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Easee Charger Business Charge Point Solutions

If you’re a business looking for the best charge points for EVs, then Easee chargers is one of the best providers on the market.

Its Easee One charger is an industry-leader. Discover the product and compare the market now to find the best deals for your customers, employees or fleet.

Recharging with Easee Charger

Easee chargers for your business

Easee is a Norwegian brand of smart, powerful and secure EV chargers for businesses and homes. Its cutting-edge technology makes EV ownership easier than ever.

You can install its signature brand product at a location that suits to cover your charge points needs.

Easee One charger

The Easee One charger is a powerful, secure EV charger. It was created with the UK market in mind, so it’s custom-built for British businesses.

It’s a smart EV charger, with many features providing fast charging with smarter control options for more functionality and security:

  • An industry leader: Reliable, fast charging from a secure unit. Easee 22kwH chargers* offer rapid charge rates to get you on the move again fast.
  • Exclusive app: The Easee One app puts you in complete control of your charging needs, with features such as an automatic queuing system.
  • Universal: Use it across all EVs in your fleet—especially useful if you’re a business managing electric vehicles and hybrids.
  • Make it on brand: Customisable colours and looks for your Easse One charger.
  • Industry compliance: IP54 certified and with a three-year warranty.

*Maximum charge capacity depends on local rules and regulations, the type of EV, the grid connection at your location and the electricity usage of your building. Most homes have single-phase grid connections that enable speeds of 7.4kW. Homes with three-phase connections can charge at speeds of up to 22kW for an additional installation fee.

The Easee charger installation process

To install an Easee charger, you’ll need a qualified electrician. You’ll need to decide where you want to place your units (at home, work or somewhere else) and then arrange for the installation of the units.

Easee charger costs

You can compare the market for Easee EV chargers to find the best available deals for your business. That way, you can match the package to your needs and keep costs down.

EV hire complements charge points

Make the transition to electric vehicles with EV business hire. You can move your business towards a fully electric future. Compare the market for free to get a long-term or flexible contract to start moving your fleet towards an electric future.

The types of business charge points

The variety of charge point types accommodates for all your business needs. To get your Easee charger installed, you’ll need to choose your preferred location.

You can pick one destination, or a mixture, to let your employees, clients or customers charge across multiple destinations.

Commercial charging points

Get setup with commercial EV charging points to make additional revenue from customers or the public. Choose the right location and let EV users charge, while you earn.

The charge points also offer positive PR for your business, showcasing your eco-friendly credentials to stand you out as a forward-thinking business.

Workplace charging points

Install workplace charging points for your employees and visitors, allowing them to charge their EV while on your premises.

This is a fantastic perk that can attract young talent, many of whom are eager to join progressive businesses with green credentials.

Home charging points

By setting up home charging points, you can offer your employees units to charge their EVs with once they get home. An excellent perk for any member of staff.

With Easee home chargers you can also save money. By using lower energy tariffs than at your business premises, you can save money on charging expenses in the long-term.

Frequently asked questions

These are some of the most common questions we get and the answers to them.

What’s an Easee EV charger?

An Easee One EV charger is an electric vehicle charging unit.

Once it’s installed at a location of your choice, drivers can park their EV next to it, plug in the socket and charge the vehicle up. All before resuming their journey.

Is an Easee charger the right choice for your business?

Easee is one of the world’s leading EV charge point brands in the world. Its products are cutting-edge and ensure you can charge any variety of EV you need to thanks to its universal acceptability.

That makes the brand an ideal choice for any business, no matter whether you’re looking to allow charging from home or work.

Is EV charging expensive?

The cost of charging an EV depends on the provider you’re using and your location. It’s typically cheaper to charge from home with a lower business tariff.

However, if you compare the market for Easee EV chargers you can make sure you get the best deal for your business, customers or employees.

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