So sparen Sie mit Tankkarten Zeit und Geld

The hurdles when managing a company with mobile workers are great. This is especially true for small and medium-sized companies, where managers often have to take on many roles at the same time.

On average, administration takes around 33 hours per month. That is about 4.5 working days, which are mostly devoted to paperwork. This time could be used for more meaningful tasks, such as customer appointments or creating new business relationships.

You can regain this time if you pay a little differently for fuel. Fuel cards offer a wide range of advantages that can take the pressure off administrative tasks such as VAT refunds or handling fuel expenses.

Sparen Sie Zeit bei den Kraftstoffausgaben

Managing the fuel expenditure with paper receipts or expense reports is very time-consuming for everyone involved. Drivers must make payments out of their own pocket, collect bills, fill out and submit expense reports, and then wait for repayment. For the managers, processing and checking the receivables and ensuring the payments take a lot of time. And then there’s the problem with lost or missing bills.

Fuel cards replace the entire system with a sleek method that is safer and more comfortable for the driver. They use fuel cards to pay for fuel, so they don’t have to carry around huge amounts of cash, collect receipts or fill out expense reports. In this way, the fight is also announced for false claims for expenses. With fuel cards, all transactions are immediately recorded by an online account management platform and can then be viewed on easily readable statements. The best fuel card providers also give you free and unlimited access to old accounts.

Sparen Sie Zeit bei der Rückforderung von Steuern

Another nightmarish and time-consuming task is to recover sales tax. With paper receipts, sifting through hundreds of collected invoices can take hours. Receipts are often misplaced, lost or illegible. This means that the full amount cannot be reclaimed.

With fuel cards and account management, all business fuel expenses are automatically listed on a simple and easy-to-read statement that is recognized by the tax authorities.

Sparen Sie Zeit beim Tanken

If you choose a fuel card, you should choose one with a petrol station finder. This is particularly important for efficient route planning, as you receive information about suitable petrol stations on your route and traffic updates in real time. These tools help drivers avoid traffic jams and long detours to refuel, saving time and reducing fuel consumption and consumption.

Sparen Sie Zeit beim Verwalten Ihrer Fahrzeuge

The best fuel cards are equipped with an account management system that can be accessed from any internet-enabled device. That means you’re no longer tied to your desk to manage your fleet’s fuel consumption. Thanks to the accessibility via tablet or smartphone via an app, you remain in control at all times, even when you are on the go.