Fuel Card Guides | What is the best fuel card for businesses to use in Ireland?

What is the best fuel card for businesses to use in Ireland?

Need to know your fuel card options in the Republic of Ireland? Our fuel card guide has all the information you need to find your perfect match. We’ve wandered from Northern Ireland to the Republic to find the fuel cards with all the best features. These cards came out on top for having the best network coverage, the best benefits, and all the added features your drivers need.

Read through our Ireland fuel card guide to find the best match for your business. Want to get a quote fast? Use our quote tool to find your best option.

Ireland fuel card

A card with great coverage is just what you need

The best fuel cards for the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland will give you cross border coverage, add extra benefits, and offer a solid European network. Is that a lot to ask for? We don’t think so! We’ve trawled through all the options and found the best for businesses travelling across Ireland.

The best card for UK businesses in Northern Ireland

Businesses in Northern Ireland who go to the Republic of Ireland have an extra card option you need to know about. This fuel card gets you access to Ireland’s biggest fuel card network, so you can pay the same fuel price wherever you are on the island. This card is best for UK businesses based in Northern Ireland, but businesses in the Republic can apply too.

DCI Fuel Card

DCI Ireland fuel card

Where can I use the DCI card?

This fuel card has the biggest station network in Ireland clocking in at a total of over 1,700. That includes partner stations of Texaco, Maxol, Circle K, Amber Oil, and more. It’s an extensive network. Your drivers can refill in the Republic and the north with no hassle. Dublin itself is surrounded by hundreds of refill points, including over 350 HGV-suitable stations.

  • 380+ stations in Northern Ireland
  • 1,300+ stations in the Republic of Ireland

Why choose a DCI card?

The DCI card is a perfect fit for businesses travelling across the full stretch of Ireland, especially for businesses based in Northern Ireland. But the network coverage isn’t the only feature worth noting. With the DCI card, you get:

1. Fixed weekly prices

With every fuel card, you’ll have to decide if you want pump price or fixed. The DCI gives you fixed prices twice a week at a competitive rate in line with wholesale oil prices.

2. No minimum monthly spending requirement

The DCI offers great flexibility. Many cards require you to spend a lot on fuel. For smaller fleets and those travelling shorter journeys in Ireland, this card is a convenient choice.

3. Weekly or biweekly VAT-approved invoices

The convenience of hassle-free VAT invoices can’t be overstated. Alongside all the other benefits and network coverage, you get the reassurance of automated admin and convenient VAT reclaim.

Is a DCI fuel card right for my business?

This card is dedicated to offering the best coverage in Ireland with good added benefits along the way. If your drivers also travel to the rest of Europe, you’ll want to look into cards with a wider network. But if your business is based in Northern Ireland and you travel throughout the island, this card has exactly what your business needs.

The best card for businesses travelling across the Republic of Ireland

The best fuel cards for the Republic of Ireland are typically the ones who offer Europe-wide coverage as these have the widest network throughout the island. We’ve found the top Euro-wide card with the best coverage in the Republic of Ireland.

For businesses in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, this card is your best option when travelling to the Republic of Ireland. For businesses planning routes across the continent, then the EDC is worth considering. But how does its extensive network hold up in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland?

EDC Fuel Card

EDC Ireland fuel card

Where can I use the EDC card?

The EDC fuel card was built for European travel. You’ll find a station to refill at 21 European countries and over 12,000 stations to access, including over 3,500 in the UK. The EDC (European Diesel Card) has one of the biggest networks in Europe.

Network in Ireland

The EDC card has plenty of stations across Ireland. Your drivers can refill with a massive 136 stations within 10 miles of Dublin. Bonus: all of them are open 24/7 and suitable for HGVs.

Belfast has similar coverage with 93 stations within 10 miles, again all open 24/7 and suitable for HGVs.

Of course, the big cities are always covered. But the EDC card gives you a solid network of stations in every nook and cranny of Ireland. You’ve even got 6 stations close to Dungloe. Whether your drivers are completing major routes or driving to every corner, the EDC has the coverage you need.

Why choose an EDC card?

The vast network coverage sure is tempting. But that alone wouldn’t be enough to make the list. The EDC card comes with many added benefits and features, including some optional extras a lot of businesses would love. We’ve broken down the details so you can find your Ireland fuel card.

1. Optional extras

Using the toll roads in Europe? What about the Eurovignette? If your drivers travel across borders, the EDC fuel card is a great pick. Your drivers can use their EDC card to pay for toll roads and Eurovignette charges if you add this optional feature. It conveniently gives you all the charges in one place, so you don’t have to chase up receipts and spend more time on admin.

2. HMRC-approved invoices

Speaking of convenience, your business can get VAT invoices using the EDC card. You’ll see this feature crop up in every major fuel card because it really is just that good. It simplifies your admin time. With the EDC card, you can also add the optional feature of a European VAT recovery service for pain-free VAT reclaims wherever your drivers have travelled.

Is the EDC right for my business?

For businesses based in Northern Ireland and Great Britain who are looking for wide coverage across Ireland, the EDC is a great pick. For businesses crossing toll roads, HGVs and fleets who may face extra charges, the EDC is an excellent pick thanks to its added extras and fixed weekly prices. It’s hard to go wrong with this one!

How To Get Your Fuel Card

Now you should be ready to use your fuel card across Ireland. But which one is best for you? Find your perfect match using our easy quote tool.
All you need to do is tell us a little bit about your business. We’ll hammer out the details and delve through the top brands to show you the right card for you.

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