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The best large electric vans for your business

Many businesses are investing in large electric vans to save money and upgrade fleets with new technology.

But there are loads of electric vans on the market. Which one do you pick?

Well, you’re in luck. We’re the one-stop shop for hiring large electric vans! You can check the market and decide what fleet suits you best.

A selection of large electric vans to hire for businesses

Are large electric vans right for your business?

Yes! They’re great for any business that needs a cheap, reliable fleet.

It’s a great time to make the switch to electric large vans. Here’s how you benefit:

  • You’ll save money. They have a cost-per-mile (CPM) of around 2-3p.
  • It doesn’t cost much to run them.
  • EVs are great for the environment.
  • No more congestion charges.
  • EVs are the future! Upgrade now to get ahead of the competition.

You can get a helping hand, too. The UK government has a plug-in van grant.

You need to check if you can claim it. But if you can, you might get a maximum grant of £5,000 on electric large vans.

iCompario tip: Think of the long-term savings

Many businesses worry about the cost of electric vans. But they’re cheap to run and are a solid long-term investment. Use vehicle hire to find the best deals in the UK.

The best large electric vans for sale in the UK

Looking to buy or hire? Our guide to the best large electric vans has all the important info you need before you buy. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Mercedes-Benz eVito

  • Cost: Around £43,000
  • Range: Up to 162 miles
  • Charging time: Six hours
  • Payload: 749-807kg
  • Best for: Urban businesses and sole traders

The Mercedes-Benz eVito has all sorts of impressive tech. It’s built to make driving easy and safe. There’s a reverse camera for getting out of tricky parking spots. Plus, Mercedes’ DYNAMIC SELECT technology that lets drivers pick driving modes to save battery.

Drivers can make a switch based on current conditions, location and performance needs. You can quickly switch to these modes:

  • COMFORT: The standard setting for a balanced drive.
  • ECO: Promotes fuel efficiency and fuel conserving driving.
  • SPORT: Super responsive steering for fun and maximum performance.
  • SPORT+: Adds in a faster throttle and altered gear shifting.
  • RACE: For on-track racing performance only.
  • Off-ROAD: This is for difficult terrain!
  • Individual mode: With this, you can customise driving settings.

The eVito also has Mercedes Me. It’s an app with a bunch of handy features to keep your fleet moving. Drivers can even lock the van from their phone, wherever they are. All with the tap of a button.

The eVito’s charge time? It’s six hours, which isn’t the best on the market. But when it’s at 100%, it won’t stop going for 162 miles. And that’s one of the best ranges for electric large vans.

Plus, there are great savings thrown into the bargain. You can expect to save over £2,320 every year on fuel, with an extra £278 saved on maintenance.

And don’t forget the eVito is a zero emissions electric van. So, there are no congestion charges and you’re free from charges like clean air zones and ULEZ (Ultra-Low Emission Zone).

Mercedes is a brilliant electric vehicle manufacturer. If you want to see all of its EVs, check out our Mercedes electric van guide.

iCompario tip

Want to get the eVito? Choose long-term electric van hire. You get all the benefits of a Mercedes-Benz while sticking to your budget.

Renault Master E-Tech

  • Cost: Starting from £53,080
  • Range: Up to 75 miles in real conditions
  • Charging time: 6-17 hours
  • Payload: 925-1425kg
  • Best for: Deliveries to towns and suburbs

The Renault Master E-Tech has a big storage space of up to 1,425kg. It’s ideal for delivering to urban or suburban areas.

Renault’s EV is also designed to make daily business life easier. The manufacturer has super convenient grab handles, LED lighting, and anchorage points in the loading space. These are handy health and safety features that make it easy to move your cargo around.

The E-Tech is also an office on the go! It has a pivot seat and dual split under seat storage area. Plus, there’s a multimedia touchscreen with Media Nav Evolution and smartphone integration.

You can even download the Renault app to connect with your vehicle. With that, you get loads of extra stats that’ll help improve your business.

To sum up, the Renault Master E-Tech is a brilliant piece of kit! It’s a sound electric van with excellent design choices. And it’ll make your deliveries fast and safe.


  • Cost: From £47,000 for the business model
  • Range: Electric range of 61 miles
  • Charging time: 30 minutes via a DC charging source
  • Payload: 830kg
  • Best for: Flexible hybrid model with added range

LEVC makes trendy large electric vans. And the VN5 looks the part and has cool features.

It has all the standard benefits of a large electric van, but with hybrid tech. It can make 61 miles on a full charge. But with a full tank of petrol, it hits 300-miles.

This makes the VN5 great for businesses that need long-distance deliveries. So, your driver can save the battery when they need to and go from depot to destination in no time.

The EV is built with aluminium under its plastic body panels. It also has an excellent 10.1 metre turning circle.

That’s like a London cabbie, so perfect for getting out of tight spots. Safety is also important. With the VN5, you get a twin airbag, hill start assist, adaptive cruise control and emergency brakes.

iCompario tip

The starting price is £47,000. But for £1,000-£5,000 extra you can have the City or Ultima models. These have extra features like heated windscreens and seats, sat-nav, side curtain airbags, lane departure warnings, and road sign recognition.

Citroën e-Relay

  • Cost: £49,335
  • Range: Up to 139 miles
  • Charging time: Five hours
  • Payload: 1150kg
  • Best for: Businesses transporting big payloads

Citroën’s e-Relay is 100% electric and has all the qualities of its diesel range in one solid package.

There’s up to 17 m³ loading space for a total payload of 1870kg. And the large doors make for easy and safe cargo loading.

There are two batteries to pick. These are the 37 kWh and 70kWh. With these, you’ll reach 73 or 139 miles. And there’s a max speed of 75mph for 3.5 tonnes of load.

Driving comfort is also covered! There are 11 driving aids with the Relay, all designed to enhance vehicle performance. That includes the Connect Box, which tracks fuel use and can find your EV’s location.

If you want to get cargo across big distances, the e-Relay is an excellent choice.

Vauxhall Vivaro-e

  • Cost: From £34,635
  • Range: 143-205 miles
  • Charging time: 80% charge in 30 minutes
  • Payload: 1,002-1,226kg
  • Best for: Long-distance deliveries

The Vauxhall Vivaro-e has one of the best mile ranges on the market. With up to 205 miles on a full charge, it’s a gamechanger for long-distance deliveries.

And you don’t have to wait around charging. Not for too long, anyway. The Vivaro-e has one of the fastest charging times on the market. 80% battery in just 30 minutes!

There’s also loads of room for cargo, maxing out at 1,226kg.

Vauxhall has also worked on optimising the driver experience. Its Drive Mode Selector improves vehicle handling, range, and running costs. Drivers can select between Power, Normal, and Eco to switch between performance and battery efficiency.

Add into the mix annual savings on fuel, road tax, congestion charges, and 30% lower maintenance fees, and the Vivaro-e is a money saving choice for any business.

But that impressive range is what’ll catch your eye! It takes away a lot of range anxiety. With 205 miles to play around with, you’ll have little trouble with the Vivaro-e.

Volkswagen Transporter 6.1

  • Cost: From £33,369
  • Range: 82 miles
  • Charging time: 80% battery in 45 minutes
  • Payload: 713-1,309kg
  • Best for: Urban deliveries for regular

Volkswagen’s Transporter 6.1 is a 100% electric van with a bulky design. It’s built to handle big workloads.

Once charged, it can travel 81 miles. And it only takes 45 minutes to recharge the battery to 80%.

With a maximum cargo of 1,309kg you can transport goods easily.

The Transporter 6.1 is a comfy ride, too. It’s a smooth driving large electric van, with its driving aids making deliveries easy.

And there are a range of driving aids like crosswind assist, automatic post-collision braking, brake assist, and heated exterior door mirrors (to cut out annoying steaming).

And there’s extra peace of mind with the Transporter 6.1’s cargo fastening supports. These make sure your payload stays put with sturdy fastening points.

Mercedes eSprinter

  • Cost: Around £52,000
  • Range: 81-103 miles
  • Charging time: Around two hours
  • Payload: 731kg
  • Best for: Urban businesses and sole traders

Mercedes’ eSprinter model is a light electric van great for urban businesses.

It doesn’t have a huge range. But with a short charging time of two hours your fleet will be ready to roll in no time.

And there’s a battery upgrade if you want, which can get you fully charged in 30 minutes. Something to keep in mind!

The eSprinter sure is pricy. But you’ll save a tonne on fuel. Up to £2,775+ every year! You can also expect maintenance savings of £408+ and no congestion charges.

Add into the mix features like driver fatigue warnings and you’ve got an EV you can rely on.

Use iCompario to get the best electric van deals

Ready to get your fleet of large electric vans? There’s a lot of choice, so it’s worth shopping around to get the best deal.

Use iCompario to find great value electric vans to hire. You can get flexible, long-term, or sale and hire back rentals.

Long-term van hire is a great choice for your business. It’s cheaper than our flexible service. And if you have plenty of work coming up, it’s the perfect choice to get the job done.

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