The Complete Range of Business Mobile Solutions You Need to Know About

As the work landscape changes, businesses need to adapt to remote and flexible working practices. Business mobile solutions are the answer to increasing your productivity and keeping your employees connected.

This is a guide to complete business mobile and data solutions every company, small or big, needs to consider. To stay ahead of the game with the best mobile solutions for business, make sure to compare the market.

Business mobile solutions

What are business mobile solutions?

Business mobile solutions are the best bet to future-proof your business.

They increase connectivity in a team and allow employees to access information through their technology and devices wherever they are, be it in the office, on the road or working from home.

Mobile business solutions don’t just connect employees to one another, they connect your business with your customers. You employees can be readily available and prepared at all times.

Business mobiles are an important addition to your business telecoms solutions designed to keep you ahead of the game at all times.

A wide range of mobile solutions for business

It’s clear work-from-home is the new standard across many industries. With a complete range of mobile business solutions, you can make sure your employees are connected and optimised for remote working.

Consider these business mobile and data solutions:

  • Business mobiles phones and plans
  • Business SIM-only cards
  • Business data-only SIM cards

Business mobile phones and plans

Fancy mobile phones are a great perk companies offer to attract top talent. Business mobile plans with the latest handsets are very sought-after.

Business mobile phone solutions have a series of attractive advantages:

  • You can take advantage of hardware offerings and always have the latest phone models
  • You can save money with a business mobile plan in ways you cannot with a personal plan
  • Business mobile plans give greater flexibility and can be tailored to meet your business needs and usage

It’s important to know the difference between business and personal phone contracts. A business phone contract can benefit all types and sizes of businesses. You can even get tailored mobile solutions for small businesses and for the self-employed.

Make sure you compare business mobile phone tariffs before choosing one. You don’t want to miss out on some amazing deals that’ll save your business money.

Business SIM-only cards

Use your existing handsets and avoid shocking bills with business SIM-only plans. Consider SIM-only plans as part of your mobile solutions for business for the following benefits:

  • SIM cards are often customised to your specific business needs
  • They are one of the most affordable business mobile and data solutions
  • You can link them to your mobile business account and have shared plans between multiple users

Business SIM-only deals can make ideal small business mobile solutions.

You get a SIM card you can insert in your handset of choice. The company doesn’t need to buy new mobile devices with business SIM-only plans, which can save a lot of money. It also gives employees the freedom to choose what devices they want to use.

The price per month depends on the data plan you choose. Compare mobile solutions for business to find the SIM-only plan that suits your business best.

Business data-only SIM cards

As far as business mobile solutions go, business data SIM cards are a great addition to your business. This is how they complete your mobile solutions for business:

  • Business data-only SIMs keep you online at all times
  • The deals are varied and highly affordable
  • You can use the SIM cards with any device of your choice, provided it’s fitted with a SIM slot

Data-only SIM plans give you access exclusively to data—there are no minutes for calls or texts for SMS included. But that doesn’t mean you’re locked out from calling your customers or teammates. You can use applications like Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp and other similar apps to make calls and chat. You can even use your soft phone and VoIP solution on the device of your choice.

Plus, it’s easy to set up a hotspot and get online on other devices, like your laptop. Find the best business data SIM deals in less than a minute by hitting the button below.

iCompario tip: Get your business telecoms ready for the future with VoIP

The world of business telecommunications is quickly changing and modernising. It’s important to keep pace with the changes in the telecoms sphere to not see your business communications fall behind. Get a VoIP phone system before the 2025 ISDN switch off forces you to make the change.

What should you seriously consider mobile solutions for business?

Mobile solutions keep you prepared for the changes happening in the world of work and in consumers’ needs. There are a few good reasons why your business can see an improvement in productivity and efficiency with business mobile solutions:

  1. Balance work-from-home. With a business mobile solution, you can make sure your employees are always connected and ready for work. Apps make work life easier and many employees prefer them. Project management, file sharing, data managing, co-editing apps and even virtual assistants are all available. With a business mobile solution, your employees can access the best apps in digital technology.
  2. Solutions tailored to suits your business needs. Business mobile and data solutions are usually affordable. But if your business needs are more complicated, providers can often tailor a plan to suit your requirements. Contract terms can reflect your future plans and the rapid growth of your company.
  3. Manage data usage better. You can easily create shared plans and set limits to make sure the cost of data doesn’t spiral and leave you with a hefty bill. Shared pools of data come in handy when one employee runs out of data. They can use the data in the shared pool and not add additional costs to the bill.
  4. Adapt to your consumers’ needs. We live in a world where people are used to pick up their mobile devices and solve issues. As a business, it’s important to follow these digital trends. A mobile solution will give you more flexibility to reach your customers and answer their questions anytime, from anywhere.

Which business mobile solutions are right for your company?

Now you’re familiar with the entire range of mobile solutions for business. But which are suited for your company? Which can serve your employees and business purpose best?

We can help answer those questions for you. Tell us about your business needs in a short form and we’ll compare the market for the best business mobile solutions. Just hit the button below to begin.

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