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EV Fleet Charging Business Solutions

Make your transition to EV fleet charging simple and hassle-free. This guide explores business EV solutions for commercial fleets, with info on your best installation options. Plus, there’s the chance to compare the market for the best deals.

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Get instant EV fleet charging solutions

Now is the time to get sustainable with an eco-friendly, reliable and money-saving electric vehicle fleet charging infrastructure at your business.

Get instant access EV charging solutions with:

  1. EV charging points
  2. Charge cards

Charing points complement your EV fleet and let drivers charge at key locations, while charge cards offer additional charging spots across the UK.

EV fleet charge points

Use EV charging points at your business premises, and other essential locations, to ensure your drivers can charge their EVs as and when they need to.

EO Genius 2

The EO Genius 2 is fast and reliable fleet charge point, ensuring you get charging speeds of up to 22kWh. It’s a great model for any business on any budget.

  • Up to 22kWh* charging speeds
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Cat 5 Ethernet as standard
  • Smart technology balances your energy needs
  • Install indoors or outdoors
  • User restrictions options for extra protection

*Maximum charge capacity depends on local rules and regulations, type of EV, grid connection at your location and the electricity usage of your building. Most homes have single-phase grid connections for speeds of 7.4kWh. Homes with three-phase connections can charge at speeds of 22kWh for an additional installation fee. 

Easee Charge

A stylish fleet charge point for image-conscious business looking for maximum security.

  • Three-year warranty
  • Includes a secure lock charging cable
  • Universal charger for all EV types
  • User restriction options
  • Load balancing of 101 chargers per fuse

Teltonika TeltoCharge

A premium charging unit for businesses looking for the very best model.

  • Charging speeds of up to 22kWh
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Cat 5 Ethernet as standard
  • Three-year warranty
  • User restriction options from app or card

Commercial charging points

With commercial charging points, you can install units at appropriate locations for your customers (or the public). Earn extra income with eco-friendly initiatives that also provide your business with a positive PR presence.

You’ll attract EV drivers far and wide, enduring your business premises become much more than a successful business environment. You’ll present yourself as a forward-thinking brand of the future, too.

Workplace charging points

Promote EV usage among your employees with workplace charging points. You can install these in and around your premises to make life easier for your fleet.

Present your business as a forward-thinking, environmentally friendly brand to attract top talent from like-minded employees keen to make a difference.

Home charging points

With home charging points, you can help your drivers get a convenient home-based EV charging unit. Once they arrive back from a day of work, they can plug in and rest easy knowing their EV will be fully charged for the next day of work.

Lend a helping hand to your employees and benefit from cheaper energy rates, with staff members enjoying lower energy tariffs at their home locations.

Get EV hire to complement your fleet

EV business hire can get your business moving towards an electric future. Whether you need electric cars or vans, you can compare the market to find affordable and reliable hiring options. Choose from long-term contracts and flexible hiring packages to start moving your fleet towards an electric future.

EV charge cards

With EV charge cards you can cover all other fleet charging needs. Charge cards cover 1,000s of stations across the UK, ensuring your fleet can charge at convenient locations whenever drivers need to.

Fleetone Rev

The Fleetone REV charge card is fantastic for EVs, but also lets you fill up for diesel and petrol vehicles. The charge network includes NewMotion, IONITY, HastoBe, Fastned, EV-Box, ESB Group and Osprey.

  • Access over 4,5000 charge points across the UK
  • Benefit from 3,500 petrol stations
  • One card for charging and refuelling
  • Transparent pricing
  • Track all spending from your online account

BP Plus Hybrid

The BP Plus Hybrid charge card lets you pay for charging, with the added bonus of diesel and petrol at service stations. But this charge card offers some of the fastest charging rates.

  • Charge at over 8,000 charge points across the UK
  • Access over 400 rapid charge points and 100 ultra-fast charging points
  • Refuel at over 1,200 BP stations and 2,200 partner stations
  • Compatible for EVs and hybrid vehicles for total fleet coverage
  • Track all spending from your online account

Get the best fleet charging providers

Use our free, fast market comparison tool to find the best deal. With tailored results, you’ll find what you’re looking for in a matter of minutes.

Make your transition to a fully electric fleet straightforward. Future-proof your business now to avoid the 2030 ban on petrol and diesel vehicles.

Reduce the costs of running your fleet. Make the transition from today to set up commercial, workplace or home charging points. All with additional charge cards to cover nationwide charging opportunities.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the main FAQs about business charging solutions.

What’s an EV fleet charge point?

EV charge points let you charge your electric vehicle at a convenient location. You can have them installed at your workplace or at employees’ homes.

Additionally, you can install commercial charge points for the public, your customers or clients to use.

Is it easy to install EV charging points?

Not by yourself, no, you’ll need specialist support in installing a unit. You’ll need a qualified electrician to complete the job before you can access electric vehicle fleet charging.

How do you pay for fleet EV charging?

That depends on the type of charger you’re using. If you’re using a charge card at a public location, then you’ll pay through an app.

If you’re using a workplace or home charger, then you’ll receive a monthly bill.

What’s the best EV charge point to get?

That really depends on your business needs. You may want to get charge points for your commercial, workplace or home charging.

Compare the market to see the best rates and decide which suits your business best.

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