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What’s the Best GPS Tracker for Equipment in the UK?

There are many industries in which businesses rely on heavy equipment a lot. This equipment is valuable and essential to a business’ productivity.

In this feature guide we’ll talk about how you can protect and track your business equipment better. We’ll talk about what’s the best tracker for equipment, how GPS tracking can increase productivity and how to protect your essential equipment against theft.

The main advice to remember is that combining equipment trackers with a fleet telematics system will get you the best results.

Tractor tracked with an equipment tracking device

How to choose the best GPS tracker for equipment?

Are you looking for a GPS tracker for heavy equipment? Or perhaps for a GPS productivity tracker for equipment to quickly identify areas where you can increase your business productivity? Or maybe you’re worried about your equipment getting stolen and you’re looking for an equipment theft tracking device.

What if you could have all these in a single equipment tracker? That’s exactly what you should look for when choosing the best GPS tracker for equipment.

Other things to consider:

  • GPS tracking devices for equipment should be Thatcham approved.
  • The best equipment tracking device should come with a tracking software. And an app where you can easily check the status of your equipment.
  • Double check the Ingress Protection (IP) rating of the equipment tracker. IP codes are important to know how rain-resistant the GPS tracking device for equipment is ─ an important aspect in the changing British weather.
  • Choose an equipment tracker with long battery life, at least three years.

What’s the best GPS tracker for equipment?

At a quick Google search, you’ll find many equipment trackers. But we’ve dug deeper and chose the best three.

1. Editor’s choice for the best equipment tracking device: Neon

Neon is a small but powerful device that will help you increase the security of your equipment and let you easily monitor remote equipment. This is why neon is our top recommendation:

  • It doesn’t need to be wired and located near a power source so it can be really well hidden on the equipment.
  • It’s got a long battery life that lasts for up to five years.
  • It can be used in harsh weather conditions, having an IP67 waterproof rating.
  • You can set it up to receive a single location alert per day or numerous alerts to monitor the location and keep track of your essential equipment.
  • It comes with powerful software giving you access to real-time and historic data trends to help you make faster operational decisions.
  • Neon can be attached to any type of equipment from cranes, excavators, trailers to skips and generators.

In addition to all these, you can choose to get the stolen vehicle recovery service which has a 95% success rate in recovering stolen equipment and assets. There’s no losing with neon.

2. Best GPS tracker for heavy equipment: Qtanium 400

This one’s really good for tracking, managing and protecting your heavy equipment. It has a few benefits that made it land on our list:

  • It has an IP67 rating, making it resistant to rainy weather.
  • You can create GPS boundaries around a jobsite or other location for full visibility into equipment location, unauthorized usage and operator behaviour.
  • It comes with a tracking software and generates useful reports.
  • You can schedule preventive maintenance alerts so you know when it’s time for a check up and keep your heavy equipment in top shape.

The Qtanium 400 is great for heavy equipment, but it’s not the only one on the market. To avoid confusion and to make sure you choose what’s best for you, compare the market before buying a tracker.

3. Best price equipment tracker: TS10: Plant Machinery GPS Tracker

The TS10 is one of the cheaper options on the market and it offers quite a nice pack of features:

  • It’s small and easy to hide on any equipment.
  • Withstands all weather conditions with IP67 Waterproof Protection.
  • It comes with an app so you can control it from your phone.
  • You can set virtual zones around any location.
  • You get fully immobilisation option, controlled on your phone.

The TS10 has some great benefits at a good price. But if you’re looking for the GPS productivity tracker for equipment, there are others that offer better reporting options to help you enhance your operations.

It’s important to always compare the market to make sure you’re choosing right.

iCompario tip: Combine equipment tracking and telematics

Get the best results and improve the efficiency of your equipment by combining equipment trackers and telematics. You’ll get insightful data summarised in easy-to-read reports, based on which you can make faster decisions and boost your business operations.

How does a GPS tracking device for equipment work?

It’s important to understand how equipment trackers work before starting to use one.

First of all, an equipment tracker is small and looks like a black plastic box. It usually doesn’t require professional installation. It can be installed into the equipment using a magnet or a sticky pad. That means you can hide it really well and make it difficult for thieves to find it.

GPS tracking devices for equipment work based on a SIM card, a battery, a radio signalling equipment, a movement sensor and, of course, a GPS. They’ll send a signal with their location at regular intervals, usually every 24 hours.

It’s important to get an equipment tracker with software option, so you can easily check the location, see alerts and check out battery levels.

What type of equipment can you track?

You can use a GPS tracking device on all kinds of equipment, of all shapes and sizes. They’re most commonly used for heavy equipment, but that shouldn’t limit your options. A GPs tracker for heavy equipment can also be used for a small generator which is essential to your business.

You can attach a tracker to any type of powered or non-powered equipment. Your options know no limits. If you’re interested mainly in plant trackers, check out our guide on plant equipment tracking.

Start tracking your valuable equipment

Tracking your equipment can save you a lot of trouble. You’ll always know where your equipment is located. You can recover it in case of theft if you opt for a recovery service and this can keep your insurance premiums low. You can make sure your equipment is productive.

It’s important you choose the best GPS tracker for equipment to cover your business needs. And for that you should compare the market.

Just press the button below, insert a few details and we’ll get back to you with the suitable options. You choose the one you want.

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