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All You Need to Know When Choosing a 6 Month Van Hire

Renting a van for a shorter period of time, like 6 months is an increasingly popular choice in the van rental industry. There are many situations when businesses of all shapes and sizes can find short term van hire to be the ideal solution.

Does your business usually work with short-term contracts? Are your business needs more flexible or constantly changing? Do you need an extra van or two for short periods only? Then, you’ve probably considered the option of a 6 month van hire. As industry specialists, we can help you find the best 6 month van rental for your business.

6 month van hire

6 month van hire – What are your options?

So, you’ve decided you need to rent a van for 6 months. You may work with short term contracts, you may hire temporary staff, or you might need a 6 month van hire while your van is being repaired or you’re waiting for a newly built van to arrive.

All good, you know exactly what your business needs are! But do you know all your options for a 6 month van hire?

There’s short term hire and then there’s flexible hire. Now, let’s see the differences.

Short term hire means you can choose to hire a van for a period of up to 6 months. So, if your needs change and you have to keep the van for longer, you have to figure out a new contract. However, if you decide to return the van early, you might pay for the time you used the van or you might have to pay only for the period you rented the van. It only depends on the van hire provider. Short term van hire could work out to be cost effective and it’s a good option if you only need to rent a van for 6 months.

Flexible hire, on the other hand, gives you more flexibility. It’s in the name, right? With flexible hire, there’s no commitment. You can rent a van for 6 months and if your needs change, you can easily return it or just extend the period. With flexible hire, you can rent for up to three years and return at any point. You do not have to organise its tax or repairs and you usually pay an all-in price which even includes the insurance.

iCompario tip:

Flexible hire allows you to use the rental van on an adaptable basis, making it perfect for short term options, like a 6 month van hire. We can scour the market and match you with the perfect van, so your business has the hire vehicle it needs to continue powering forward.

Benefits to 6 month van hire

Whatever your needs, you are already aware of the unquestionable benefits to 6 month van rental. We’re talking about:


It gives you the option to easily rent a van for 6 months for quick contracts. You can expand your business without worrying where you’ll get the vans from. You’re not bound by the terms and conditions of a long-term hire contract, which is where a 6 month van hire can give you more flexibility.

Multitude of choices

Your business needs may be so varied, that you’ll need one type of van for up to 6 months only and another van type for another 6 months. This is where a solution like 6 month van hire is useful. Hire providers usually have a range of vans that you can choose from. It is an affordable solution where you can simply choose the best van for your needs.

Saving money

Hiring a van means that you can avoid some of the hassles that come with owning a commercial van. Most van hire solutions come with servicing, maintenance, repairs, replacement and tyres included. You know that you won’t be forking out for any of the extra costs of maintaining your van or repairs if something goes wrong with it. One less thing that you have to worry about!

iCompario tip:

You can have access to a wide range of vans and quickly identify the best one for your business needs in a few simple steps. It takes 30 seconds to fill in our form and we’ll take it from there. We’re industry experts and you can count on us to find your next 6 month van hire.

What vans can you hire?

The short answer is basically any van. The more complex answer is that the van hire depends on a number of factors. When choosing the best van to suit your business needs, you have to consider your cargo and payload needs, your range needs if you choose an electric van and, of course, compare providers and prices.

Some vans are more popular than others due to their high number of options and great versatility. We’ve put together a list of the most popular choices for short term van hire.

Mercedes-Benz Vito

Mercedes is a favourite brand and a top choice for most businesses managing a fleet of commercial vans. But what makes it so special? Let’s find out, point by point.

  • Mercedes Vito is available in three different lengths. There’s the standard L1 length, a longer L2, and then the L3 which has a longer wheelbase. There’s no higher roof version available, but let’s face it – if you need more space, maybe just upgrade to a Sprinter.
  • The Vito is a midsize van with great payload and cargo volume. It offers an impressive payload of 1,029 kg and a cargo volume between 5.5 m3 and 6.6 m3, depending on which length you choose. It’s ideal to carry a lot of cargo on those narrow city streets. Plus, it’s quiet, comfortable, and easy to drive. And quite a nice looking van, if you’re after the looks.
  • It’s a safe and reliable van. The standard model includes safety features that other vans might offer for a cost. Among the most popular, there’s active break assist, crosswind assist, attention assist, lane keeping assist.
  • One very useful feature that not all vans have is the twin sliding doors.

Does this sound like a van that would cover your short term business needs? Get hiring!

With the future closer than you think, many businesses have started to add electric vans to their fleets. If you’re ready to step into the future, the eVito can be the right van for your business. Check out more on electric van hire.

Ford Transit Custom

The Transit Custom is a popular van. As popular as winning the best-selling vehicle in 2021. It is a great mid size van for any job. Let’s go over its best features:

  • Ford Transit Custom is a versatile van with large load capacity. Its payload can reach up to 1,459 kg. You can choose between two lengths and two roof heights, as your needs dictate.
  • It’s a reliable van, easy to drive and smoothly to navigate even on the narrowest streets.
  • The Ford Transit features great safety options like ESP, traction control, emergency brake assist. It proudly achieved five stars from the Euro NCAP safety rating.
  • If you want a more eco version, choose the Ford Transit Custom PHEV – the hybrid model of the van. Its battery offers a nice driving range of up to 30 miles before switching to petrol.

Do you need a 6 month van hire with amazing load capacity? Hire a Ford Transit Custom.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Did you get a short-term contract that requires you to add a new large van to your fleet? Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a class-leading van, very popular among business owners and fleet managers. Some of its key features include:

  • It’s available in not two, not three, but four vehicle lengths. This van easily matches every business need. From L1 to L4, you choose the length that suits you best.
  • The Sprinter features a generous cargo volume, from 7.8 m3 to 15.5 m3, based on the van length you choose. It also offers a good payload of 1,005 kg.
  • It’s a safe van, equipped with great safety options even on the standard models. It’s also really comfortable to drive if you have long journeys ahead of you.
  • The newest Sprinter models now come with front-wheel drive option as well, 9 speed automatic gearbox, and 4×4 options.

Don’t miss out on a business opportunity just because you lack a van for short term. Hire a Sprinter! And if you’re looking for the eSprinter, it is available, too.

We’re here to help

You might know a lot about van hire, but that doesn’t mean van hire is not a hassle. When you’re in need of a 6 month van hire or any other kind of van hire for that matter, let the industry specialists do the hard work for you.

We trawl the market and compare short term van hire providers to find the right match for you. All you have to do is use our free quote tool to discover which van best fits your business needs.

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