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Hire a Luton Van for your Business

Want to hire a Luton van? Well, comparing the market is one of the best places to start! With our free comparison tool for EV van hire, you can quickly find the best deals to match your fleet’s needs.

In this feature, we’re looking at everything you need to know to make your hiring choice. And it’s free to compare the market, too, which’ll save you a bunch of time and money.

A Luton van which is available for hire

Time to hire a Luton van

“I want to hire a Luton van near me!” We know that’s a popular request! Our comparison service gets it all the time.

Fact is, most van manufacturers have their own model of Luton van that offers good engines and reasonable, modern specs and features. Here are some of the popular models of Luton vans available for UK businesses like yours.

1. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Luton

  • Cargo area with a length of 4,080m
  • Payload of 754kg
  • Tail lift equipped on all models for easy access
  • Safe, equipped with options such as active braking system

The Mercedes Sprinter Luton van meets the high standards of Mercedes and is built on the Sprinter chassis. It comes with an infotainment system, with a high-resolution 7-inch touchscreen. It’s basically an office on the go.

Plus, there’s a spacious cargo area with a length of 4,080m, width of 2,025m and height of 2,235m. You’ll be able to fit whatever you need into there for your deliveries! Because the payload total is 754kg, which is suitable for most businesses.

You also get a tail lift on this model, which means bulkier items get a helping hand into the cargo bay area.

2. Volkswagen Crafter Luton

  • Spacious cargo area 4,119m long
  • Payload of 1,000kg
  • Tail lift option is available

The Crafter Luton is one of the more expensive Luton vans. However, the price reflects its worth, as you get a very high build quality and a great versatile van.

There’s a spacious cargo area 4,119m long, 1,951m wide and 2,120m high. And that’s matched by a 1,000kg maximum payload for your delivery requirements.

It’s also safe and secure, with great basic options that VW has got us used to. To name a few, it includes front assist with city emergency braking, automatic post-collision braking, traction control system, ESP, EDL and ABS.

3. Ford Transit Luton

  • Payload of around 1,000kg
  • Spacious cargo area with an interior length of 4,000m
  • Equipped with a tail lift that really comes in handy

The Ford Transit Luton van is durable and robust, with an easy-open rear shutter. It comes at a lower price than its competitors and offers great reliability. Which makes it very popular in the Luton vans category.

There’s 1,000kg of payload for your business needs here. Plus, a spacious cargo area with an interior length of 4,000m, width of 2,033m and height of 2,015m. You’re not going to struggle for room with your delivery requirements!

And it’s a light Luton van, safe to drive and provides an emergency door override in case the shutter is accidentally closed while someone’s in the load space.

How much does it cost to hire a Luton van?

The cost to hire a Luton van depends on a number of things:

  • How long you want to hire it for.
  • What type of model you’re looking for.
  • How many vans you want to hire.

For example, if you want to hire a Luton van in London you may find the costs higher than in Manchester or Birmingham. It all depends on many factors.

And that’s why it’s important to search the market! That way, you’ll know what deals are available and what you can expect from a deal.

So, how much to hire a Luton van? That really depends on what you’re looking for. Compare the market and you’ll soon find the price ranges and deals that suit your needs.

Hire a Luton van for the day

Okay then, how much is it to hire a Luton van for a day? This really depends on the provider you choose and what sort of model you want. But you can expect prices to be around the £50 mark.

To rent the electric vehicle Mercedes-Benz eSprinter L2 Progressive for a week, it’s around the £99 mark. However, be aware these prices change all the time.

And that means, so you know exactly how much it costs, you should compare the market to find the right deals fast.

iCompario tip: Fuel your fleet the right away

Got a fleet of vans? Then you’ll need business fuel cards to easily cover off your fuel expenses. Hand these out to your drivers so they can easily pay to refuel when they’re out and about on deliveries.

All they have to do is refuel as normal. Then pay with the card at the checkout! It saves you a lot of time because you don’t have to keep track of hundreds of receipts. Plus, you can quickly reclaim money on VAT from HMRC and you may get discounts at the pump! Compare the market to find the fuel card to match your fleet’s needs.

The benefits when you hire a Luton van

Luton vans are very popular in the business world and cover many needs. However, it often makes no sense to buy one. It’s an asset that depreciates in time, needs repairs and incurs many other costs. Most notably with a massive upfront payment when you’re buying one.

What’s the solution? Well, business vehicle hire is the perfect option. With this, you get the van suitable for your business needs.

All minus the costs of buying a new van outright, instead meaning you have a fancy new vehicle but at a fraction of the full payment cost.

Some of the benefits of hiring include:

  • Flexible contracts: More flexibility than buying and you don’t suffer from the rapid depreciation of assets that comes from owning your vehicles.
  • Tax relief or blocked VAT: When leasing a vehicle you may pay the VAT upfront, but you are entitled to claim up to 100% of the fee.
  • Save on maintenance: You can save on upkeep, as many van rental companies offer packages that include maintenance such as an MOT or service, as well as minor repairs.
  • Insurance extras: Some packages may include other benefits such as insurance or fuel cards if your fleet needs access to petrol stations across the UK.

Long-term van hire may be the best option for hiring a Luton van. It lets you hire a vehicle for a set period, usually for at least a year, or whatever suits your needs.

The benefits of that? Well, things like:

  • A guaranteed vehicle for whatever amount of time you need it.
  • No outlay when you start hiring (and at cheaper rates).
  • You can upsize, and downscale, your fleet as you need to.

But there are more flexible options, too, but this is where comparing the market comes in handy. That way, you can find the best deal to suit your business.

Compare the market to hire a Luton van

It’s easy to get started with van hiring. All you have to do is compare the market and we’ll get you started:

  1. Enter your business details.
  2. We search the UK market.
  3. You get tailored deals.

You then take your pick from the recommendations and can go about getting set up with your van, saving you a bunch of time and money.

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