Quick Guide to the Best Broadband for Small Businesses

Quick Guide to the Best Broadband for Small Businesses

The right business broadband package can speed up your operations and change the way you communicate for the better. But there are so many different types of broadband out there that finding which one best suits your small business is no easy task.

Our quick guide to broadband for small businesses will help you work out which package you need. Let’s see if business broadband is worth it to bring you and your business up to speed.

(Updated Tue, 31 October 2023)

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Do small businesses need businesses broadband?

Businesses use the internet for all kinds of daily tasks. How often do you and your employees send emails, contact customers, take payments and more online? If your business would suffer a loss from having a slow connection or losing connection completely, then it’s time to invest in a business broadband package.

Business broadband for small businesses is faster than the internet speeds you get at home. It can also come with extra features to help your business, mainly customer services and additional security measures to help keep everything running smoothly.

What you get with business broadband

Getting a faster speed is nice, but that’s not all a broadband package can give a small business. The extras you can get depend on the provider, but in general business broadband for small businesses can also give you:

1. Improved security features

Some providers will offer an optional security feature in your broadband deal. Usually, this will be an anti-virus software to help keep your business safe. Sometimes getting your security in your broadband package can work out cheaper than paying separately. It’s also more convenient to get it from the same provider.

2. Technical customer service

If you have a home broadband package, you can expect to use online chats or wait on the phone to get your problems sorted. Broadband providers can offer priority to businesses for customer service and repairs to make sure you can get back online quickly. If you need the internet to run your company, we highly recommend getting a business broadband deal for a small business to make sure your profits don’t go down when your internet connection does.

3. Better connection at busy times

There’s nothing worse than suffering from a slow connection when you need it most. Peak internet rush hours are usually from 6pm to 11pm, when most people are done with work though it varies a bit more on the weekends. For businesses operating at these peak times, business broadband can be just the solution you need to give your speed a boost.

4. Internet telephony packages

Now more than ever, small businesses are using the internet to communicate. Maybe your employees work in totally different areas of the country. Whether you’re a remote company or just want to try and cut your costs, moving to an internet phone system is a great addition to your broadband business package.

Internet telephony systems are also known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). These systems let you take and make calls over the internet instead of the usual phone lines.

Types of business broadband

Now we know what we get in a business broadband package, you need to know what types of broadband there are for your small business. Each broadband type has its pros and cons, but some are inherently better for small businesses.


Also known as copper wire broadband, ASDL is the oldest version of broadband. ASDL connects you to the internet via the same copper wires as your phone lines.

ASDL is a common option for businesses, but it is slowly fading out because the phone lines it uses are being disconnected in the ISDN switch of 2025.

How good is ASDL for small businesses?

  • Available in practically every part of the UK
  • Slower speeds than fibre
  • Offered by major providers

If you want to future-proof your business, ASDL is not the best option. Some businesses keep their ASDL but also install fibre. If having a connection is important for your business, you may want to consider ASDL as an affordable backup plan to your fibre connection.

Fibre broadband

Those green street cabinets are a common sight now in the UK. Long story short, that’s where your fibre connection comes from. Over 90% of the UK has access to fibre broadband and it’s a popular option for small businesses.

Fibre is faster than ASDL. Most businesses already have fibre, but not all small businesses are satisfied with the service or speed they receive. Not every fibre broadband connection is created equal. Depending on how far you are from the nearby cabinet and how many other connections there are, your fibre broadband speed can go up and down.

How good is fibre broadband for small businesses?

Overall, fibre is the best business broadband for small businesses. It gives you fast speeds at an affordable price. Plus, providers offer a wide range of fibre packages so you can really customise your connection to work for you.

  • Available in 95-98% of the UK
  • Speeds of 30 Mpbs available
  • Affordable monthly costs
Optic fibre cable wires plugged in a data centre

What if I can’t get fibre broadband?

The only exception to the great solution of fibre are small businesses who are in a countryside or non-fibre location. It’s a small percentage, but there are some businesses who may not have access to a good fibre broadband. In which case, your business will have to talk to a provider to find what speed you can get up to.

Depending on your budget, you may have to settle for an ASDL connection until companies expand the fibre network to your business location. The other option is to get a leased line.

Leased line internet connection

Leased lines create a dedicated internet service for your business. It’s sort of like a VIP internet connection. You get a direct connection, so you don’t suffer from speed changes at busy times.

How fast your internet will depend on your location and provider. Lines typically start at 10 Mbps but can reach speeds of 10 Gbps, which is way more than enough for most small businesses.

How good is leased line broadband for small businesses?

Installing a leased line can be expensive and can take some time. Most small businesses will be satisfied with fibre broadband, but leased lines do have a niche use for some SMEs.

If having an internet connection is critical for your business and your fibre isn’t enough for you, you might want to consider a leased line. We do recommend also shopping around for an improved fibre connection as some providers can offer you a better deal and a better connection.

  • Reliable internet connection
  • Ultra-fast speeds

iCompario tip:

Leased line broadband can be a suitable solution for small businesses in off-grid or rural areas that rely on having an internet connection. In general, slower speed leased lines (e.g. 35 Mbps) will be cheaper than higher speeds. Not adding any extras to your package can also lower the price, but you’ll have to weigh up what works best for your business.

How to get the best broadband for your small business

Getting the best broadband means you’ll have to find what solution works best for your business, then shop around to get the most suitable provider. There are pros and cons to each broadband type, and it really depends on the type of business you are in. We can help you find a solution that works for your small business and get you connected to the provider you need.

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Quick Guide to the Best Broadband for Small Businesses

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