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Best Fuel Cards For Taxi Drivers

  • Discount fuel prices at your favourite stations
  • Track your spending on an online account
  • Get digital invoices for fast and easy admin
Taxi fuel cards for fleet of London black cabs in England, UK

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As a taxi driver, keeping on top of your fuel costs couldn’t be more important. You make your living from your vehicle, so you must have ready access to the petrol and diesel you need to keep your business on the road. Read on to see how taxi driver fuel cards can help you.

Using a fuel card helps you to manage your taxi fuel expenses, reclaim your VAT, and save money by reducing admin time. iCompario is here to help. We’ve highlighted the best fuel cards for taxi drivers and explained how they can help your business.

The iCompario best taxi fuel cards for UK drivers

The top taxi driver fuel cards are the Texaco Fastfuel, fuelGenie, and the Shell Multi-network. Got an electric taxi? The best EV charge card for taxi drivers is the FleetOne REV.

Other cards like the JET and Esso National can work for taxi drivers too. While we’ve not selected some of them in our top three, they offer many top benefits and some of the options might be a better fit for your business.

Wondering which taxi fuel card you should get? Keep reading to see how these cards can help you save cash, fuel and time.

What are the best taxi fuel cards in the UK?

Here are the top seven fuel cards for taxi drivers ranked. Discover more details about all these cards by visiting the page for each one.

Taxi fuel card What are the top benefits of this card? Where to use it

Texaco Fastfuel card

Wholesale petrol and diesel prices Texaco, UK Fuels, Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsbury’s
Fuelgenie card Easy to use at supermarkets Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco

Shell Multi-Network fuel card

High-quality fuel at competitive prices Shell, Esso, Texaco, Gulf, Gleaner

BP Plus fuel card

Accepted at many of the UK’s major petrol stations BP, Texaco, Gulf, Esso
Esso National fuel card Can be used in 25% of the stations in the UK Esso, Shell
FleetOne fuel card Pay supermarket prices for your diesel and petrol UK Fuels, JET, Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Co-op
JET fuel card Get a better price when refuelling at JET garages JET
Shell CRT fuel card Accepted at over 50% of the UK’s motorway stations Shell
 Taxi fuel card for electric vehicles FleetOne REV

FleetOne REV card

Clear electric and fuel prices for easy budgeting Charge points: Main Brands: NewMotion, IONITY, HastoBe, Fastned, EV-Box, ESB Group, Osprey.

Stations: Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsburys, Coop, UK Fuels

Check out iCompario’s fuel card comparison page now. Enter your requirements and find the ideal fuel card for your UK taxi business.

1. Texaco Fastfuel card

iCompario taxi fuel card rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This is our top pick for taxi drivers who want cheap fuel. It’s the only card that offers wholesale prices for both petrol and diesel. Plus, you can use it at over 2,300 stations in the UK.

Texaco Fastfuel taxi fuel card

Credit: iCompario

Why Texaco Fastfuel is the best fuel card for taxi drivers

The Texaco Fastfuel card is perfect for taxi drivers who want to manage their fuel costs.

You get fixed weekly wholesale prices for your diesel and petrol at the station you choose to buy your fuel.

It also makes it easier for you to reclaim the tax on your travel expenses. Because of its HMRC-approved invoices that are digitally generated, submitting accurate accounts has never been easier.

Where can you use the Texaco Fastfuel card?

Use your Fastfuel card in over 2,300 stations. It’s accepted throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This station network includes 330+ Morrisons and 700 Texaco stations.

Is there a downside to the Texaco Fastfuel card?

You can only use this card at stations that partner with Texaco. This means it’s accepted at thousands of stations in the UK, but cannot be used at Esso, Shell, or BP pumps. Head over to our Texaco Fastfuel card page to find out more about why this is one of iCompario’s top best fuel cards for taxi drivers, or apply for yours now.

2. fuelGenie fuel card

iCompario taxi fuel card rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Our team of experts reviewed the competition and decided this is the most convenient fuel card for busy urban taxi drivers. You can use it in Morrisons, Tesco and Sainsbury’s supermarkets, so you’re always close to the fuel you need.

fuelGenie taxi fuel card

Credit: iCompario

Why is the fuelGenie fuel card in our top four?

We’ve made the fuelGenie one of our three best fuel cards for taxi drivers because it makes it easier for you to keep your business on the road.

Supermarkets are the source of affordable fuel for many drivers. For those in urban areas and regular supermarket users, the fuelGenie is a great option. Use your card at Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Morrisons.

Where can you use the fuelGenie fuel card?

Over 1,300 supermarket stations accept the fuelGenie card. You even get loyalty points for your Tesco Clubcard, Morrisons More Card or Nectar card when you refuel your taxi.

Is there a downside to the fuelGenie fuel card?

You can use the app that comes with the fuelGenie fuel card to find the closest petrol stations to you at all times. However, these garages only include supermarket pumps. This means that if you travel on motorways there may be a better card for your business. Visit our fuelGenie fuel card page now to learn more about what it offers, or apply for yours now.

3. Shell Multi fuel card

iCompario taxi fuel card rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

iCompario’s expert fuel card reviewers believe this is the best option for taxi drivers with high-quality vehicles, such as limousines and luxury cars. This is because it’s accepted at the UK’s top petrol stations, with Shell, Esso and Texaco among the brands you can use.

taxi fuel card

Credit: iCompario

Why is the Shell Multi fuel card in our top four?

Shell is one of the best fuel brands in the world for protecting your vehicle’s engine.

Its V-Power technology comes with cleaning molecules and an ingredient that reduces friction. This not only helps to remove dirt from your engine but also improves its performance by allowing the parts to move more freely.

Where can you use the Shell Multi fuel card?

Your Shell Multi taxi driver fuel card is accepted at over 3,500 petrol stations. All of the pumps you use have a weekly fixed price, making it easier to plan your diesel and petrol costs and stay within budget.

Is there a downside to the Shell Multi fuel card?

The Shell Multi card is ideal for taxi drivers who want the best fuel for their vehicles. One downside is that it’s not accepted at branded supermarket pumps. If you want a card that can be used at Tesco, Morrisons or Sainsbury’s, check out the fuelGenie fuel card.

Head over to our Shell Multi fuel card page now to discover more about it or compare cards to find yours.

Fuel card for electric taxis the FleetOne REV charge card

4. FleetOne REV

iCompario electric taxi fuel card rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Drivers with an electric or hybrid vehicle can still enjoy all the benefits of a fuel card when they have the FleetOne Rev in their pocket. No need for range anxiety! This card is widely accepted at pump and charging stations across the UK.

Why is the FleetOne REV fuel card in our top four?

Thousands of taxis in London are now powered by electricity. But are charge cards worth it? We think this one is. The FleetOne REV has all your fuel spending on one invoice.

For electric vehicles, you get handy digital invoices to put in your file for claims later on. Without them, you’ll have to dig through apps and accounts to find your correct usage.

Check your account and you’ll see your local charging point prices. No need to check multiple apps just to find the best prices.

Where can you use the FleetOne REV fuel card?

Some apps and cards can only be used at one brand. This makes charging up easily in public with an EV really difficult. The FleetOne is accepted at multiple charging station brands and over 4,000 charging points across the UK.

Got a hybrid vehicle or fleet? No need to get another type of card. The FleetOne REV is also accepted at over 3,350 fuel stations, including Morrisons and UK Fuels.

Is there a downside to the FleetOne REV card?

The FleetOne REV is your best fuel card option if you’re driving an electric vehicle. How much you’ll save on electric does depend on your location, but it makes finding better prices much easier.

If you use petrol or diesel, this isn’t your card!

What are the benefits of taxi fuel cards?

How do taxi drivers benefit from using fuel cards?

Fuel cards can make it easier and cheaper to do your work. There are many ways taxi drivers can benefit from using them and these are the five most important ones.

  1. Lets you buy discount fuel: purchase petrol and diesel at wholesale prices
  2. Purchase fuel at your convenience: get fixed price fuel from major supermarkets
  3. Helps you manage fuel costs: set weekly and monthly spending limits
  4. Cuts down your admin time: online account management records your fuel costs
  5. Simplifies tax submissions: travel expenses recorded on HMRC-approved invoices

iCompario tip: compare insurance to find more savings

Fuel cards for taxi drivers aren’t the only way to cut your costs. Getting suitable taxi insurance from a specialist provider could be cheaper than your current policy.

How to use taxi driver fuel cards

Refill at the pump as you normally do. Then, go to the till and pay using your fuel card.

Unlike debit and credit cards and even cash, the money doesn’t go out of your account right away. Instead, you’ll be billed monthly for all your fuel usage.

A monthly bill makes it easier to manage your budget and streamlines your VAT reclaims.

How to get a fuel card for taxi drivers

Every fuel card comes with its own unique benefits.

To find out which ones are best for your taxi business, use our comparison tool to enter the requirements of your company. Here, you’ll be given a list of the fuel cards that offer the things you need. You can then visit the web pages for these cards and find out what their specific benefits are.

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