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Best Commercial Fuel Cards in the UK

  • Compare fuel cards accepted across 95% of UK fuel stations
  • Cards suitable for commercial fleets and HGVs
  • Get deals in 30 seconds and apply online
Commercial vehicles filling up at a fuel station

What are the best commercial fuel cards?

A fuel card for businesses is a payment card companies use to purchase fuel for their vehicles. They offer several benefits for businesses, but it’s important to get the right one so it matches your business needs.

The best commercial fuel cards in the UK are:

  • Fleetone – best for LGV commercial fleets
  • EDC Truckone – best for HGV fleets
  • Texaco Fastfuel – ideal for company cars
  • BP Plus Bunker – best at bunker sites
  • Shell CRT – best for motorway drivers

Fleetone: best for LGV commercial fleets

Fleetone commercial fuel card

Every commercial car and van fleet needs fuel cards to simplify payments and reclaims. Fleetone cards do the job well with a massive number of UK Fuels stations on the network along with major supermarkets such as Morrisons and Tesco.

Commercial fleets operating across the country can make great use of the wide network as Fleetone is accepted in 97% of UK postcodes at over 4,100 stations.

Having a wide station network is nice, but the real benefits are the discounts of up 10p a litre whenever you use Fleetone cards. Don’t miss out on guaranteed price discounts.

Truckone: best for HGV fleets

Truckone commercial fuel card

HGV fleets need a good number of suitable stations, competitive prices and easy invoices. Truckone are UK fuels commercial fuel cards and offers over 3,300 stations in its network. More than 750 are suitable for HGVs where drivers can bulk buy diesel.

The card sends users updates every Friday with fuel prices you can use at the station instead of what you see displayed at the pump.

These prices are based on the wholesale price for fuel and are fixed until the next Friday. So, your fleet can pay the same price for fuel wherever your drivers are. You’ll know exactly how much you’ll be paying for the week.

Texaco Fastfuel: ideal for company cars

Texaco commercial fuel card

Fastfuel is the best Texaco commercial fuel card for many LGV fleets. It’s used at over 4,000 stations in the UK. The card network includes Texaco, UK Fuels, Morrisons and many others.

Texaco Fastfuel is also one of the few cards that can be made to fit your business. You might decide you want discounts on pump prices.

Or your fleet might benefit more from fixing fuel prices every Friday at all Fastfuel network stations. By fixing your fuel prices, you avoid paying different prices for fuel nationwide. You can choose which option works best for you.

BP Plus Bunker: best at bunker sites

BP Plus Bunker commercial fuel card

BP has more than 1,200 stations in the UK. Using BP commercial fuel cards gives businesses a reliable network of stations and over 600 necessary bunker sites. These are strategically located stations used by fleets and HGV drivers to bulk buy diesel.

Available with either discounts on pump prices or fixed weekly prices, BP Plus Bunker has inbuilt flexibility so it can work for many commercial fleets.

The card is ideal for drivers on the motorway and HGV fleets. This card lets you buy on credit and pay later with all fuel spending included on one invoice for easy filing. Make your fuel payments easy.

Shell CRT: best for motorway drivers

Shell CRT commercial fuel card

Shell has the largest single network of stations in the country. The CRT (Commercial Road Transport) card can be used across Shell’s network of over 1,000 stations. Drivers on the motorway can use this card in over 50% of motorway stations.

Shell also has a Multinetwork fuel card if you need more stations. It depends on what routes you’re using. You can find out if a fuel card is right for you by doing a card comparison.

Is it worth getting commercial fuel cards?

Yes. They can reduce the cost of filling up company vehicles as you can use them to buy fuel at discount rates. Fuel cards also reduce time spent on paperwork as the cards generate invoices for you and eliminate the need for drivers to collect paper receipts for fuel.

Fuel cards can also benefit your business by:

  • Letting you buy on interest-free credit and pay for fuel later, so there’s no immediate upfront cost to your business
  • Paying for tolls, AdBlue and car washes
  • Setting up PIN numbers to improve security
  • Using a free online fuel account to track spending and improve fleet management efficiency

How commercial fuel cards work

Commercial fuel cards work by allowing drivers to purchase fuel at participating stations. Drivers refill their vehicle, then swipe the card and enter the PIN code. The amount will be taken from the business account, but only after you’ve received the invoice. This allows businesses to buy fuel now and pay for it later.

Fuel cards also let businesses track spending and usage. View these reports generated by the card in your online account. These reports typically show the date, time, location and amount of fuel that was purchased.

Who needs commercial fuel cards?

Many business types can make use of fuel cards. These are some of the company types that receive some of the best benefits:

  • Delivery and logistics companies often have large fleets of vehicles that need to be regular refuelling. Commercial fleet fuel cards can help them save money on fuel costs and track their fuel usage.
  • Construction companies often use vehicles to transport materials and equipment to job sites. Fuel cards can help them save money on fuel costs and track their fuel usage.
  • Trucking businesses, HGV fleets and solo truckers can use commercial truck fuel cards to buy diesel at discount prices across the UK.
  • Sales and service organisations usually have employees who use their own vehicles to travel to customer appointments. The business can reimburse employees for their expenses.
  • Small businesses, even those with just a few vehicles, can benefit from fuel cards. They can help them save money on fuel costs and streamline their administrative processes.

If your business fits into one of these categories, you likely will need a fuel card to reduce your fuel bill and simplify your accounting.

How to find the best fuel cards

Interested in getting fuel cards? Follow these three steps to get your cards:

  1. Consider your needs: Before you compare, it’s important to consider exactly what you need. What stations do you use? How big is your fleet? How much fuel do you buy? All of this can change which card is right for you.
  2. Compare fuel cards: Hit compare and we’ll search our database which covers 95% of UK fuel stations to find the top results for you.
  3. Apply for your card(s): Find your best results, then select your card(s) and click apply. Fill in an application form through iCompario to receive your cards right to your door.

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