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The Ultimate Cargo Van Hire Guide: 2022 Edition

Cargo vans are the best vehicles to get your business moving. Even the smaller types can carry over 1,000 lbs (over 450 kg). But which of these vans are the best to hire? Keep reading our guide to get all the details you need.

Courier loading parcels into a white cargo van by a warehouse

What is a cargo van?

A cargo van is a large van that often doesn’t have windows in the back. They usually have a passenger seat and are pretty spacious. They’re mostly used by delivery and repair businesses to transport parcels or tools.

Best large cargo vans

The biggest vans offer tons of space for cargo and a lot more towing power. But size isn’t all that matters. The best vans are also reliable and good to drive in all kinds of conditions. Whatever you’re transporting, check out our top recommended large vans.

1. Best for heavy cargo: Mercedes Benz Sprinter

  • Wheelbase: 3200.4 mm / 126 inches
  • Length: 5267 to 7367 mm / 207.7 to 290 inches
  • Cargo area space: 7.8 to 15.5 cubic m / 275.5 to 547.4 cubic ft
  • Payload: 3878.2 to 4531.4 kg / 8550 to 9990 lbs
  • Towing: 2268 to 3401.9 kg / 5000 lbs to 7500 lbs

The Mercedes Sprinter is a large van with a lot of options to choose from. The biggest in the 2022 range is the Sprinter L4H2, which is one of the biggest vans on the market.

While each of the vans in the range cost more than its competitors, the Sprinter is one of the best reviewed cargo vans for a reason.

Some vans can feel limited by their basic features, but the Sprinter benefits from a stylish exterior, spacious interior, and a fancy touchscreen display if you choose to upgrade. What extra tech you get depends on the year and model design your van is.

2. Best reliable van: Ford Transit Cargo

  • Wheelbase: 130 or 148 inches
  • Length: 219.9 to 263.9 inches
  • Cargo area space: 11 cubic m / 388.5 cubic ft
  • Payload: 3148 to 5174 lbs
  • Towing: 5100 to 6800 lbs

The Transit Cargo is a customisable van with three body length options and 2 different wheelbase lengths. Whatever cargo you’re carrying, the Transit can be made to fit you.

Similar to the Mercedes Sprinter, the van has some nice tech features to complement your driving. Hopefully, you’ll never have to use the post-crash alert system but it’s good to have when you need it.

The latest models are a little noisier, but they have more power behind their engines. If you’re looking for a reliable van, this one is a mega choice.

Best small city cargo vans

Not every business needs a van with enough space for Buckingham Palace and the kitchen sink! Smaller size cargo vans have better manoeuvrability and are easier to handle on smaller urban streets. These are some of the top smaller cargo options.

1. Best cargo city van: Mercedes-Benz Metris

  • Wheelbase: 3200.4 mm / 126 inches
  • Length: 5140.96 mm / 202.4 inches
  • Cargo area space: 5.2 cubic m / 182.9 cubic ft
  • Payload: 1000.1 kg / 2205 lbs
  • Towing: 2267.96 kg / 5,000 lbs

The Metris is a city van made to be versatile and as spacious as it can be. While the van was first released in 2017, not too much has changed. The latest 2022 model has a higher payload and can tow more than most of the city vans it competes with.

This van is a great choice for every business and sole trader making their way through city streets. The one downside is that, like most Mercedes vehicles, you’ll need higher quality fuel for its tank.

While the Metris is more expensive to buy than its competitors, you do get good reliability and a large cargo space for a city van. If you need more space, check out the Mercedes Benz Sprinter.

2. Best electric courier van: Nissan e-NV200

  • Wheelbase: 2,725 mm / 107.2 inches
  • Length: 4,560 mm / 179.5 inches
  • Cargo area space: 4.2 cubic m / 148.3 cubic ft
  • Payload: 1554.3 lbs / 705 kg
  • Towing: 881.8 lbs / 400 kg

Electric vans have seen a variety of upgrades in the past few years. And the e-NV200 is one of the best courier vans. The cargo space is good for the wheelbase size and bigger than most of its competitors (including the Renault, which can be more expensive!).

The latest models of the van have a 40kWh battery, which has boosted its range to a respectable 174 miles. As far as electric vans go, that’s not bad although some electric delivery vans have a longer range.

Still, if you need an electric van for urban deliveries there aren’t many that can do the job better than the Nissan e-NV200.

Black luxury vans at a van dealership rental parked by cars for hire

Which van has the largest cargo space?

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 High Roof 170 Extended Wheelbase van has a cargo space of 530 cubic feet (15 cubic metres). Not many vans can compete with its size.

How many seats are in a cargo van?

These vans usually have 2 seats in the front. One for the driver and one for a passenger. They are built to carry cargo, not passengers although some can be customised to have more seats in the back.

How much is cargo van insurance?

That depends on a couple of factors including what cargo you’re carrying and how many vans you insure. The average cost can be anywhere from £500 to £1,500 depending on the provider and your business type. Compare van insurance providers to get the best deal.

Which cargo van has the best MPG?

The Ford Transit Connect has the best rating of 25.5 MPG. Other cargo city vans like the Nissan NV200 and Mercedes-Benz Metris also came close to the top.

Who uses cargo vans?

This type of van is used by many businesses and industries to get goods moving. Here are the most common uses of these vans:

  • Florists: transporting flowers isn’t all sunshine and daisies unless you’ve got the right vehicle. Cargo vans are great to keep the plants in good nick and have enough space for bigger flower arrangements.
  • Caterers: a single van, especially the bigger ones, can have enough room for all the food and drink you need on the day. Caterers will often put serving equipment and tools in the van as well.
  • Movers: getting your client’s furniture to their new home is easy enough with a large van. The bigger vans can handle big wardrobes and desks without an issue.
  • Outdoor equipment: camping and tourism businesses often transport bikes, camping gear, and other sports equipment.
Hand holding a key in front of a parked white cargo van for hire

Benefits of cargo vans

That all sounds good, but do you actually need to get a van for your business? It depends. These vans have a lot of benefits you’ll want to keep in mind. Here are the top ones.

1. Space for everything

The top reason to get one of these vans is the cargo storage space. Many of the biggest vans have over 400 cubic feet of room, but many businesses will do just fine with a 100 – 200ft.

2. Control the temperature

Some stuff needs a little extra support on the journey. Many vans of this type are also refrigerated in the cargo space, so all the goods stay cool on the go.

3. Stick on that branded logo

One of the added benefits of having a van for your business is getting to advertise on the road. These vans are plenty big enough to get on your business logo and contact information.

And don’t forget, you can also read more about the benefits of long-term van hire.

How to hire a cargo van

Some of the best vans have a price tag bigger than their cargo space. Hiring is the best solution to get a van when you need it and keep your costs down. Get a quote today!

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