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Teltonika EV Chargers for Businesses

For your electric vehicle charging needs, Teltonika EV chargers offer cutting-edge technology. If your business needs the best charge points for EVs, then find the spec details below. Or compare the market now to find great deals in seconds.

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Teltonika EV chargers cover all your charging needs

Teltonika is one of the leading brands for EV charge points. The brand commercial, home or workplace units to cover off all your business’ charging requirements.

It’s an affordable brand with chargers fully compatible with all electric and hybrid vehicles. Fast and reliable, it’s an ideal option for any business or fleet size.

Teltonika TeltoCharge

The TeltoCharge is easy-to-use, smart and reliable. You can install it in a variety of colours, include different cables and sockets or choose different connection types.

It’s universal across all EVs and hybrids, covering your charge point needs with one installation. This makes the TeltoCharge one of the best options available on the UK market for businesses of all sizes.

  • Premium charger for home, commerce or work
  • Charging speeds up to 22kWh*
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Cat 5 Ethernet options
  • Uses Universal Type 2 tethered cables
  • Three-year warranty
  • Access restriction options

*Maximum charge capacity depends on local rules and regulations, the type of EV, the grid connection at your location and the electricity usage of your building. Most homes have single-phase grid connections that enable speeds of 7.4kW. Homes with three-phase connections can charge at speeds of up to 22kW for an additional installation fee.

Get EV hiring with your charge points

Complete the total transition to electric vehicles. Use EV business hire to move your business towards a fully electric future. Compare the market for free to get a long-term or flexible contract to start moving your fleet towards an electric future.

The types of Teltonika EV charger points

You can install three different types of EV chargers in, and outside of, your business. These have many benefits for your organisation, customers and employees.

Commercial charging points

Get setup with commercial EV charging points to earn extra income. Offer your customers, and the public, a chance to charge their EVs at destinations you choose.

Present your business as a progressive and eco-friendly brand with one eye on the future. Install today to start your transition to fully electric.

Workplace charging points

Install workplace charging points as an excellent perk for your employees. Let them charge their EVs on your premises, ready in time for the end of the working day.

This strategy can also attract young professionals eager to join businesses with an eco-friendly drive. Stand out from the rest and install your units today.

Home charging points

Set up home charging points so your employees can charge at their premises. This is a world-class perk that ensures they don’t have to worry about installing an EV charge point.

And you can also save your business money by using the lower electricity tariff available on your employees’ premises.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some FAQs for Tektonika chargers.

What are Teltonika EV chargers?

They’re universal EV charge points. When you plug an electric vehicle into one, you’ll charge your vehicle. You can have units installed at your workplace, for commercial reasons or at the homes of your employees.

Is an Teltonika TeltoCharge the right choice for your business?

Teltonika is an industry-leading name in the electric vehicle charging market. It’s an ideal brand for any small, medium or large business as it delivers world-class charging products to meet a variety of needs.

Is EV charging expensive?

It depends on your provider and where you’re charging EVs. For example, charge points installed at your employees’ homes can be on much cheaper electricity tariffs.

Your best option is to compare the UK market to find the right deal to match your circumstances, which ensures you’re paying the price you want to.

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