Fuel Card Guides | What Is The Best Fuel Card To Use in France?

What Is The Best Fuel Card To Use in France?

What are your fuel card options when you’re travelling to France? Businesses can use fuel cards to ease up time and money spent on fuel and admin. You’ll want to look for a European fuel card with good coverage in France.

Which fuel card is best for your business depends on your exact needs, but we’ve found the top fuel cards for France for you. We’re deep diving into why these cards might be the best fit for your business. Want to find your fuel card for France right away? Use our quote tool to get the best choice.

Fuel card France

What is a European fuel card?

Fuel cards are a cash-free payment method for businesses and sole traders to pay at refill stations, so you don’t have to worry about chasing down receipts. Fuel cards with a European network mean you can use your card at stations in multiple countries. Some cards can even be used to pay for toll roads for extra convivence. Which fuel card is best in Europe depends on your business needs.

For now, we’re just going to focus on France! Getting a fuel card with a European network is your best option here.

What key features should you look for?

Picking the best fuel card for France is no easy task but knowing what you need makes the process a lot smoother. Each fuel card has its specific benefits, but there are a couple of features you need to keep your eyes out for.

Access to bunker sites

For HGVs and trucking businesses, bunker sites are an absolute must. Some fuel cards for France have better bunker site coverage than others, so it depends on your business needs and routes to which card is best for you. Cards with vast bunker site coverage typically offer extra benefits and discounts at the bunkers, so that’s definitely a factor to consider if bunkers are a must-have for your fleet.

Automated invoices

Automated invoices are a common feature, but not one you want to overlook. This is a major benefit of having a fuel card as it saves your business a lot of admin time and gives you the reassurance of HMRC-approved invoices with no extra fuss. Larger businesses and fleets will want to check if the fuel card offers an online account management system to easily monitor your fleet’s fuel usage.

Competitive prices

Other than the admin benefits, one of the main appeals of having a fuel card is the possibility of price discounts. Using a card that offers you wholesale fuel prices in France could save your business money.

Good international network

For businesses travelling to and from France, a good station network is exactly what your drivers will need. You’ll want a card with refill stations along your routes so your drivers can keep on schedule without any interruptions. Most pan-European fuel cards have coverage in the UK and France, but there are differences between them. You’ll want to find a fuel card that not only has good geographic coverage, but stations that are open 24/7 so your drivers can refill at any time along their journey. Don’t worry, though, we’ll help you dig into those details.

Fuel card France

Which fuel cards are best in France?

Fuel cards that have coverage in Europe can be useful in France, but some are simply better than others. We’ve found the top fuel cards to use in France. They do have their differences, though. If you’re reading to find your fuel card for a journey to France, here’s everything you need to know.


EDC fuel card for france

Where can you use the EDC fuel card?

The European Diesel Card (EDC) lives up to its name. With over 12,000 stations across 21 countries in Europe, the EDC fuel card is a great pick for any business crossing borders. It is designed with international travel in mind.

Your drivers can easily find refilling stations for HGVs along their route at bordering crossings, major sites, and much more.

The card even comes with the added benefit of an app, so your drivers can easily find suitable refill stations wherever they are in Europe.

Network coverage in France

The EDC card has practically no network gaps in France. Your drivers will never struggle to refill. Even HGV drivers can find suitable 24/7 stations in every region of France. There are stations along the borders as well for easy international journeys. You’ll also find no end of stations in the UK.

What are the benefits?

You don’t just get an excellent network of stations. The EDC fuel card makes trips to France much more convenient in multiple ways. With fixed weekly pricing, you know exactly how much you’ll be paying for fuel. If financial reassurance and network coverage are what your business needs, the EDC card is an excellent choice.

  • Excellent network coverage
  • Fixed weekly pricing
  • No minimum fuel spends
  • VAT invoices
  • Works with the EETS box to auto pay toll charges

What business can get an EDC card?

The EDC card is a great choice for any business travelling into France. But fleets, HGVs, and those going across Europe via diesel will love the EDC card for its network coverage and management system.

Esso Europe

Esso Europe fuel card for france

Where can you use the Esso Europe fuel card?

Our next favourite fuel card for France is the Esso Europe. Any driver who has taken a journey from the UK to France knows the familiar sight of Esso stations. The Esso Europe fuel card comes with a total of around 12,000 stations, including their partner stations with Shell. Plus, you’ll find a total of 673 motorway sites across Europe where you can use your fuel card. Esso’s network includes many HGV suitable stations as well for convenient refilling for your fleet.

The Esso Europe card is an excellent choice for businesses travelling across Europe. When you’re in the UK, you’ll have access to one of the largest station networks in the country plus a multitude of other benefits.

Network coverage in France

In France, you have the added benefit of being able to use your Esso card at their partner Avia stations. Your drivers, HGVs included, will have no issues finding stations to refill. Major routes, borders, and practically every corner of France are covered in their network.

What are the benefits?

The Esso Europe fuel card can be used in France and the rest of Europe to pay for toll roads, just like the EDC. But, with Esso, you get a couple of distinct benefits. For easy comparison, here are the top benefits of having an Esso Europe card:

  • Fixed weekly prices
  • Esso Nector driver rewards
  • Discounts on Esso Synergy fuel
  • Weekly HMRC-approved invoices for VAT
  • Pay for tolls

What business can get an Esso Europe card?

The Esso Europe card is a great choice for business vehicles and fleets of all sizes. Your drivers can enjoy the benefits. You can benefit from the added convenience of automated invoices and hassle-free toll payments. The Esso Europe card is also suitable for HGVs as many of the stations in Esso’s network have fast refill pumps and wide lanes.

How to get your fuel card

Ready to use your fuel card across France? The best card for you depends on your business needs. Now you know the top options available, it’s time to narrow down your choices even more. Using our free quote tool, you can easily find the best fuel cards for your business.
Simply enter a few quick details about your business size and fuel needs. Compare the top card brands for businesses in a flash to start saving time and money.

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