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Why You Should Hire a White Van

Visuals matter for any business. White vans usually express professionalism and many business managers and sole traders opt for white. A white van also gives you the chance to get creative. Advertise your business and services with colourful and outstanding design stickers.

Whether your business needs a small city van, a panel van, or a specialist van, white is the colour most companies and sole traders choose. We can help scour the market for your and find the best white van hire solution for your needs.

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What are the benefits of renting a van and why choose white?

There are many benefits to van hire over buying a new van or even leasing one. Here’s why you should consider hiring a van for your business:

You choose the best option for your business

Businesses often have changing needs, some that are short-term, others that are longer-term. Regardless of how long you need a new van (or more) for your business, vehicle hire makes more sense than buying a van that quickly depreciates and you might no longer need after some time. You get to choose the type of hire contract based on your needs. If you have short-term, flexible needs, a short-term hire might make sense for you. But, if you need a van for a longer period of time and you know your needs are more fixed and predictable, you might want to consider long-term van hire. It’s all up to what you need. We can help you find the best match.

Save some costs

Van rental for business use means you can benefit from tax relief. Businesses who lease a vehicle may pay the VAT upfront, but they are entitled to claim up to 100% of the fee. Not to mention that van hire can be a cheaper solution. Many vehicle rental companies offer good deals for businesses, especially fleet discounts if they rent multiple vans.

Most van hire packages include maintenance such as an MOT or service, as well as minor repairs. This offers complete convenience to you, as you can ask the provider to schedule any maintenance or repairs as and when they are needed.

Why white van hire?

Let’s break the stereotype of “white van man”. We’re not talking about aggressive drivers; we’re talking about hard working businesses and entrepreneurs. And hard working sole traders and company drivers care about their business image and drive responsibly no matter what colour the van is.

White is the colour of choice for top van models like Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit or Volkswagen Transporter. White means professionalism.

It also means you have a great canvas on which to advertise your business. Get creative and customise your white van hire to make your business stand out.

Also, did you know that white reflects the sun and keeps things cool? That’s right, it’s science. If your drive a lot in hot weather, you’ll want a white van rather than a dark coloured one.

iCompario tip:

If you are ready to customise a white van for your business and find the right rental deal, then go ahead and try the iCompario free comparison tool. Our free service will help you find a white van hire with the best offers that cater to your business’ budget and requirements.

Top white vans for hire

There are different vans for different needs. Whether you need a small city van, a medium or large van, a Luton van, or a specialist van you can rest assured there’s a rental offer for you.

What are the most popular white vans you can hire? Let’s find out:

Mercedes-Benz Vito

The Mercedes Vito is a great mid-size van that covers a wide range of needs. It comes in different sizes and models. Based on your needs, you can choose a panel van length that suits your business – 4,895mm, 5,140mm or 5,370mm. You can also choose between the progressive and premium trim.

It’s a perfect choice for businesses that operate around or in urban areas and for sole traders who need a mid size van with a good payload.

Key features:

  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Payload: 1,029kg
  • Cargo volume: 5.5m3 – 6.6m3 depending on length
  • CO2 emissions: 157-175g/km

The Vito is quiet, comfortable, reliable, and safe – just as you’d expect from a Mercedes-Benz van. Its standard version includes safety features that other vans offer for a high cost. To name a few, it features active break assist, crosswind assist, attention assist, and lane keeping assist.

It’s a bit lower than its competitor vans and it feels more like driving a car. The twin sliding doors feature is always a nice addition to any van. And while you can choose from a variety of colours, white is the most popular one.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Do you need a large business van? The Sprinter is a class-leading large van, known for its reliability and adaptability. It’s a favourite choice for many businesses and fleet managers.

It’s very comfortable and easy to drive, it’s well equipped even as standard, and it offers top notch safety features – like any other Mercedes model. It comes in four vehicle lengths making it suitable for any business requirements you may have.

Key features:

  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Payload: 1,005kg
  • Cargo volume: 7.8m3 – 15.5m3 depending on length
  • CO2 emissions: 204-215g/km

With its great payload and generous cargo volume, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter easily accommodates your transport needs. The newest Sprinter models now come with front-wheel drive option as well, 9 speed automatic gearbox, and 4×4 options.

Peugeot Partner Professional

Van hire offers cover any needs. If your business requires a small van, there’s one for you.

The Peugeot Partner is a versatile van, known for its dependability and reasonable running costs. It’s a small van tailored to suit any business needs. It comes in two available lengths and three different body styles to accommodate various business needs. Unlike other vans in its class, the Peugeot Partner is petrol-fuelled. However, if you’re a diesel fan, it also offers a diesel version.

Key features:

  • Fuel: Petrol or diesel
  • Payload: 1,000kg
  • Cargo volume: 3.3m3
  • CO2 emissions: 108g/km

Its great payload makes it a runner-up in the industry. It also features some great safety options like blind spot monitoring, active safety break, surround rear vision, and trailer stability control.

Ready to go electric?

The future is electric and sooner or later every business will have to make the switch. Start adding electric vans to your fleet with EV hire.

Electric vans are pretty great and can bring many advantages to your business:

  • Low running costs when it comes to fuel and maintenance
  • Great payloads that have improved over time and continue to improve constantly
  • Zero CO2 emissions, meaning no ULEZ and congestion charges
  • Batteries have improved a lot since the first electric cars and offer great driving ranges
  • You can’t go greener than this – they’re quiet and environmentally friendly and will boost your business image

Electric vans come with added benefits and the reassurance that your business is ready for the future. They are an ideal alternative to conventionally fuelled vans. And whatever terrible rumours you might have heard about electric cars, check out this guide busting the myths around electric vehicles.

How to get a white van hire

There are many van rental providers with offers and packages anywhere from £85 to £125 a week. The cost of a white van hire for your business depends on a few different factors like the provider, the van you choose, contract length, and any added extras. Finding the right provider and offer for your business might seem like a hassle. This is where we come in!

We compare vans for hire to match your business needs and can help you find the right van whatever your budget.

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