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How to Choose the Best Phone System for a Small Law Office

Law firms rely on phone systems to help them stay in touch with their clients and become ultra-professional. For that, you need a business telecoms solution you know you can count on.

In this guide, we’ll review the best phone systems for small law offices and what makes a reliable law firm phone system. Keep reading or skip ahead and compare the market to find the best hosted phone system for your law office.

Law office with cloud-based business phone system

Types of phone systems for law firms

If you’ve ever wondered what types of phone systems for solicitors are the best, the answer is ‘not that many’. In fact, VoIP phone systems are your safest bet and the only choice you should care about.

You might have heard of, and most probably have used without knowing what it’s called, a public switched telephone network (PSTN) or Integrated Digital Network (ISDN). But these two will soon be a thing of the past, because of the ISDN switch off in 2025.

That means you need future-ready solutions and that’s exactly what VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol is.

A law firm phone system is an important business tool law offices use to make sure they project a professional and polished image. And VoIP is the best phone system for small law offices because it offers seamless communications, allowing them to achieve that exact image.

Check out below our recommendations for the best hosted phone systems for law firms. Or if you want to reach a deal before trial, make sure your small law office is fitted with the best business phone. Compare the market now to find the VoIP solution your office needs.

How to choose the best phone systems for solicitors

A law office needs a reliable phone system that can help solicitors stay in touch with their clients and never miss an important call, route call to the appropriate solicitors if need be and, very important for a small law office, be affordable.

Here’s the checklist to use when looking for your law firm phone system:

  • Security. Law firms deal with highly sensitive information on a daily basis. So, security matters. VoIP phone systems are usually very secure. They come with strong encryption so you can ensure solicitor-client confidentiality.
  • Reliability. Solicitors are always on the move so this is an important one. A good phone system for solicitors allows you to work uninterruptedly from anywhere. With VoIP, you’ve got softphones that can be use on a solicitor’s mobile phone, laptop or home computer and they can make calls just as if they were in the office.
  • Cost-effective. Small law offices don’t need costly phone systems, packed with features they’ll never use just for the sake of having them. Luckily, VoIP is an affordable solution and there are many business phone systems to fit your budget.
  • Scalability. You may be running a small law office now, but you’ll want to expand. Make sure you get a phone system that can easily grow with your business.
  • Features. VoIP phone systems can have countless features. You want your phone system to include the most useful advanced features for your office

iCompario tip: Even solicitors need counsel

It’s important to find the best phone system for your small law office on your first try for no interruptions and seamless communications. To be confident you’re making the right choice, let us compare the market and find the best VoIP options for your law firm. It’s easy: just hit the button below and give us a few details we can work with. Then, we’ll send you the best fit.

The best phone system for small law offices

Small law office with VoIP phone system

We’ve searched the market, compared telecoms providers and reached an expert verdict. These are our top three recommendations for your law firm phone system: 8×8 Express, NFON, Gamma Horizon.

1. Best phone for small law offices: 8×8 Express

8×8 Express is the most affordable phone system for solicitors on our list. It easily covers the needs of a small law office without blowing their budget.

Some of its best features include:

  • First month free trial, which not all providers offer
  • Unlimited calls in the UK to standard landlines and mobile numbers
  • Unlimited video and audio conferences and unlimited chat
  • High levels of security

Express is the standard plan offered by 8×8 and it includes lots of handy features. But if you feel your law office needs more as you’re growing, you can upgrade to their premium plans. Plus, you’re not tied to a contract, you can cancel any time. Solicitors must love that.

The Express plan is not great for making international calls. So, if your small law office works a lot internationally, you might want to look into other options.

2. Best for medium to big law office: NFON

NFON is a market leader among UK VoIP providers. Over time, it‘s constantly shown solid improvements and features for its users.

If your law office uses Microsoft Teams, you need to know that NFON fully integrates with the system. Other benefits include:

  • Online customer support with same day response time and 24/7 phone support
  • Great security features
  • Compatible with 60 CRM systems, not just Teams
  • Highly flexible contract: cancel anytime with one month notice

NFON can work for you regardless of what features your law firm requires. The best part is you only pay for the features you choose.

Any cons? You have to pay a small fee for paper invoices. Or settle for electronic ones and save some trees. Also, NFON has a smaller range of compatible handsets than other providers.

3. Great for total control: Gamma Horizon

Gamma Horizon is an excellent fit for law firms and offices of all sizes. It’s a great choice to have total control over your communications.

It’s a solution that grows with your law office as it’s highly scalable. Here are some more benefits:

  • It’s an overall affordable package often including a free phone, free installation and free unlimited minutes
  • It comes with an easy-to-use web-based admin portal
  • Get ultra-high-quality audio on the same level as fixed lines
  • Benefit from platform customisation to get you on brand quickly

The Horizon is a solid package that includes end-to-end service to manage all your needs, from installation to training.

It may be a bit more expensive than the 8×8 Express, but it’s still in the affordable price range.

Get your law firm phone system today

You now know what to look for when choosing phone systems for solicitors. You also have our three top recommended options. But if you want to make sure you choose right and you get the best phone system for a small law office, our advice is to compare the market.

You can do that right now and it takes less than a minute (we know solicitors are busy people). Ready to get started? Compare the market and find the deal that suits you best.

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