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Fuel cards are designed to make it easier for you to run your business and velocity fuel cards take things a step further.

Velocity is fuel card software that allows you to manage your fleets. It produces money-saving reports, helps with your VAT claims, and saves time for your business. 

We’ve looked at all the benefits of choosing Velocity for your fleet management, along with the top five fuel cards that come with its software. 

Fuel card management software that makes your life easier

Velocity is account management software for fuel cards. It’s designed to make your life easier by simplifying and enhancing the way your business manages its fuel. Velocity does this in two key ways: 

  • Producing a single, HMRC compliant VAT invoice for your fuel transactions
  • Giving you access to detailed reports of your business’ fuel spending 

Manage your fleet better with money-saving reports

Velocity fuel cards make managing fleets easier by letting you spot any fuel wastage being made by your business. Using Velocity fuel cards allows you to keep track of where, when, and how much is being spent on fuel by your drivers. This makes it simple to spot where your money is being wasted and how you can stop this from happening.  

Simplify VAT claims for fleet management

Velocity fuel cards are a way of guaranteeing your business gets a full tax rebate on the fuel it buys. All invoices produced after using Velocity fuel cards are HMRC approved. This means you can use them to reclaim the total amount of VAT you’re eligible for.   

Take advantage of streamlined invoicing

Velocity fuel cards take away the pain of account management. Every transaction you make with your velocity fuel cards is covered on one invoice. This removes the hassle of reconciling multiple invoices, saving time for you and your business. 

5 best Velocity fuel cards

Fuel card provider Why it’s one of the best Velocity fuel cards iCompario star rating
BP Plus Fixed weekly fuel prices from all BP stations ★★★★★
Esso National Access to 25% of all UK fuel stations ★★★★★
Texaco Fastfuel Accepted at 1,900  fuel stations in the UK ★★★★★
EDC Allows you to refuel in 21 European countries ★★★★★
Shell Multi-Network Access to Shell, Esso and Texaco stations ★★★★★