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Top 5 Best Vans For Small Businesses

Many small businesses now need to hire a van or two to match their customers’ needs. If that’s you, you’ll need to find a reliable and cost-efficient hired van for your business. Luckily, there are plenty of great vans for small businesses now on the market to match every business type.

Diesel cargo vans are some of the most popular choices, but we’ve rounded up a variety of the best vans for small business so you can find what works best for you.

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1. Mercedes Benz Vito

The Mercedes Vito is one of the best cargo vans for small businesses on the market. The van is also available as a passenger vehicle with seats in the load area if that’s more your thing. It’s available in three lengths from 4,895 mm to 5,370 mm, so there’s plenty of choice for small businesses with a bigger load. Just keep in mind that no matter the length, the roof height of the Vito is always 1,910 mm.

The passenger version of the van, the Vito Crew, can carry up to 6 people. This is one of the best vans for small passenger businesses. If your business needs to carry more people than that, check out the Mercedes Tourer which can take up to 9 passengers. Overall, though, the standard Vito Progressive model will fit the needs of many small businesses without a fuss. See our Mercedes Benz guide to see which van is the right fit for your business.

The one downside of the Vito is its higher price tag compared to other cargo panel vans on the market. Small businesses are best off hiring a Vito. This way, you get all the benefits with none of the pricey drawbacks.

2. Ford Transit Cargo Van

Some small businesses need to carry a hefty payload. For businesses looking for an affordable solution, the Ford Transit Cargo Van is a reliable choice. For the standard model, you’re looking at a respectable 15.1 cubic metres capacity and a maximum gross payload of 2,250 kg. The van is bigger than most, so narrow lanes and parking can be a bit trickier.

What is the best van for small businesses? It depends on what your business is and what you need it to handle. The Ford Transit Cargo Van is an all-wheel drive, making the cargo van a steady ride on practically any road condition. Add on its four driving modes (Normal, Eco, Slippery, Tow/Haul) and your driver has all the tools they need to comfortably get where they need to be.

There is an electric van option released in 2022 if you’re looking for a greener solution, but you cannot customise the EV to be a passenger van. Other than that, not much has changed for the latest models of the Ford Transit Cargo so don’t worry about needing to buy the latest van to get the best service. Although this van has a lower price tag than others, hiring can help to keep your costs down further, control your cash flow, and help you stay flexible.

3. Mercedes Benz eSprinter

Whether your drivers are delivering parcels around London or travelling into Birmingham, this is one of the best vans for small businesses looking for a sustainable solution. . The van is available with a diesel engine, but businesses will want to consider the electric version because of its many benefits.

Small businesses who want to keep their emissions low should take the eSprinter for a test drive. With an average range of 81 – 103 miles on a full charge, the eSprinter is perfectly built for urban journeys. Unlike diesel and petrol vans, the eSprinter guarantees you an exemption from ULEZ and all Clean Air Zone charges.

With a payload of 731kg, this van has become a popular choice as a cargo van for businesses with a medium to light payload.

4. Fiat Fiorino Cargo

For courier businesses with a lower budget, the Fiat Fiorino Cargo Van is one of the best choices. The diesel cargo van has some of the lowest emissions compared to other diesel vans in its price range easily making it one of the best vans for small businesses looking to keep their costs low. The van can emit CO2 as low as 128 g/km, which helps to keep your costs down and vehicle tax band low.

With a payload of 610 kg, the Fiat Fiorino best suits courier and small businesses with a lighter payload. The van can be customised to be up to 1.5 m long, so you can fit in as many parcels as possible in this compact van.

Carrying passengers? The Fiorino can be altered to a passenger van with an extra row of seats in the back. These seats can also be folded down to make room for any extra cargo if you need a more flexible van.

iCompario tip:

While this van is a more affordable choice, it does lose a lot of value after a few years. The passenger version of the van loses around 70% of its value after three years, so it’s one of the worst assets you can get. Buying this van might save you money upfront compared to others, but it’s not the best asset in the long run. We think the Ford Fiorino is one of the best vans for small businesses on a short term hire contract. Hiring this van means you don’t have to worry about it losing its value.

5. Renault Kangoo

We can’t talk about the best vans for small businesses without at least mentioning the Kangoo. In 2022, Renault announced the latest range of the van (the All-New) and got a bunch of awards. For good reason. The van is highly rated thanks to its flexible customisation options, fuel economy, and design. The 2022 All-New Kangoo is available as a petrol, diesel or electric van.

There is a lot of hype around it and while most of it is deserved, the Kangoo is not the best van for small businesses who need to carry passengers, but it is among the best for couriers and sole traders. If you want a passenger van, the Mercedes Benz Tourer is a better choice.

The latest 2022 models are bigger and better than before. The 2022 version has many extra features. The van has an auto locking system when your driver steps away from the van. The Kangoos of the past has been notorious for their uncomfortable driving seats, which make long journeys unpleasant even with the smooth driving features. The 2022 version has changed this a bit, but we still think that other vans are better for small businesses completing longer routes.

The best way to buy a van for a small business

Buying a van is a way to get your business the vehicle you want and need. But it’s not always the best way. The van’s value often goes down overtime, so you lose money when you resell when you want to upgrade. Buying a van also means you’ll be spending a lot all at once or hefty instalments, when you really need to control your budget and cash flow.

Hiring is a better option for businesses looking to stay flexible. Hiring means you get the van you want, use it when you need it, and return it when you’re done with no hassle. We compare the best vans to suit your needs, so your business can hit the road without breaking the bank.

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