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Van tracking devices let you solve key problems & answer vital questions immediately

Van tracking devices are the perfect way to make your life easier by helping you to avert crises and solve business issues right away. 

GPS van tracking devices do this because they help you to: 

  • Know where your vans are at all times 
  • Answer questions about ETAs instantly
  • Find out about accidents or breakdowns immediately,
  • Spot and tackle any drivers who are causing wear and tear to your vehicles
  • Plan the most efficient journeys for your staff 

Learn how to improve your business operations with vehicle tracking solutions and discover where you can find the best ones for your vans.

How van trackers benefit your business 

Using van trackers is a three-in-one solution to the crisis management that comes with operating your business. They provide you with the data you need to deal with problems and questions on the spot, saving you time and making your life easier.

These are the three benefits you get from this single piece of tech: 

  • Makes managing your van drivers easy: the van trackers show you where your drivers are in real-time, so you can ensure they’re taking the fastest routes. 
  • Improves your customer service offering: the tracking systems let you give your customers live updates on the status of their orders.
  • Improves safety and security: the tracking devices lets you see if your vehicles are in unexpected locations, so you can notify the police immediately if you think they’ve been stolen. 

Investing in a vehicle tracking system for your vans puts all this information at your fingertips, with the live data accessible on your mobile, tablet, and computer.

Top features of van tracking systems

Van tracking systems have some great features that let you answer questions immediately and tackle problems right away. 

These are the key features you get from systems with van tracking technology: 

  • 100% reliable driver timesheets online in real time 
  • Alerts if there’s a collision involving your vehicle
  • Real MPG of each van and breakdown of driving habits that waste fuel (e.g. leaving vans idling), saving money on fuel costs
  • Alerts when a van reaches or leaves any locations of your choice
  • Tracking available from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer 
  • Scores for each driver on habits that wear out vehicle parts. This reduces lost business when vehicles are taken off the road for repairs

Why you should compare vehicle tracking systems for vans

Vehicle trackers offer enormously valuable benefits to your business. But not all vehicle trackers are the same. It’s important to know what the differences are between the two types of device you can get for your business. 

These are the key things you need to know about the two types of vehicle trackers:

Self-install vehicle trackers

  • Self-install vehicle trackers are the cheaper of the two van tracking system options 
  • The devices are powered automatically, without involvement from the driver


  • You don’t get driver performance reports, so they’re a less valuable management tool
  • They’re simple to install which makes it easy for drivers to switch from one vehicle to another, so they might not be right for all businesses 

Hard-wired device

  • Hard-wired devices are installed by a professional, making them tamper-proof
  • You get reports that let you monitor driver behaviour, so you can catch driving habits that cause wear and tear, waste fuel, and increase risk of accidents


  • They’re slightly more expensive than self-install, partly because they require an engineer to install, and also because they have more functionality (so you’re investing in superior technology) 
  • Your vans will be off the road for 45 mins or so while the engineer fits the tracker to your fleet vehicles

Read our vehicle tracking guide for businesses to learn more about how van tracker devices work and can help your company. 

You can also read our GPS tracking device guide to find out more about the technology that makes these trackers so beneficial to your business.

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iCompario lets you compare the best van tracking systems for your vehicles — you can also find the ideal car trackers, if you need these for your fleet.

Simply enter your company’s requirements and we’ll help you find the devices that are right for your business.

Find the perfect van tracking system for your vehicles today and start saving time and make your life easier.

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