A Guide to Getting the Best Vehicle Tracking in London

London’s a leader at many amazing things but, unfortunately, it’s also leading the country with vehicle theft. Statistics show there were 277.55 offences per 100,000 people in 2020 in London. That’s 68 vehicles stolen every day!

Company vehicles are important assets and your business can suffer a great deal of loss if they’re being stolen. Even if covered by great insurance, you’ll still experience disruption. Plus, the ideal outcome would still be having the vehicle recovered. Increase those chances by getting vehicle tracking in London!

Vehicle tracking in London

What are the best solutions to track your company vehicles in London?

With the highest vehicle theft rate being in London, one thing is sure – you want your London company vehicles tracked. The question remains, which vehicle tracking system do you choose?

Top vehicle systems for business these days offer a lot more than just location tracking. They can offer in-depth information on your drivers’ behaviours, monitor fuel costs and consumption and many more features and benefits, which we’ll detail later on.

For now, we put together a top of the best systems for vehicle tracking in London.

Or you might want to skip ahead and get a quote on the one vehicle tracking system that’s right for your business. We’ll find it for you.

1. Kinesis from Radius Telematics – best for fleets of all sizes

Kinesis is in first place not only for the variety of features it offers, but also because it gives you options.

Based on the size of your fleet, you can choose between Kinesis or Kinesis Pro. Plus we’re talking about the best vehicle tracking in London. And Kinesis is ideal for busy cities.

Its live map function can warn about traffic congestions, provide accurate estimated distances and arrival times.

What’s even more convenient is you can add up to eight additional features on top of the standard ones. It’s easy to customise and the price depends on what you choose, so it can end up being really affordable.

Kinesis offers a great range of benefits that lets you control your fleet on every aspect.

  • Can be combined with a fuel card and the offer of fuel cards is varied.
  • It comes with an online management account where you can see all fuel costs and manage. the fleet operations. Plus, it also has an app for your smartphones and tablets.
  • No hidden costs with Kinesis, they’re transparent with their charges.
  • Powerful complete reports and custom alerts.
  • Camera integration featuring advanced 4G dash cams for your vehicles.
  • You can set up geofences, monitor temperature or easily download tachograph data.
  • With Kinesis Pro you also get CAN data and fault code data. Useful to keep your vehicles in top shape.

If you’re looking for a solution to ease your admin work, give you flexibility and full control, support you to enhance your business operations and save costs in the long run, check out Kinesis.

2. Verizon Connect – best for large fleets

Verizon Connect is another great system to track and manage your fleet operations, especially if you manage a large fleet. Depending on the size of your fleet, you can expect a monthly cost between £40-£200 per vehicle.

Verizon fits the bill and offers lots of features, such as:

  • Comprehensive, advanced features.
  • You can set up real-time alerts for geofencing, inappropriate driver behaviour, vehicle health.
  • It lets you monitor fuel consumption and map out the best routes.
  • You get insightful reports, like for fuel-wasting habits.
  • You can manage everything from your smartphone, in their app.

Verizon is a great choice to easily manage your data and get detailed reports and statistics. It is, though, pricier than other systems, so be willing to pay more or move on.

3. Samsara – great for fuel efficiency

Samsara may be the best option on the market when it comes to fuel reporting. It lets you filter fuel usage by current level, amount used, approximate costs and, of course, miles per gallon.

Samsara is great for vehicle tracking in London if your business operates in the transportation industry. You can easily plan routes and contact your drivers.

Its main features include:

  • Complete and easily customisable fuel usage reports.
  • Some of the best driver messaging options.
  • It’s easy to schedule and optimise routes. You get to see the traffic conditions, time spent travelling or time spent on site. Plus, the data refreshes every 30-60 seconds.
  • It offers extensive maintenance reports to quickly identify which vehicles need servicing.

Samsara is also an affordable solution. The only drawbacks are the lengthy contracts and the fact that you have to manually configure your alerts.

4. Atom – best self install tracker

Atom is part of the Kinesis series and it’s great for businesses with fewer company vehicles and fewer tracking needs. It’s simple to self-install and it’s mounted to the battery of the vehicle. And don’t worry, it won’t drain it!

It can be easily transferred from one vehicle to another. It’s a popular choice due to its low price. Depending on the subscription you choose, you get to pay as low as £7.20 per month or £90 per year.

It may be small and cheaper, but don’t underestimate Atom for a second. This is what it offers:

  • Live location of your vehicles round the clock. Live map can be viewed in simple map mode or live satellite mode.
  • Web-based platform which is accessible via desktop, mobile and tablet.
  • You can set location alerts for when a vehicle enters or leaves a specific area.
  • You can access speeding reports and see if a driver is abusing your vehicle.
  • The driver app allows drivers to easily differentiate between business use and private mileage.
  • Journey history for the past 30 days.

You don’t have to be a large fleet to get vehicle tracking. Check out Atom if your small or medium business needs vehicle tracking in London. Get all the benefits of business GPS tracking and secure your vehicles.

iCompario tip

The market is packed with options and what fits one fleet may not fit another. It’s important to take your business needs into account and carefully compare and consider all the options available.

Or fill in a quick form to give us a few details and we’ll search the market and find the right vehicle tracking system for you.

What are the main business benefits to vehicle tracking in London?

Benefits of vehicle tracking in London

In the city with the highest vehicle theft rate, you’ll want to increase your chances to recover your vehicles in case they get stolen. And tracked vehicles have a much higher chance of being recovered.

But that’s not all. Commercial vehicle tracking offers other huge benefits. Some of which are detailed below:

  • Protect your vehicles and drivers. With real-time alerts you’ll be able to alert the police immediately if your vehicle goes missing. The chances of locating it are extremely high. Also, you’ll be able to quickly respond to any kind of emergency with your driver or your vehicle.
  • Increase business productivity and efficiency. You’ll be able to monitor and deploy your vehicles more efficiently. You get detailed reports you can analyse to spot areas where you can improve the productivity of your staff. And you get all the data in one place, which will ease your work tremendously.
  • Keep your customers happy. You get a real-time view of your vehicles, which means you can answer any customer questions promptly. You can give accurate ETAs, which are highly appreciated among customers. You’ll make faster decisions, too.
  • Save time and money. You get fuel-wasting reports based on which you can plan on how to save fuel and, hence, money. You get vehicle maintenance reports to service your vehicles on time and avoid costly repairs. You can optimise your routes, which will save you time.

Get started with vehicle tracking in London

Secure your company vehicles in London now and don’t wait around to see what happens if your untracked vehicle gets stolen.

Use our free quote tool to give us a few details about your business. It saves you tons of time on researching and comparing. We’ll then get back to you with the right vehicle tracking system for your business.

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