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Truck Fleet Management Software: How to Optimise and Track Your Productivity

Trucks play a crucial role for the companies that operate them, but also for the economy.

Owning a truck is one of the costliest investments a business can make, but if managed with a clear head and steady hands it can be a great investment. For companies that own more than one truck, managing the fleet of vehicles can quickly become a time sink.

Want to speed up your operation and get more productive? Read on to learn how to best manage a fleet of trucks in the age of truck fleet management software.

Heavy truck fleet vehicles parked in a truck stop transporting goods

1. Prioritise driver safety and training

Encourage safe driving practices among fleet drivers by making regular training sessions, rewarding good driving behaviour, and implementing safety protocols. This will help reduce the risk of accidents and improve overall fleet performance.

Managers can track driver performance using software which monitors behaviour such as harsh braking and speeding. Some systems offer a free app for drivers to access their performance data regularly for transparency.

2. Optimise routes using GPS technology

Use GPS technology to optimise truck routes and reduce fuel consumption, idle time, and maintenance costs. Truck fleet management companies can also help to achieve faster delivery times and improve customer service.

Optimised routes can be found using management software. Many of the best truck fleet management software offer a route service, which shows you better route options and analyses your current ones for improvement.

3. Schedule regular maintenance appointments

Schedule regular maintenance and inspections for your fleet to prevent breakdowns and prolong the lifespan of your vehicles.

For example, truck tyre fleet management is an important step to ensure vehicles are running smoothly without using more fuel than necessary.

Fleet maintenance telematics will also help you identify potential issues before they become major problems.

4. Monitor the fleet’s fuel usage

Monitor fuel consumption to reduce litres of wasted fuel over time. The best ways to reduce fuel usage are to improve driving techniques and avoid unnecessary idling and unoptimized routes.

Many businesses may use estimates based on mileage to calculate fuel and VAT. Doing this method can underestimate how much fuel your fleet is using.

The best way to track fuel usage is to use fleet fuel cards. These cards include an online reporting system with details on the milage of each, where they were last used and so on. Combined with other tracking metrics, this method gives the most detail about fuel usage.

5. Utilise fleet management software

Fleet management software is a tool that gives managers insight into the maintenance state, fuel usage and location of the fleet vehicles. Much of the software available today can also be accessed on the web, making it easy to use for managers to watch the fleet’s progress on their phones and other devices.

Consider investing in fleet management software that can help you track vehicle location, driver behaviour, fuel usage and maintenance schedules in real time. This will enable you to make informed decisions and plan for the future.

What is truck fleet management?

Truck fleet management services refer to the process of overseeing and maintaining a fleet of commercial trucks with the goal of maximising efficiency and minimizing costs.

Truck managers ensure the management of the company’s vehicles using software to track a fleet’s efficiency, vehicle maintenance and other important metrics.

What is the best truck fleet management software?

It’s one that fits your fleet’s requirements and budget.

Every fleet is different, and software isn’t always a one-size fits all. Many software options include flexible features and add-ons to suit your fleet. Below are some of the top software choices and how you can best utilise them for your fleet.

Kinesis Pro: best management software for fleets

Larger and more complex fleets require a detailed system with features to match. The Kinesis Pro includes great core features plus optional extras managers can choose to include or remove, so you only pay for what you need.

  • Fleet fuel card compatible: tracking your fuel usage is made easy as the Pro allows you to see tracking data and insights from your UK fuel cards in a single platform to save time. The fuel card data is important to check to see your mileage, fuel costs and recent locations add up. Using compatible fuel cards can help you spot unauthorised use.
  • Track vehicles: GPS tracking lets you see where your vehicles are. Seeing the live location of your trucks lets you make decisions about routes and delivery times to update those who need to know. Pro also includes a 30-day journey history to check and look back on any of the tracked vehicles.
  • Use with dash cams: view camera video footage alongside tracking alerts. If the truck fleet management system spots any incident, look at the video on the same system at the hit of a button to get further details.

Verizon Connect: best for new managers

Verizon is one of the most well-known truck fleet management companies. User-friendly and designed to address common pain points in fleet management, Verizon Connect’s system is suitable for small to large fleets with complex needs.

  • Streamline maintenance schedules: receive vehicle maintenance alerts based on the truck’s mileage or notifications based on the dates you choose on the calendar.
  • Monitor electric vehicles: EVs and hybrids have unique requirements. The Connect offers a live map to track vehicles on the go. It shows the battery level of each EV and states when one is charging, which can help you plan out routes. While electric trucks aren’t common at the moment, mixed fleets with other vehicle types will find this feature to be useful.
  • Compliance obligations: check compliance in real-time including driver working hours on a logbook. The system also gives integrated reports that show any non-compliant action to be shared and addressed before issues arise.

Take total control of your fleet

Managing a fleet of trucks is complex. Using telematics software systems can help you simplify tasks and monitor vital metrics. From vehicle tracking to checking fuel usage, the software is essential for optimal truck fleet management.

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