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Data-only SIM cards

What does business data-only SIM mean?

Data-only SIM cards give you internet access wherever you are. You can use them with a tablet, a phone or any device fitted with a SIM slot to get online while you’re at the office or on-the-go. But you won’t be able to make phone calls and send texts across the mobile network.

You can, however, use a business data SIM-only to access your VoIP phone and get in touch with teammates and customers anytime, anywhere. Basically, a business data SIM is a great, cost-efficient alternative to mobile plans when you only need the data.

Why use a business data SIM?

Business data SIM-only deals are flexible, affordable solutions to keep you online at all times. This is why they work so well for businesses.

Significant cost savings for your business

Because there’s no voice plan included, only data, business data SIMs can turn out to be more cost-effective. They are preferred by businesses to complete their VoIP solutions.

Great choice of devices

Business data SIM cards can be used on mobile phones or tablets. Your choice! No voice calls or texts means a business data SIM is perfect to work on-the-go on your preferred device.

Business data-only SIMs for hotspots

Make a hotspot from the device using your business data SIM to connect your laptop to the internet. On the train and need to attend a business conference meeting? Connect and begin!

How iCompario works

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Are you looking for SIM-only plans that include voice calls and texts as well? Take a look at our business SIM-only deals.

Frequently asked questions

Business data SIM cards allow users to have mobile internet on any device of your choice that supports a SIM card. No minutes for phone calls or texts for SMS are included.

However, users can still make calls and send messages through applications like Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp and other similar applications.

If you’re keen on having minutes and texts included, but you’re not interested in handsets look into business SIM only cards.

Yes, absolutely. All major providers offer different deals for business data SIM cards. If you need an unlimited data SIM for business, you can rest assured you’ll find a good deal.

But different providers will have different plans, prices and contract lengths available for business SIM-only with unlimited data. Compare the market in less than a minute to make sure you find the right deal.

No, there’s no difference in performance between business mobile plans with headsets and business data-only SIMs. The advantage to business data SIM cards is you can use them with a tablet as well, not necessarily a mobile phone.

There are some nice advantages to choosing business data SIM-only deals:

  • You get mobile internet on any device equipped with a SIM slot
  • You can easily set up a hotspot and get online on your laptop for an important business meeting while you’re on-the-go
  • Great potential for cost savings

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