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What are fuel cards for truckers?

Simply put, fuel cards make refuelling much easier. You can use it to pay after you’ve filled up at stations within your provider’s network.

It works like a credit card. You just pay with the card… and that’s it! The difference being you can only use it to pay for fuel (and sometimes a few other things, such as AdBlue).

What’s the best fuel card for truckers?

Picking the best fuel cards for truckers is down to your business’ needs.

But with most providers you get great coverage across the UK, online account management and a secure payment method to protect your business interests.

Here are the five fuel cards for trucking companies you need to know about.

Provider Benefits Stations in Network
truckone fuel card for truckers

TruckOne fuel card

Designed for HGVs, LGVs and coaches. Use a huge network of stations strategically placed across the UK near to major trunk roads and ports 3,600+

BP Plus Bunker fuel card

Access stations with 24/7 service at over 1,200 stations across the UK. That includes over 600 Bunker sites with fixed weekly pricing. Ideal for HGV and coach companies 1,200+
EDC fuel card for truckers

European Diesel fuel card

Get access to over 11,000 refuelling stations across the EU with low and transparent prices and easy reclaims on VAT 11,000+
Diesel Tracker

Diesel Tracker fuel card

Enables you to refuel at major supermarkets across two branded fuel cards. That grants you access to over 2,000 stations across the UK with fixed weekly pricing 4,100+

Texaco Fastfuel card

Wholesale fuel rates and a network of over 2,900 stations. That includes 300 in Northern Ireland. Competitive pricing across diesel and unleaded 2,900+


If you want to learn more about these fuel cards, we break them down in further detail below. Or you can compare the market now to bag a top deal.

TruckOne Fuel Card: Ideal for HGVs

Truckone fuel card for truckers

  • 3,600 stations across the UK
  • Suitable for trucks, HGVs, LGVs and coaches
  • Buy diesel in bulk at over 750 HGV fuel stations

The TruckOne is one of the best HGV fuel cards you can get. You can get fuel in bulk for HGVs at over 750 stations across the UK.

But the card also caters for LGVs and coaches, with a massive network of over 3,600 stations.

These are located across the UK strategically, often on major trunk roads and dotted around important ports. That way, you can get crafty fill ups at crucial moments.

Add into the deal competitive prices set each week and you’ve got a brilliant card that works wonders for truckers.

BP Plus Bunker Fuel Card: Best quality refuelling stations

BP Bunker fuel card for truckers

  • Competitive prices for truck fleets
  • 600 Bunker sites across the UK
  • Refuelling locations near major motorways and A roads

Take total control of your truck fuel costs with the BP Plus Bunker fuel card. It’s a fantastic option for any trucker, with its great prices and fleet management tools included in the deal.

The card is made specifically for large vehicles, mainly trucks, HGVs and buses. There’s a huge network of 1,200+ altogether, but that includes 600+ Bunker stations.

And those stations are brilliant! They have huge lanes to get around in. Plus, there are high-speed pumps helping you to fill up the truck at some of the most impressive speeds on the market.

Choose from fixed weekly pricing so you can follow the wholesale oil market and get the best prices. And you can track all your spending from an online account, helping to keep your fuel expenses low.

European Diesel Fuel Card: Simplifies EU travel

EDC fuel card for truckers

  • 11,000+ stations across the EU
  • Easily reclaim VAT
  • Total toll payment solutions
  • Competitive and transparent EU pricing

It’s no big surprise the European Diesel (EDC) fuel card is perfect for travel across the EU. If that’s what your truckers do a lot of… then this is the one for you!

You can use the EDC fuel card at over 11,000 trucker stations across the EU. So, you’re not going to be running out of petrol in unknown territory in a hurry.

Plus, the EDC is usable for toll roads and Eurovignette (the road user charge in Denmark, Luxembourg, Holland and Sweden).

It solves all your refuelling issues across Europe, so if you’re trucking across the continent regularly then this card is essential.

Diesel Tracker Fuel Card: One of the best diesel fuel cards for truckers

Diesel Tracker fuel card for truckers

  • Over 3,267 stations in the network
  • 24-hour service for diesel fleets
  • 750 major truck stops that sell in bulk

This is one of the best diesel fuel cards for truckers. And probably the best, if we’re being honest! It’s custom made for diesel users.

The prices match the European market, so you pay competitive prices. And it’s a great card for truckers because its massive network and many benefits.

That includes the easy reclaims on VAT from HMRC and 24-hour access to thousands of diesel stations across the UK. It’s essential if you’re operating diesel trucks!

Texaco FastFuel Card: Best fuel discount card for truckers

Fastfuel card for truckers

  • Network of 2,900 stations
  • 300 refuelling locations in Northern Ireland
  • Competitive pricing on diesel and unleaded

The Texaco Fastfuel offers really great pricing for truckers, you get transparent deals thanks to Texaco’s commercial pricing system on diesel and unleaded.

That way, you get great prices at the pump. And the provider sets a weekly wholesale prices fixed for the next seven days. All of which makes budgeting much easier!

And you also get access to a network of 2,900 stations. 300 of those are in Northern Ireland. Ideal for any truckers who head over regularly.

iCompario tip: Telematics devices also keep fuel costs down

If you have a fleet of trucks then you may want extra ways to keep fuel costs low. Enter vehicle telematics systems! You can use these to monitor vehicle health, get live location tracking and fuel use data. With that, you can manage drivers and instruct them how to save on fuel. All very handy! And cost-effective, too.

Fuel cards for truckers with bad credit

If you’ve been reading this guide worried about your bad credit rating, then there’s some good news. We’re here to help!

In fact, we have a big guide about how to get a fuel card when you have bad credit.

But we’ll break that down for you. You do have to pass credit checks to get setup with a fuel card provider. But if you have a low credit score, it’s not a disaster. You have two options.

1. Get a fuel card advance purchase account

If you fail the credit checks, the card supplier may offer you an advance purchase option. With this, you’ll have to pay for fuel in advance.

However, you’ll be able to use fuel cards as normal. You can fill up your truck with no bother, the only difference being you’re paying upfront.

So, you’ll need to carefully calculate how much fuel you’re expecting to use each week. It’s a bit fiddlier than using a fuel card normally, but brings most of the normal benefits of having one.

2. Get refundable deposits

The second option is a refundable deposit. This is an arrangement you can have with fuel card suppliers where you tell the provider your usual fuel spend.

They’ll then work out your weekly fuel spend from that. So, your drivers then get on fuel credit for a week, with you paying for fuel on a weekly rolling basis.

The main advantage to this is you can work towards improving your credit score and showing to a fuel card provider you can meet bills. And that means you may be able to switch to a normal account faster.

The benefits of fuel cards for truckers

We’ve got a complete guide to fuel card benefits if you want the full details.

But there’s a summary of our guide below. There are many other extra perks to keep in mind alongside the money you’ll save, but we’ll start with this big hitter.

Save money on fuel expenses

Once you get a fuel card, you’ll receive consistent discounts at the pump with wholesale prices. It’s a double whammy and it works a treat for any trucker or fleet manager.

Providers will often give you money savings on every litre of fuel you buy. So, keep an eye out on what every card offers to get the best deal.

Easily reclaim your VAT

One of the biggest perks of fuel cards for trucking companies. You can easily track your fuel spending online. It’s all kept in your online account, making it easy to reclaim VAT.

Everything is automated. All you have to do is submit those accounts to HMRC, they’re all designed to be compliant for the organisation.

No manually logging receipts for diesel and petrol, massively cutting down on your bookkeeping time.

Make refuelling ultra-convenient

Yeah, fuel cards just make filling up much easier. No faffing about with loose change and looking after loads of receipts.

Just one card. One online account. And that’s all you need to think about. It’s great for peace of mind.

Budget with ease

No matter how many truckers are in a fleet, it’s easy to manage you fuel expenses. You can set spending limits, set PIN protection on cards and track each and every truck driver’s spending. No matter where they are in the world.

Time to get your trucker fuel card

Now you know all about fuel cards for truckers, now’s the time to get sorted with a provider. And it’s easy to do!

Comparing the market is your best bet because you get tailored results to meet your trucking needs. What you have to do is:

  • Enter a few business details into our free comparison tool.
  • Wait a moment while we gather the results.
  • Take your pick from the providers.

You’re then forwarded to the fuel card provider to seal the deal. You can be up and running within 10 working days! Compare now.

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