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What Is Short Term Van Hire?

Short term van hire is the most flexible option available, so you can hire a van for a day, a month or more for your business. Hiring a van means your business avoids the high upfront costs of purchasing a van, while still getting all the benefits.

With short term van hire, you have access to a van that suits your needs without a long and complex contract holding you back. Short term hire is a popular option for personal use, but short-term contracts have even more benefits for businesses. We compare van hire options, so you can find what works best for your business.

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How does short term van hire work?

Short term van hire is the most popular type of van hire, but how does it all work? To start, you’ll need to get in touch with a hiring company and choose your van. From there, you’ll get the van for a specific time period. You and the provider agree to a certain amount of time (a day or longer). In general, the maintenance appointments are handled by the provider, so you have less to worry about.  

While contracts of a day or week are common, short term van hire agreements can last up to three years with some providers.  

When your short term van hire contract ends, you can return the hire or opt to renew your contract. If you’d prefer a different van or more of them, the hiring company will make a new contract to fit what you need.  

Flexible short term hire

Some providers offer flexible short term van hire options. This means you can return the vehicle at any point in your contract.  

Say you had to hire a vehicle to cope with unexpected growth, but that growth slows after a month and the vehicle is no longer needed. Thanks to flexible short term hire you can return it before the end period, so your business isn’t lumped with an unwanted vehicle or deal with the costs.  

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Regular short term hire is already highly flexible, but this takes it to the next level. A 6 month or even 3 year van hire contract might not be the best option for some businesses who need to keep up with certain changes, but flexible short term hire changes that. Hire a business vehicle for however long you need it and return it at a time that suits you.  

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What are the benefits of short term van hire?

1. Hire and fire

Hire any van when you need it and get rid of it when you’re done without any hassle. In a short term hire contract, you’re not bound by the terms of a lengthy contract that you don’t need. You also don’t have to worry about owning a vehicle you no longer want, as you would with purchasing. Short term van hire gives you the most control over your van ownership.  

2. Reduce time spent on admin

The hiring company often takes care of the maintenance appointments for you, so you don’t have to book them or keep track of when the next appointment is. They’ll let you know. This is a handy feature for all businesses, regardless of how many vehicles you have already. One less thing to worry about! 

3. Take control of your cash flow

Choose monthly payments for the highest control over your cash flow. The amount stays the same throughout the contract, so you don’t have to worry about an unexpected bill or break your piggy bank to buy a van.  

4. Plenty of choices

Every hiring provider will have a range of vans they can offer you. Unlike purchasing where your budget is more limited, short term hire offers a flexible and affordable option so you can simply choose which van suits your business best. Whether you want an electric van or a courier van, there are plenty about to hire.


Should I choose short term or long term hire?  

The majority of short term van hires only last a few weeks, maybe months. While contracts can be made for a lengthier time frame, long term van hire is the preferred solution for many businesses. Long term hire comes with many of the benefits of short term hire, including VAT reclaims and monthly payment plans. It also removes much of the admin and worries about renewing your contract. If you need a van for a longer time frame, we recommend long term van hire for the most convenience.  


When to choose short term hire

Short term hire is a great solution for certain circumstances. Here are some of the situations where a short term hiring contract could be the better option for you:

  • A seasonal project: if you expect you only need a van for a specific period to get the job done, then a short term contract is the best choice. This lets you fit the hiring agreement length to a time period that matches what you need.  
  • Waiting for new vans: if you’re just waiting for your new vans to be delivered, a short term contract is the best option to help you bridge the gap. You don’t have to be without a van in the meantime. 
  • Meet unexpected demand: sometimes your business will need an extra vehicle to meet your customer’s needs. But buying a van is expensive and the demand might not last forever. Short term hire gives you the best of both worlds where you can supply your customers with what they need and avoid commitment.   

How to get cheap short term van hire 

Some providers offer vans for hire anywhere from £85 to £125 a week. The cost of your hired van depends on a few different factors like the provider, the van you choose, contract length, and any added extras. If you include servicing and maintenance by the provider in your contract, it can bump up the price but can save you money in the long run. 

We compare vans for hire to match your business needs and can help you find the right van whatever your budget.  

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