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Taxi Trackers in the UK: Benefits and Recommendations

  • GPS tracking for taxi to keep an eye on your taxi fleet in real-time
  • Boost your fleet security with a taxi tracker
  • Compare the market to find affordable taxi trackers
Fleet of taxis tracked with vehicle tracking

What is a taxi tracker?

A taxi tracker is a GPS vehicle tracking solution enabling taxi fleet managers and dispatchers to know exactly where their cabs are in real-time. The best cab trackers are easy to use and let you manage you cabs effectively.

A cab tracker can have many benefits for drivers and for taxi fleet managers. From boosting fuel efficiency, to getting to customers faster, up to insightful reports to identify areas where you can improve your operations.

Plus, many insurance providers require you to use taxi GPS trackers. But keep in mind not all GPS vehicle trackers are insurance approved. Your taxi tracker needs to be Thatcham-approved to be compliant.

Advantages of using a GPS tracker for taxi

The benefits of using a taxi tracker can be huge if you choose the right tracker to suit your business needs.
Mentioning the very best advantages of them all, you have:

  1. Monitor your employees to ensure productivity and find new ways to increase your taxis’ efficiency.
  2. Provide customers with an accurate estimated time of cab’s arrival and keep them happy.
  3. Locate the nearest cab whenever you get a new order from a customer.
  4. Optimise your routes. Your drivers will get traffic updates and will be able to choose the best routes saving fuel and time in the process and reducing delays.
  5. Save money by increasing productivity and optimising fuel consumption.
  6. Locate and recover your taxi in case it gets stolen.
  7. Reduce operational expenses.
  8. A cab tracker can give you a better chance of being on top in this industry.
  9. Take advantage of insightful reports to make your business more competitive.
  10. Keep your vehicles in top shape with vehicle maintenance reports.
  11. Taxi trackers can discourage vehicle thieves from breaking into your vehicle.
    Many insurance providers may get you a discount if you use a taxi GPS tracker.

In the end, it’s up to you to unlock all the advantages. A good cab tracker can give you all the tools and reports you need to achieve great performance, increase efficiency and productivity and raise your business to the top.

iCompario tip: Use fuel cards for your taxi business to keep costs down

Business fuel cards are an excellent addition for any fleet, be it taxis, vans or trucks, to keep fuel expenses low. The best fuel cards can give you discounts at the pump or competitive fixed prices every week. They come with online apps to easily manage invoices, costs and fuel consumption.

Read our in-depth guide on the best fuel cards for taxi drivers and compare the market to get yours.

The difference between wired vehicle trackers and magnetic asset trackers and how to choose

Asset trackers usually do just that, track the location of your vehicle. Whereas traditional vehicle trackers provide analytical data based on which you can improve certain aspects of your operations.

Asset trackers can be installed anywhere on the vehicle with the help of a magnet. They usually have a long battery life of up to five years. They are extremely hard to locate by thieves.

Wired vehicle trackers are connected to the vehicle’s electrical system and can be more easily disconnected and removed.

Which one you choose is up to you and your needs. If you’re after the data, traditional vehicle trackers are the ideal choice. If you’re after security and better chances to get your vehicle back in case of theft, an asset tracker may be the best bet.

Or look for packages that combine the two and it’s a win-win situation.

Let’s get you a good taxi tracker

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