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The best 5-seater vans for hire in the UK

Sure, there are two-seater, three-seater, and four-seater vans. But sometimes you just need some 5-seater vans to get from A-B in style.

You can compare the market for the best deals available, Plus, check out the rest of this guide to find out how the brilliance of a van 5-seater will sort out your fleet needs.

A 5-seater van driving through a city area doing a delivery

Here’s our pick for the best 5-seater vans

A lot of vans have room for extra seats because they’ve got a metal bulkhead that can be removed and an extra seat is added to the load bay.

And they start at great prices and provide a little bit of extra room for you. These vans are perfect for taking cargo, or people, to wherever you need to go.

But what are the best ones on the market for your business to hire? Well, that’s where we can help make the perfect choice.

Peugeot Partner Professional L1

  • Payload: 860kg
  • Starting price: £15,000+
  • Best for: Value for money

The Peugeot Partner Professional L1 is an excellent value smaller van. It has five seats (that’s why it’s on this list!), with two at the front and a second row with three.

There’s a sliding door available, too, with a window for passengers to have a stare out of.

Peugeot’s model also has a sliding mesh bulkhead. You can fold that away with no real problem. And the rear bench also does that, so you can easily make lots more room if you need to.

The van is comfy to drive, there are front/rear parking sensors, front fog lights and DAB radio with controls on the steering wheel!

It’s a really reliable van and comes at great value for money, making it pretty much ideal for any business. No matter where you’re located, this model will get the job done.

Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van

  • Payload: 925kg
  • Starting price: £24,350+
  • Best for: Market leading large van

Even after 26 years, the Sprinter is one of the best panel vans on the market.

It’s an award-winner, delivering great features and security measures to keep your business moving (and your drivers safe).

The Sprinter won a bunch of Van of the Year awards in 2021 (for Fleet News, Business Vans Awards and Company Van Today). And it’s also won Most Reliable Van for five straight years now. You really can’t go wrong with it!

It’s an adaptable model, with 17m² of cargo space, rear-wheel and front-wheel drive options and the advanced navigation package MBUX inbuilt. That means a 7-inch touchscreen device for instant messaging, navigation help and voice controls.

The package is brilliant, your drivers will love it and, best yet, it’ll work wonders for your business. Compare the market now to find your best deal.

iCompario tip: Get a fuel card to save more

All sorted with your 5-seater van? Get a great deal on fuel cards to go with that! With the right card, you’ll save your business time and money. Reduce your admin workload, reclaim VAT and save money on expenses! Compare the market to find your best deal.

Mercedes Vito

  • Payload: 1044kg
  • Starting price: £24,000+
  • Best for: Small businesses looking for a game changer

Mercedes is a van making specialist! Sure, they know how to dominate F1 as well, but you can’t go wrong with the Vito.

This panel van has plenty of space, more so van many 5-seater vans. But the layout is the same as most, with two front seats and a rear bench of three.

Getting access to the cargo couldn’t be easier. There’s no bulkhead blocking, although you can have one fitted if you want added security.

It’s a mega modern design so runs like a dream, is very comfy and there’s limited noise distraction or anything like that. It’s a smart, professional van and one we’re big fans of here at iCompario. In part because it’s got fancy features like:

  • Reversing camera
  • Active Brake ASSIST for intelligent braking
  • Rear-wheel drive as standard
  • Driver and co-driver airbags
  • 9G-TRONIC, 9-speed automatic transmission for a smooth ride

Highly recommended by us for its value for money, reliability and it’s a classy package.

iCompario tip: Want something different? Hire an electric vehicle!

Get an electric van to shake up your business! Stylish and trendy, you don’t need to pay emission charges with an EV and they’re great for the environment. Plus, when you hire an EV you save a lot of money over buying them outright, money which you can add straight back into your business.

Vauxhall Vivaro Double Cab

  • Payload: 1,308kg
  • Starting price: From £34,000+
  • Best for: Clever features and practicality

The Vauxhall Vivaro Double Cab is mid-sized and has fantastic fuel saving features. When put alongside an epic payload of 1,308kg that’s really impressive.

You can get this model in electric, panel van or double cab. All the prices vary a bit, so compare the market to see which one suits you best (panel vans are slightly cheaper).

But all the models are very advanced and have a lot of room for payload or people.

The vans have been designed to drive like a car, so it’s easy to get them around. Plus, the engines deliver great efficiency for lower emissions than ever before!

So, if you need a van with a low running cost then the Vauxhall Vivaro is the one for you. Just be wary it’s a bit pricier than some other 5-seater vans on this list.

Renault Trafic Crew

  • Payload: 2,800-3,000kg
  • Starting price: From £27,000+
  • Best for: Versatility and security

The Renault Trafic Crew is equipped with a workspace, with a table fitted into the centre seat. So, it’s an office away from the office.

And that’s just one of many nifty design features for the Trafic Crew.

Probably the best thing about it, though, is that massive 2,800kg payload. Along with the 5-seats it’s really able to deliver the goods if you’ve got big cargo needs.

Renault has also made sure the model is super safe. There’s an advanced driver assistance system, like the blind spot warning. Then there’s adaptive cruise control and lane departure warnings, too. Your drivers are guaranteed a safe time of it!

But there’s also an optimised loading area designed to make getting payloads out of the van really easy. And you get 8.9 m³ to play around with in the cargo area, so you’re not going to struggle to fit bulky items in there.

A great van for businesses needing versatility, it delivers big payloads but can transport people as well. Whatever you need, it does the trick!

Ford Transit Custom Double Cab-in Van

  • Payload: 1,163kg
  • Starting price: £26,000+
  • Best for: Iconic name with great features

Another top of the range model, the Ford Transit comes packing with the standard two front seats, three at the rear.

There’s a fixed rear bulkhead that you can’t take out. Some businesses may find that a problem, but others may want the added security. Just be aware you can’t remove it!

However, away from that this is a very roomy van. There’s a big cargo area with added space for passengers.

But it’s a Ford Transit! That iconic name is enough to sell itself. But into the bargain you do get:

  • A huge payload of over 1,000kg
  • FordPass Connect modem with Wi-Fi, touchscreen and nav system
  • Super-strong bodyshell
  • Fold-out table on the upper centre seat backs

But the Ford Transit will mainly just do what you need it to. Get your payload from A-B with the minimum of hassle, all with a great brand reputation behind it.

The benefits of 5-seater vans

There are a ton of benefits with 5-seater vans. Other than being big and bulky with plenty of room, here are some of the best reasons to add a van with 5-seats to your fleet.

The versatility

With a 5-seater, you get a great balance between transporting cargo and people, so if you’re a business needing to do both you’re pretty much sorted with this option.

That versatility often isn’t there with other types of vehicles, so the multi-tasking of the 5-seater is one of its biggest draws.

Tax advantages

There are some brilliant tax benefits when you pick this type or van. These vehicles are for commercial use, so you may be able to claim some tax deductions.

If you’re a VAT registered business, you can use the Gov website car derived vans and combi vans to reclaim input tax on some vans.

The customisation

5-seater vans are very customisable. You can add, or take out, the bulkhead in most models to have more cargo space. Or more seats for passengers.

Better yet, when you’re ordering your vehicle you can actually make requests for the customisation of that set up. So, always check with the manufacturer before ordering and you can get your preferred seat layout.

The features

Fact is, modern vans are decked out with incredible technology! The idea they’re not as trendy as cars is long gone, some vans are like mini-spaceships out of the road.

Yes, your van will have 5-seats and a big cargo area. But you can make sure it’s fitted with fleet telematics systems so you’ll get real-time data on each van’s performance.

Plus, the manufacturer will often throw in advance nav systems and security features. There’s no denying it, modern vans are at the cutting-edge of tech. And that’s why they’re great for business!

Get your business a 5-seater van

You’ve heard all the lingo. Now it’s time to compare the market to get your business a top-quality 5-seater van.

All you need to do is enter your details into our form and you’re all set! Simple as that. Just pick your favourite deal and then you’re almost ready to hit the road.

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