Compare iPhone SE business contracts

The iPhone SE is one of Apple’s most affordable business mobiles on the market, designed with lower budgets in mind.

And if you couple that perk with an iPhone SE business contract, you can really make some great savings on company phones. Read on for all the details, or compare the market to find the best deals in the UK.

Apple's iPhone SE model

iPhone SE: A budget phone packed with features

  • Pocket-friendly 4.7” mobile
  • 5G ready
  • A15 Bionic chip for superfast processing
  • Charge to 50% battery in 30 mins
  • Durable design can deal with drops and spills

Yes, the iPhone SE is a budget model from Apple’s legendary range. But that doesn’t mean it holds back on what it can do.

The A15 bionic chip means the phone moves at an incredible rate, loading apps instantly and letting you jump from streaming to note taking and a video call as you need to. All without a hint of slowdown.

It’s 5G ready, too, so you can use it wherever you are in the world (at the office, on the go or at home) and you’re not going to struggle with slow internet speeds.

Add into that a camera with Smart HDR 4 technology that keeps images sharp and focussed, making it ideal for snapping photos of work documents or your travels.

Its 30-minute charging time to 50% will also save you a lot of bother, so you can get back working quickly if your battery has run low.

The iPhone SE also includes Apple’s Touch ID technology, so you can use your fingerprint for all the benefits of maximum security. Which’ll be useful if you want to use Apple Pay to cover business expenses.

So, yes. Here’s a budget phone.

It’s not as advanced as Apple’s main models, but what the SE provides is a brilliant package with all the core features that’ll let you work the way you want to. And if you compare the market, you can throw into that some brilliant iPhone SE business perks.

What to expect from iPhone SE business deals

Business iPhone SE deals vary from one provider to the next, but you can expect some regular features in most packages. Look out for deals including:

  • 5G ready from the off
  • No upfront costs
  • 36-month contract
  • Unlimited data, minutes and texts
  • Added insurance
  • Premium customer support

Check a contract closely to see what’s on offer. And shop around to find the best deal, as you can always find extra benefits just around the corner.

How do you do that? Well, compare the market. It’s free, saves you a bunch of time and you can save money into the bargain.

The benefits of an iPhone SE business contract

If you’re sitting on the fence about the idea at the moment, now’s the time to think about the advantages of a business contract.

There are plenty of them, from productivity boosts to better inter-team communication and money-saving perks. Let’s take a look at how you can benefit.

Budget in style

For business, iPhone SEs deliver the best budgeting done in luxurious fashion. Yes, the SE is cheaper than other models (like the advanced iPhone 13 mobile).

Despite that, you still get lots of amazing technology. All the core main features that make Apple’s technology so special are that.

You’re just not paying a bunch extra for all the hyper-advanced features. Many of which you may not even need in your daily business life.

Claim it as a business expense

With an Apple iPhone SE for business package, HMRC recognises it as a business expense.

So, you’re freed up a bit more on the accounting side there. That’s because your phone will be tax deductible. It makes for a good saving! Just remember you can’t use it for personal use, that’s not covered in the deal.

Get premium customer support

With your iPhone SE business phone you can often get premium customer service thrown into your contract.

In fact, it’s a sound idea to keep an eye out for this with providers.

It can come in really handy in the long-term. Think about it! If you’ve got a faulty headset, get in touch and they’ll replace it for you. If you’ve got a technical problem with your phone, you can cut the consumer call queues and get straight to the root of the problem.

Time saving and also a money saver! It’s a great perk and one to make sure you get.

Get insured on your mobile

Getting business insurance for your phone is a great idea, in the event your iPhone is lost or stolen. That’s especially useful if you’re abroad travelling a lot on business, where losing a phone in an unknown country can be a big problem.

Solution? Look for insurance as an inclusion with your contract.

It’ll cover you in the event of issues with the phone. And that gives you peace of mind and can get you sorted with a new, fully functioning mobile quickly.

A few tips on business mobile tariffs

Finally, if you need a little help, you should check out our guide to comparing business mobile phone tariffs. That’ll help clear up any questions you have!

It can be confusing when you’re getting a new phone, simply because of the range of choice with deals out there. But that’s why comparing the market will set you in good stead!

Cut to the chase and find the right deals for you in a matter of minutes.

Get an iPhone SE business contract

If the iPhone SE sounds like the best phone for you or your employees, now’s the time to compare the market for the right deal.

All you need are a few business details. Enter them into our free form, then we’ll make a recommendation for you. After that, you’ll be forwarded to the provider that best suits your needs.

Ready to get started? All you have to do is compare, seal the deal and start making calls.

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