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Everything You Need to Know About Luton Vans

Were you ever in need of more loading space and a large van was not the best option? Did you ever need to carry heavy items or materials that needed to be loaded and unloaded easily? The Luton van, or box van as it is often referred to, may be the perfect choice to meet your needs.

Luton vans are ideal removal/medium range haulage vehicles that can be adapted to many business needs. This type of van is also the perfect size for couriers who need enough room when delivering parcels. The tail lift comes in handy for heavy lifting, and you don’t need too many people for loading and unloading.

Is your business in need of a Luton van? Consider van hire! Long-term hiring is an affordable solution to get a Luton van, without breaking the bank to buy one.

Tue, 7 June 2022

Luton van hire

A bit of history on the Luton van

The Luton van was originally manufactured by Bedford Vehicles, a British manufacturer, which produced mainly commercial vehicles like buses, lorries, vans, and ambulances even. As the name suggests, the company was located in the county of Bedfordshire.

In early 30s, this company came up with a different-looking lorry, characterised by its box-shaped body. This particular lorry was produced to make the transportation of straw easier. We’re not grasping at straws here, look. The straw hats industry was quite successful back then that it needed a special vehicle to carry straw.

The straw hats manufacturers nicknamed the van Luton, because it was first made in the British town of the same name. That’s how the name “Luton van” stuck.

The Luton van today

While it’s not used to transport straw anymore, the Luton van continues to be widely used today. It’s the popular choice for the transport of light but high-volume loads. It’s the best friend of the professional removal companies.

Of course, the Luton van has had some upgrades! These days, Luton vans have longer wheelbases and a useful tail lift, which makes the loading and unloading of large goods faster and smoother.

Why hire a Luton van?

The Luton van is extremely popular among businesses and sole traders for its versatility and reliability. It is considered the workforce of the transport industry. You can drive it with a standard driving licence, and it is ideal for carrying building materials, large heavy packages and boxes or for moving homes. Not to mention how the tail lift greatly reduces the heavy lifting.

Luton vans come with some great features such as:

  • Large capacity, meaning you don’t have to dismantle large pieces of furniture, for example, saving you time
  • It is typically 3.5 tonnes and has a 2.2 litre engine, making it powerful enough
  • It has a minimum haulage capacity of 800 kg, a load volume of approximately 19 m3 and a length of 6.7 m
  • Can be driven with a standard driving licence
  • It’s got a comfortable cab that fits 3 spacious seats and a big windscreen that allows a great view of the road ahead

Van types

Most van manufacturers have their own model of Luton van that offers good engines and reasonable, modern specs and features.
Here are some of the popular models of Luton vans.

1. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Luton

The Mercedes Sprinter Luton van meets the high standards of Mercedes and is built on the Sprinter chassis.

Best features:

  • Infotainment system, with a high resolution 7-inch touchscreen
  • Spacious cargo area with a length of 4,080m, width of 2,025m and height of 2,235m
  • Good payload at 754kg
  • Tail lift equipped on all models for easy access
  • Safe, equipped with options such as active braking system

2. Volkswagen Crafter Luton

Like the Mercedes, the Crafter Luton is one of the more expensive Luton vans. However, the price reflects its worth, as you get a very high build quality and a great versatile van.

Best features:

  • Safe and secure, with great basic options that VW has got us used to. To name a few, it includes front assist with city emergency braking, automatic post-collision braking, traction control system, ESP, EDL, ABS.
  • Spacious cargo area – 4,119m long, 1,951m wide and 2,120m high
  • Great payload at 1,000kg
  • Tail lift option is available

3. Ford Transit Luton

The Ford Transit Luton van is durable and robust, with an easy-open rear shutter. It comes at a lower price than its competitors and offers great reliability. Which makes it very popular in the Luton vans category.

Best features:

  • Handles a competitive payload of around 1,000kg
  • Offers spacious cargo area with an interior length of 4,000m, width of 2,033m and height of 2,015m
  • Equipped with a tail lift that really comes in handy
  • It’s a light Luton van, safe to drive and provides an emergency door override in case the shutter is accidentally closed while someone’s in the load space.

How to get a Luton van for your business?

Does your business need a Luton van? While Luton vans are very popular and cover many business needs, it often makes no sense to buy one. It’s an asset that depreciates in time, needs repairs, and incurs many other costs.

Business vehicle hire is the perfect solution to get the van suitable for your business needs. It comes with several advantages, such as:

  • Offers more flexibility than buying and you don’t suffer from the rapid depreciation of assets that comes from owning your vehicles
  • You can benefit from tax relief, or blocked VAT. When leasing a vehicle you may pay the VAT upfront, but you are entitled to claim up to 100% of the fee
  • You can save on upkeep, as many van rental companies offer packages that include maintenance such as an MOT or service, as well as minor repairs
  • Some packages may include other benefits such as insurance or fuel cards if your fleet needs access to petrol stations across the UK

Long-term van hire may be the best option for hiring a Luton van. This solution allows businesses to hire a vehicle for a sustained period, usually for at least a year. The benefits of this are that you are guaranteed a vehicle for the time you need it, there is little or no outlay at the commencement of hire and the rates are usually cheaper.

Whenever you know you need a vehicle for the long term, long-term vehicle hire brings the best value for your business.

If your business is in need of a Luton van hire, go ahead and try the iCompario free comparison tool. Our free service will help you find a van rental with the best offers that cater to your business’ budget and travel requirements.

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