Vehicle Tracking Guides | Commercial Vehicle Tracking – Why Is It Vital for Businesses?

Commercial Vehicle Tracking – Why Is It Vital for Businesses?

Vehicle tracking brings many benefits to any user, but if you manage a fleet of commercial vehicles, the benefits of vehicle tracking can be far greater.

A good commercial vehicle tracking system puts you in control of your fleet. It also saves you time and money, two assets that no business wants to lose. Plus, many more benefits that we’ve detailed in this guide. Continue reading!

Are you ready to take full control and manage your commercial vehicles more efficiently? We can help you compare business vehicle tracking systems so you can easily choose the right one for you.

Tue, 7 June 2022

Commercial vehicle tracking

How commercial vehicle tracking works

Vehicle tracking means real-time monitoring of your commercial vehicles on a live map. A commercial vehicle tracking system includes a GPS device in the vehicle and a website or an app where you can access all the relevant data.

Satellite receivers trace your vehicle’s location, then send that data to your vehicle tracking provider.

Most modern vehicle trackers also contain an ‘accelerometer’. The accelerometer will detect when the driver accelerates suddenly or brakes sharply. It will also swing when a corner is taken. The device can therefore detect the severity of harsh cornering, accelerating, and sudden braking. This is how you can monitor your drivers and easily identify and address issues.

What commercial vehicle tracking brings to the table

Having vehicle tracking installed in your commercial vehicles will provide some tremendous benefits, allowing you to better control all aspects of your fleet. You’ll be always aware of the status of your vehicles; you’ll be able to make faster and better decisions to boost your operations. You’ll see an increase in productivity and a reduction of expenses.

Save time and money

You might be wondering how a tracking system can save you money. It’s all really straightforward, we promise! A good commercial vehicle tracking system monitors everything that’s happening with your vehicles. Based on all this data, you can save on fuel and maintenance costs. For example, speeding is not only dangerous, but it’s also a big fuel waste factor. Educate your drivers to drive at a slower and safer speed, and waste less fuel.

Driving in a more mindful manner will also save you maintenance costs. Your vehicles will run smoothly for longer and need less repairs. Based on vehicle tracking data, you can pinpoint problem areas and train your drivers for better performances.

Vehicle tracking can help you optimize your routes better, saving you more time than you’d think it’s even possible.

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A good commercial vehicle tracking solution lets you spend less time on the phone and more time running your business. It will help you make informed decisions quicker. You can also take advantage of instant updates to keep you aware of what’s happening with your vehicles in real-time, allowing you to optimise your fleet much more efficiently.

Keep your customers satisfied

Improved customer service may not be one of the benefits that come to mind when you hear vehicle tracking, but it is a major one. With a good commercial vehicle tracking solution, you’ll be able to improve your customer service and keep your customers happy.

For example, with a real-time view into your vehicles’ location, you can answer customer questions quicker and more easily. You’ll know exactly what the arrival times are, so you can give better time estimates to your customers. You can respond faster to new customer requests, because you’ll know exactly where your vehicles are located, and you’ll take faster decisions.

Live updates are highly appreciated by customers nowadays. A commercial vehicle tracking system gives your customers reliable updates so they can plan their operations better as well. Let’s say your drivers are delivering cement to a construction site. Based on your live updates, your customer will know how to plan their construction works more efficiently.

Protect your vehicles and your drivers

Were you ever in a position where you had your cargo or even your vehicle stolen? Many businesses often face this sort of situations and incur a great deal of loss. Knowing exactly where your assets are at all times is the best way to avoid theft and manage loss.

In the unfortunate event that your commercial vehicle gets stolen, you’ll want to alert the police immediately and recover your vehicle as fast as possible. Commercial vehicle tracking systems make this possible. Moreover, thieves are less likely to steal a tracked vehicle.

In addition, you can customise alerts and get notified every time your commercial vehicles stray from a route or a territory or operate outside of business hours.

Vehicle tracking can also help you protect your most important assets – your drivers. With a good commercial vehicle tracking system installed on your vehicles, you’ll be able to respond quickly to any kind of emergency with your driver or your vehicle.

You’ll also be able to monitor your drivers’ driving styles and take a proactive approach setting up targeted trainings to correct aggressive driving behaviour.

Increase your business productivity and efficiency

Productivity and efficiency are two key words for any business. They are two areas that all businesses are looking to maximise. Increase your business productivity and efficiency by working smarter, not harder with a commercial vehicle tracking solution.

Visibility into the entire fleet can help managers monitor and deploy their commercial vehicles more efficiently. Reduce useless miles and improve your vehicle’s utilisation.

Another advantage of having a commercial vehicle tracking system is that it can provide extensive information on trip history data. Analysing this data can help you identify patterns and lead to performance improvements. It can all start with knowing that you need to avoid a certain section of road at certain times.

The wide range of information provided by a vehicle tracking system allows you to easily spot areas where you can improve the productivity of your staff. You can see how many miles your drivers have travelled, how long they’ve been on site for, how long their journeys took, and a lot of other things about their performance. Getting all this information in real time gives you the data you need to increase efficiency. You also get all the data quickly and easily in one place, so you don’t have to waste time digging for it and putting it all together.

Start tracking your commercial vehicles

Commercial vehicle tracking can give you a bird’s eye view of your fleet at all times, making it quick and easy to manage all your drivers. You can deal with breakdowns or accidents immediately and even check the driver dashcam footage or speeding incidents from your mobile phone.

As a free comparison site, iCompario can help you find the right system for the right price.

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