Diesel Tracker fuel card held in hand
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Diesel Tracker Fuel Card

For hauliers who are looking for fixed stability in their fuel pricing.

Diesel Tracker fuel card held in hand

Start saving with Diesel Tracker

Diesel Tracker fuel card

Key features

Match the market

Diesel Tracker is unique when it comes to prices. Your fuel prices will change each week in line with the European oil prices.

Hauliers' best friend

This fuel card is a great fit for every truck driver in the UK because of its network and benefits.

Control your costs

Set fuel refill limits to cut down on misuse and unnecessary costs.

Our purpose is to save you time and money. We are experts at scouring the market, sourcing the best deals and passing them on to you.

How iCompario works

30-second form

Tell us about your business needs, your vehicle types and where you prefer to fill up with fuel.

We filter the offers

We’ll then compare fuel cards across the UK, our database of cards cover 95% of UK fuel stations.

Get the perfect fuel card

After our free fuel card comparison, it’s time to get your card and start spending on fuel! Simple as that.

Frequently asked questions

We recommend the Diesel Tracker card for every haulier business and trucking sole traders. The Diesel Tracker fuel card comes with unique benefits and features that fit these business types the best. It’s practically tailor-made to fit your business needs. Here’s what you get when you use your Diesel Tracker card:

1. Easily reclaim VAT

Having a fuel card makes your VAT reclaims simple. The fuel card will give you automated invoices for all your fuel costs, so you don’t have to worry about the paperwork. The invoices are HMRC-approved.

2. Refilling made simple

Some fuel cards aren’t made with HGVs in mind. You need specific stations that fit your needs and route. The Diesel Tracker fuel card includes over 750 major truck stops in the UK, many of which are open 24/7.

3. Manage your account online

Need to manage your fleet vehicles? Want to track your fuel usage accurately? Your Diesel Tracker fuel card has an online account system, where you can see where your money is going and where to cut down.

4. Add limits

Managing your fleet fuel costs remotely doesn’t have to be stressful. On your online account for The Diesel Tracker card, you can set hard limits. This way, your drivers can’t overfill or go overbudget. You’re in full control of your fuel costs.

The Diesel Tracker card can be used at 3,000 fuel stations across the UK, including 750+ major truck stops. These truck stops sell fuel in bulk too, so when prices are down you can make major savings by buying fuel with your card at these stations.

You can use your card at any UK Fuel station, which gives you access to all Morrisons stations and most truck stops in the UK.

  • HGV fleets
  • Truck drivers

If your business uses diesel and drivers HGVs, the Diesel Tracker card is an excellent choice. Having your fuel prices tied into the European market gives you unique opportunities for savings.

If you use cars or vans, the Fleetone fuel card is a more suitable option that gives you an even bigger network of general stations.

The Diesel Tracker fuel card can be used to purchase fuel. You also get an online account management system to track your fuel costs. This account management tool is available as a desktop and mobile app, so you can monitor your usage from wherever you are. You can see an overview of your fuel usage and dig into the details by looking at the fuel usage of individual fuel cards.