Fuel Card Guides | Which Is The Best Truck Fuel Card?

Which Is The Best Truck Fuel Card?

Are you thinking about investing in a truck fuel card but unsure where to start? If so, you have come to the right place, as this guide offers everything you need to know about truck fuel cards, including what they are and what to look for.

We will also cover recommendations while also helping you understand more about iCompario’s free fuel card comparison tool, which will help you find the best option for your business.

What Is a Truck Fuel Card?

Before delving into the best truck fuel cards in the market, let’s look at the basics.

A truck fuel card is only used for trucks, including HGVs and coaches. This type of card is ideal for haulage companies looking for an efficient fuel solution that will help them save money while also streamlining pick up and delivery services.

Filling up with a truck fuel card

What Features Should Truck Fuel Cards Have?

To ensure you choose the right truck fuel card, it’s important that you assess the features offered and the benefits they provide. Here are some features to look out for when selecting a fuel card for truck fleets:

Fuel Discounts

One of the main features to look out for when choosing the right truck fuel card is the amount of discount offered. Many fuel card companies offer wholesale fuel prices to trucking businesses which will help you save a significant amount on diesel. You should also ensure that the discounts are consistent. For instance, you should double-check that the fuel rate will stay the same or thereabouts when any of your employees use a fuel card. This will prevent you from dealing with a fuel cost increase.

Automated Bookkeeping

When investing in a truck fuel card, you should make sure it has an automated bookkeeping system, as this will save a significant amount of time and effort when reclaiming VAT. With automated bookkeeping, you do not have to record every fuel transaction manually, as the system will do it for you. This will not only make your life easier but will also prevent any complaints from HMRC.

Extensive Fuel Station Access

Another important feature is the number of fuel stations your employees can access. For instance, many truck fuel companies enable businesses to access over 3000 fuel stations 24/7 across the UK. This is extremely beneficial to haulage companies, as drivers require immediate access to fuel stations while they are on the road to prevent delays.

Access to Diesel Bunker Sites

As a trucking company, you need to make sure that you have access to diesel bunker sites, as this will ensure you get the best value for your money, as bunker sites typically offer discounts. If this is important for your organisation’s logistics, then you should definitely choose a truck fuel card that offers bunker fuel perks.

International Coverage

If your company operates outside of the UK, then it’s vital that you opt for a truck fuel card that offers access to both UK and European fuel stations. This will ensure that driver routes are never interrupted, allowing deliveries and pick-ups to stay on schedule.

Which Truck Fuel Card Do We Recommend?

Truck fuel cards can benefit businesses in so many ways, however, all fuel card providers offer different benefits, which are definitely worth comparing. To help you get a better idea of what’s available, here are some of our top picks:


Truckone truck fuel card

The TruckOne Fuel Card is an ideal choice for haulage companies that require access to an extensive network of fuel stations. This card allows drivers to fuel up at 4000 stations, including more than 850 HGV-friendly sites. These stations are strategically located across the UK to ensure fleets have access at convenient times when delivering or picking up goods.

One of the main benefits of this card is that it offers the benefit of weekly fixed fuel rates, which will save a significant amount on fuel as a whole. You can also easily manage fuel expenses via the Velocity account management system, which automatically records fuel charges based on the driver or vehicle. This will streamline the admin process and will also highlight any issues regarding fuel costs.

BP Bunker

BP Bunker truck fuel card

If motorway coverage is your main priority, then the BP Bunker fuel card is the perfect choice, as it offers complete convenience to drivers. Cardholders can also access over 1300 fuel stations in total, including 700 BP retail filling stations and more than 600 BP bunker stations which are accessible to HGVs. You can also benefit from fixed commercial pricing at bunker sites.

The card can be used at certain locations to pay for special AdBlue fuel at a discounted rate. Drivers can opt to fuel up or grab a 10-litre can for the road. The BP Bunker card also offers businesses access to account management tools to make fuel expense recordings and reclaims much easier.


EDC truck fuel card

The EDC fuel card is designed for businesses that operate in Europe as it offers access to 13,000 fuel stations near key sites and borders in 21 European countries. The majority of locations offer 24/7 HGV access which will prevent refuelling disruption.

One of the biggest advantages of the EDC card is that it offers fixed weekly diesel prices, which will avoid any hidden costs when paying the invoice. You can also benefit from competitive prices with no minimum fuel spend.

Shell CRT

Shell CRT truck fuel card

If quality fuel is your main priority, then the Shell CRT fuel card could be the perfect choice. This is because investing in this card will enable you to benefit from fixed weekly prices on high-end fuel, such as FuelSave Diesel. This will help you avoid regional fuel cost fluctuations when refuelling at over 1000 fuel stations, 50% of which are on the motorway.

Another benefit is the automated system that offers clear and concise invoicing and is HMRC-approved. This will ensure that all your invoices are compliant and no issues will arise in the future.

Esso Europe

Esso Europe truck fuel card

For complete driver convenience, you may want to opt for the Esso Europe truck fuel card, which offers access to 14,000 Esso and Shell fuel stations in 28 European countries.

You can also opt to include toll-road transactions so your employees can use the card for major toll roads and Eurovignettes. This will ensure there are no issues or delays when on the road. With an Esso Europe card, all transactions will be included in one invoice, which will reduce the amount of administration required.

How To Get a Truck Fuel Card

Now you’ve got an idea of what features to look for and which fuel cards offer the best benefits, why not try a more advanced search with iCompario’s free comparison tool?

To find the right truck fuel card for you, all you need to do is choose the type and number of vehicles you have in your fleet and the fuel type required, and we will provide you with the best quotes from the most reputable truck fuel card providers.

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