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How does Driver ID help businesses?

Driver ID is one of the best tools for fleet managers to know exactly what’s going on behind the wheel. Using Driver ID, fleet managers can easily find any issues and address them properly. How do you know how to make your fleet more efficient if you don’t have the information you need?

Driver ID is a telematics solution for businesses. Driver ID has even more benefits to help reduce costs and improve security. But it’s best used as part of a whole telematics solution. Get a quote and find the right solution for your business. Keep reading our guide to find out how it all works.

Driver starting vehicle with Driver ID keyfob

What is Driver ID?

We’re not just talking about your driver’s licence. Driver ID is a Telematics feature. The most common form of ID is the simple key fob.

A fleet manager or business owner gives their drivers a key fob that connects to a vehicle.

Driver ID is available with Bluetooth technology and keycodes. Whatever form of Driver ID you choose, the ID can be used to track your fleet online.

How Driver ID management works

Where do your drivers go? Who is driving your vehicles? Are there ways to cut costs you don’t know about yet? Driver ID answers all these questions and more.

When you sign up for ID, you can choose how many key fobs you want. You can then assign the fobs to your drivers and track their usage on your Driver ID online account system.

How much data you receive depends on which online account management provider you choose.

You can expect to see a tracking system where you can monitor which driver is using which car, where they drive, and timesheets. Other systems go more in-depth and include a driving style analysis, route tracking with a map, and more.

The benefits of Driver ID

Fleet managers can use Driver ID to identify problems, optimise fuel efficiency, and much more. What happens if one of your vehicles is in an accident? If you’re only tracking your vehicles, you won’t have all the answers you need to handle the situation.

If your drivers are sharing vehicles or often switch, Driver ID lets you know who is behind the wheel and for how long. These are the key benefits of Driver ID:

  • Detailed hassle-free admin: using your online management system, you can see who is driving, where, and how. This information lets you know where the problems are and what changes can be made all in one place.
  • Security: how do you know who is behind the wheel? Driver ID can be an extra security measure to ensure safe fleet management.
  • Reduce fuel costs: your online ID system can be filtered by driver, so you can analyse behaviour and discover steps for improvements. Some Driver ID systems include in-built reports for driver feedback to reduce fuel usage.

How to get Driver ID

Driver ID should be part of your Telematics system to help monitor your vehicles. Getting the right telematics system is important to help you manage your fleet and make improvements. Need help finding the right system for your company? Use our quote tool to get a quick and easy comparison.

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