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Top 6 Benefits Of GPS Trackers For Cars

GPS trackers are one of the most popular tools in vehicle tracking for businesses. They’re one of the best ways to keep an eye on your vehicles wherever you are. Yes, they’ve gotten some fame from crime dramas. But these devices are used everyday by businesses to track cars on the go.

The best GPS trackers for cars can improve your security, boost customer service, and even lower your costs over time. They’re no miracle cure, but they’re one tool every business will want to add to their cars.

Man using a GPS car tracker on his smartphone while sitting in the driver's seat

What are GPS trackers?

GPS trackers are devices that can be installed on all kinds of objects. You can stick a GPS tracker on everything from the kitchen sink to your cat. Some of them have to be professionally installed, but there are some self-install trackers.

GPS trackers for cars are built to send out signals, so users can see where the car is. How does it all work? The GPS devices use satellite signals, plus Wi-Fi and cell towers to pinpoint the location of the thing they’re attached to.

Features of GPS car trackers

Thanks to these trackers, we can now see how far away our delivery drivers are, where our valuable items are, and keep an eye on our car.

The number one feature of GPS trackers for cars in the UK is live tracking, which gives you updates on the car’s location whenever you check. Some systems can even send you alerts when the car reaches a location.

These handy devices can do even more than that. Check out our vehicle tracking guide for businesses to see how it all works. But these are some of the top features you need to know about.

Mobile app to track your cars on the go

How do you know where your company cars are when you’re not in them? Check up on your car from your phone using an app as long as you have Wi-Fi or data to use it.

If your car gets stolen, this can easily help you find where it is and give that information to the police.

Having a GPS tracker without this feature can feel like you’re lagging behind in technology. It’s not the 1990s, folks. Get this feature, link up your smartphone, and you’ll have one of the best tracker systems.

Combine with your dash cam for the best view

Drivers can get into accidents on the road. How can you prove what happened? Many dash cams now come with a GPS feature. You get live updates of your car’s location plus you can review the HD video footage to see what’s going on.

If you want to improve driver behaviour or have that extra reassurance in an accident, dash cam integration is the way to go.

Benefits of the top GPS trackers for cars

GPS satellite tracks location of a red car on a laptop tracking system

Is spending your hard-earned cash on one of these devices worth it? We’ve dug into the details and found that the answer is probably yes. For sole traders and fleet managers alike, GPS trackers offer a whole bundle of benefits.

How many benefits you get depends on what vehicle tracking device you choose, but at the end of the day, most devices will get you these benefits.

1. Reduce your fuel costs with efficient routes

We’ve all been at the station refilling on fuel only to spend way more than we want to for a full tank. The top GPS trackers for cars can help to reduce your fuel costs in a couple of ways. Many trackers can pinpoint routes that are more fuel efficient, reducing your costs in the long run.

2. Boost safe driver performance

Some trackers are built for managers to help them keep an eye on things. But every business can benefit from this.

Some GPS trackers can alert you when the car reaches its location and get notified if a driver breaks the speed limit. These details can help you give feedback to drivers and even can help to prevent accidents.

3. Improve your odds of vehicle recovery

Getting your car stolen doesn’t have to be the end of it. GPS trackers can locate your vehicle even after the thief drives away.

Some smaller GPS trackers are harder to find and remove for car thieves. These types of trackers not only give you location updates but are designed to give you information if the car is stolen.

4. Drive up your customer service

When will my delivery or taxi arrive? We’ve all thought about it. Giving live car location updates reassures customers that the thing they’ve ordered is on its way and nearby. This can help customers plan out their day and they’ll appreciate that reliable information.

It makes it easier for your drivers too! There’s nothing worse than arriving at your customer’s doorstep only to find that they’re not in.

Whether you’re going to an office or someone’s home, knowing that your arrival is expected is a nice guarantee that your journey won’t be wasted.

5. Can lower insurance premiums

How much your insurance costs does depend on the provider and your situation. But it’s worth asking if getting GPS trackers would lower your prices in any way. Some insurance companies will give you a lower price because they see GPS trackers for cars as a way of reducing risk.

The lower your risk, the lower your prices. Generally, of course. If your insurance provider can’t offer you a lower price, we recommend shopping around and seeing what deals you can get with your brand spanking new tracker.

6. Link up with your fuel card

One worry many business owners have is that their employees are using their company fuel cards to top up their personal vehicles.

The best way to nip that in the bud is to link up your cards with your GPS system. This way, you can see where your company cars stopped to refill on fuel and check that against where fuel cards have been used.

How much is a GPS tracker for a car?

Small GPS tracker for cars device with multiple wires unplugged

How much your tracker costs depends on the features it comes with. Self-install trackers tend to be cheaper than those that have to be professionally installed. These types can work well for most small businesses and sole traders. Some self-install GPS trackers for cars in the UK can go from £90 for a year.

But they don’t really come with fuel card integration or driver behaviour tracking. If you want more features for management, you will have to pay a bit extra. The price of these types really depends on how many you have to have installed and what premium features you get.

Where to get the best GPS tracker for cars

Car trackers can send you vehicle data right when you need it to solve problems and make your business even better. Many providers offer GPS trackers for cars, but finding the best ones takes a bit of work.

We can help you find a tracking system that fits your needs and gets you the data you want. Use our free quote tool to find the best tracker for your business.

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