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Ford Luton Van Hire Vehicle Review and Stats for Fleets

If you’re a fleet after a vehicle that’ll carry a huge payload, the Ford Luton van is where it’s at. This box van has a huge cargo area you could fit a grand piano in.

In this review, we’re covering the large van’s key stats and why it’ll suit your fleet. Plus, you can also compare the market at any time, for free, to get a business van hire deal that’ll save you money.

Ford Transit Luton van review: Box van perfect for big payloads

  • Huge cargo area for extra big payloads.
  • Maximum payload of 1,000-1,345kg.
  • EcoBlue engine to lower emissions.
  • An easy and comfortable drive.
  • Tail lift available for easy loading.

The Ford Luton is a big and reliable van with a huge cargo area you can get massive payloads into. If you’re a fleet managing proper big hauling jobs, then this large van is pretty much the best bet for you.

This type of vehicle also goes by the name of the box truck, box van, cube van, bob truck or cube truck. Here in England, we usually stick to “box van”. Whatever you want to call it, you’ve no doubt seen a Ford Luton van out and about on the UK roads.

They’re big. They’re box shaped. They offer one of the best load capacities you can find.

How the van works is like this:

  • Luton adds an enclosed box body over the main cab section.
  • This increases the load capacity.
  • If you have many large and bulky items, the cargo area allows for that.

The result is this is an excellent van. The interior is comfy and spacious, so your drivers won’t complain about the quality of their ride.

And if you need a Ford Luton van with tail lift, this is an option you can pick. Vans with a tail lift can lift heavy loads, so your drivers don’t strain themselves with heavy lifting. The lift folds up to the flush of the van when you don’t use it, so it’s nicely out of the way.

Features like that make the Ford Transit Luton van an ideal option for fleets of all sizes, no matter your business needs. And if you choose to hire one, you can really cut down on your business budget thanks to affordable weekly prices.

iCompario tip: Ford Transit Luton van hire keeps fleet costs low

Thinking about renting? You can scale your fleet with flexible or long-term contracts.

Comparing the market (for free) lets you get instant results on Ford Transit Luton hire. You have two main options:

  • Short-term hire: Flexible and brief, you can hire a van for a day, week or month. Whatever suits! This is very handy if you only need a vehicle for a short time.
  • Long-term hire: Got guaranteed work for one-two years? This is your best option, giving you a top-quality vehicle for all of that time. It’ll let you get the job done.

Hiring a Ford van is cheap and comes with affordable weekly instalments. Do away with massive upfront fees for buying a van. Hire now to save your business some serious money.

Ford Luton dimensions

Ford Luton van internal dimensions are this:

  • Length: 4,000mm (13 feet)
  • Width: 2,200mm (7.2 feet)
  • Height: 2,200mm (7.2 feet)

As you can see then, this is a big van! Plenty of room for a major cargo, no matter the job you have on your hands.

Ford Luton van weight

The empty weight of this van varies from one model to the next, and if you have a tail lift fitted or not, but usually comes in at around the 3.5 tonnes mark.

Check with your provider the weight of the model you’re looking to hire before committing to a purchase, just to make sure you get what your fleet needs.

iCompario tip: Hire the Ford Transit Connect for a smaller van

Ford Luton vans are for big payload hauling, but what if you need a smaller van? Well, that’s where hiring a Ford Transit Connect will sort you out. With a payload maximum of 982kg it can still carry a big cargo.

But its smaller size makes it ideal for getting around at a faster pace, so it’s perfect for urban environments. Well worth considering hiring if you need a nimble van for your fleet.

Ford Luton MPG (miles per gallon)

This type of van has a range between 28mpg and 40mpg. But you need to remember if your van is loaded up with cargo your MPG will be different.

If your van is packed to the rafters with furniture, for example, and you’re in a headwind then it’ll be difficult to make it beyond 14mpg-25mpg.

It’s important to keep that in mind when your drivers head out onto the roads, as conditions always affect vehicle performance.

Ford Luton van capacity

Depending on the type of model you get, the maximum cargo capacity of a Ford Transit Luton van ranges between 1,000 and 1,345kg.

The load volume is around the 14.3 cubic metres mark to 21.8 cubic metres.

In simple English, it’s a massive box van. There’s loads of room in the cargo area and you’ll struggle to find a bigger vehicle to hire than this for your fleet.

Compare the market to find your Ford Luton deal

It’s free to compare the UK market for your van hire deal. All you need to do is:

  1. Enter a few business details.
  2. Let us search the market.
  3. Pick your ideal match.

That’s it! Simple as, with no added bells or whistles. Just deals tailored to match your fleet in less than 60 seconds. Hit the icon below to get started.

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