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Best Business Phone Systems in Leeds

Local and small businesses need a reliable, affordable hosted phone system. The best systems make your communications even better. But how can you get a tailored telephony system? What are the best systems?

Read our guide to find out the best features and compare the top-of-the-line hosted phone systems for businesses in Leeds.

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The best hosted phone systems for businesses

You’ve probably noticed the world of hosted phones is a vast one. The boom of remote working and the growth of telecoms have added so much more choice for all business sizes.

The best systems aren’t expensive. Really! Hosted phones are some of the most affordable communication software out there. These are just some of our favourites:

  • NFON
  • 8×8

See our guide to the best VoIP providers for the details of each system.

Use your new hosted phone system on desktop, mobile, or choose from top of the range VoIP hardware. Hosted voice is also called VoIP (Voice over The Internet Protocol) or cloud phones.

Why hosted phone systems are the best for businesses in Leeds

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Ditching the hardware is a tough choice, but it’s worth it. Before you buy, it’s important to know what benefits a new business phone systems in Leeds can give you. Each VoIP provider is different, but these are the reasons to invest in a new hosted phone system.

  1. Support remote working: working from home is a growing trend. 30% of the UK employees work from home at least one day of the week. Having VoIP means your employees can work from anywhere and keep the business running as usual.
  2. Variety of choice: hosted software and hardware have come a long way. The office phones of old are outdated, while mobile integration and desktop apps and the new big thing. Small and local businesses
  3. Customer support: unlike outdated hardware and unspecialised equipment, hosted voice apps often have a customer support chat service open 24/7 as well as a dedicated support team on the phone for business customers.

VoIP providers are located around the world, but many of the best have an office and customer support team in the UK to help your business at the right time. We can help you compare the best providers to find your new business phone system in Leeds.

Great hosted phone system features to support your business

  • Call forwarding
  • Smartphone integration
  • Video conferencing applications
  • Automated voicemails
  • Local phone number
  • Quick user set up

What features should I get?

The best part about business phone systems in Leeds is how flexible they are. Many hosted voice apps have a basic plan. Basic VoIP plans give you the main features you need like unlimited calls to UK numbers and call forwarding.

More premium plans are customisable, where you pick and choose which hosted voice features, you’d prefer. Even some basic plans can have add-ons to personalise your hosted voice system.

Our expert team can help you narrow down which features you should get to tailor your business phone system.

New business phone systems can cut your bills by up to 50%

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Though it depends on what system you’re currently using, there’s no denying the potential savings VoIP gives you. Some VoIP plans can be as cheap as £10 a month per user.

Prices do vary for more premium plans and customised systems, but overall VoIP saves you money per user. Check out our guide to affordable VoIP to see your best options.

Cost per call depends on the provider, but business hosted phone systems have a lower price per call compared to landlines. This is because you dodge the cost of telephone lines and hardware on your bill—you’re just using the internet!

VoIP also tends to be cheaper as it has lower setup costs thanks to its lack of hardware and maintenance needs.

iCompario tip:

Investing in a hosted phone system is a wise move! The ISDN switch off in 2025 will remove all the old telephone lines many businesses still rely on. Forgive the pun, but it’s best to hang up on your old PBX system before you waste your budget on an outdated system.

It’s best to switch on to VoIP now to avoid the mad rush of 2025. Get a great deal now and secure a scalable solution before demand rises.

Looking for a new business phone system in Leeds?

Finding the right hosted phone can cut your bills and give your business a boost. It’s one of the best futureproofing moves you can make as the clock ticks down to 2025. So, which phone systems should you consider?

Many hosted phone systems in Leeds can be a great deal. These systems can be tailored and customised and best fit what your business and customers need. All you have to do is find which providers match up with what you need.

That’s where we come in. Get a quote through us to compare the best providers and phone systems.

How much do business phone systems cost?

VoIP starts from around £10 a month per user. Depending on how many users you need and what features you choose, a VoIP phone system can cost around £30 to £700 a month.

Traditional office phones (PBX systems) are far more expensive with some small businesses spending hundreds a month on outdated systems that no longer fit their needs. That monthly cost also doesn’t include the maintenance cost and the cost of delays caused by poor telephone service lines.

What is a hosted phone system?

Hosted phone systems in Leeds, also known as VoIP, use the internet to receive and make calls. They don’t need standard telephone lines to work.

Since the early 2000s, hosted phones have been slowly replacing PBX phones and that shift will be complete in the near future as telephone lines are removed. Find out more in our in-depth expert guide to VoIP.

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