMW tracker
Sole traders often rely on their vehicles to get to and from work. Being off the road and losing the vehicle to theft is the worst outcome. Trackers like Atom can help to prevent this. Here’s what you need to know about Atom:

  • Self-install device: get the device delivered to your door, then install it yourself in under 10 minutes. You can start tracking your vehicle right away.
  • GPS tracking: monitor your vehicle’s location and get alerts if your vehicle moves outside your area.
  • Subscription options: choose from a range of monthly or yearly subscription options. Cheaper than a takeaway a month, the tracker works for all budgets.

Atom is installed onto your vehicle’s battery. It offers a good amount of information on your vehicle’s location, activity and driver performance.

It’s better than nothing, but CanTrack’s security benefits are better.

Kinesis: best fleet car tracker for BMW

Kinesis BMW tracker
Fleets and company cars need more features to ensure the security of their assets. Kinesis uses GPS technology to track the location of your vehicle and send updates about where your vehicle is and its activity. The top features of the vehicle tracking device Kinesis are:

  • Detailed live location: see your vehicle’s location on a live map, tracking its movements accurately within three meters. The map even tells you if a vehicle is stopped, or parked and which driver is in the vehicle.
  • Driver key fobs: allocate a key fob to each driver in your fleet to monitor their individual performance and use it as driver ID to prevent unauthorised use.
  • Set custom geofences: go onto your settings and create custom zones. When your car leaves or enters these zones, you receive an alert. Set alerts for leaving home, entering work and more.

What is a BMW car tracker?

Car trackers are devices that track the location and activity of a vehicle. Telematics devices can use GPS signals and connect to satellites to track the vehicle. It then sends this information to the user on an easy-to-access account, via a live map.

Are asset trackers more secure than typical car trackers?

Yes. Asset trackers, such as CanTrack Protect, are harder to find and remove by thieves. However, typical vehicle trackers offer more information for cost savings and fleet management than asset trackers.

Most sole traders and businesses only need CanTrack Protect. But there are benefits to having both on your telematics system.

Are vehicle trackers secure?

Yes, depending on the type you get. While some car thieves are opportunistic, more than ever are savvy and know how to remove classic car trackers.

Many thieves know how to find and remove devices that go on the vehicle battery. This type of tracker is not suitable for commercial use anymore.

New technology that uses radio signals is more secure than these classic devices. It’s much harder for thieves to jam the signal or remove it this way.

Benefits of using car trackers BMW

Car trackers can improve security and increase the odds of getting your vehicle back if it’s stolen. They can save you money in other ways too, by reducing fuel and repair costs with the right features. The benefits of using trackers are:

  1. Track your vehicle throughout the day
  2. Subtle and secure devices
  3. Highly successful vehicle recovery services

1. Track your BMW throughout the day

Leaving your vehicle parked in a dark area, in a different neighbourhood, or in an area without CCTV can be a good cause for worry. Especially for expensive cars like BMWs. Having a tracker gives you peace of mind because you can check on your vehicle at any time from your phone or other devices.

2. Subtle and secure devices

Devices that are hard to find and tough to remove are key to preventing vehicle theft. Some car thieves are opportunistic and won’t even think to look in detail. These small black boxes can go overlooked at first glance.

3. Highly successful vehicle recovery services

Vehicle recovery is the method of tracking a stolen asset to take it back and give it back to the victim of theft. The police are the usual go-to for most victims of theft, but they aren’t the only option for businesses.

Professional vehicle recovery services use trackers, equipment, and a dedicated team to recover stolen cars. While police attention is split between various crimes and limited by resources, these teams fill in the gaps. The devices we compare offer an opt-in service with an over 90% success rate.


How can I track my BMW?

A tracking device is required to track the location of your BMW. When the device is installed, make an account and login to activate the live vehicle tracking feature. On your account settings, set any preferred location updates and security alerts.

You can track your BMW from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop using the online portal.

Do I need a tracker for my new BMW?

BMW new car trackers are essential. Many insurance providers ask for a tracking device to be installed, as new BMWs are highly valuable assets.

How to track a BMW if it’s been stolen

If your car has been stolen, alert the police immediately. Check your vehicle’s telematics tracking system and locate it. The tracking system may show your vehicle’s last journey, including where the thieves travelled after the incident.

Send this information to the police as they can use it in their investigation and may be able to recover your car faster.

Your tracking provider may include a vehicle recovery service. Use this service to have a private team of experts track your vehicle and recover it. The odds of getting your car back when you use this service is much higher.

Is it worth getting a BMW new car tracker?

Yes. New BMWs are valuable. Losing the vehicle to theft or suffering damage from an attempt could greatly affect your business, causing delays and loss of money. It’s best to get a tracker as soon as possible, ready to install into your new car the second it’s on the road.

How to find BMW car trackers

Many car trackers are available in the UK, but not all are suitable for business use. We compare Thatcham S7-approved devices and those with a police-approved vehicle recovery service to ensure your business gets the best value for money. Compare to see which device suits your business type best and get quotes today.

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