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GPS Tracking System For Fleet Management

GPS fleet tracking helps your business to reduce vehicle wear and tear by producing reports that highlight any bad driving habits from your drivers. Find your vehicle tracking device with iCompario.

GPS tracking provides the fleet management data you need to solve problems and answer questions right away 

GPS (global positioning system) tracking makes your life easier as a fleet manager. 

It uses cellular and satellite technology to show you where your vehicles and valuable business assets are in real-time, along with providing data that shows how your drivers behave behind the wheel.

This gives you real-time data that allows you to answer customer questions, ensure your drivers take the most effective routes and solve problems before they become crises. 

Fleet tracking software does this because it helps you to: 

  • See if any drivers have bad habits that are leading to vehicle wear and tear
  • Learn instantly if there have been any accidents or breakdowns
  • Answer customer queries about their ETAs immediately 
  • Know where all of your vehicles are at all times
  • Plan the quickest routes for your drivers 

Learn how GPS tracking makes it easier to manage your fleet and find out where you can get the perfect device for your company.

How GPS fleet tracking solutions benefit your business 

Efficient fleet management is the key benefit of using fleet tracking software. 

GPS vehicle tracking systems give you the information you need to be able to answer customer questions instantly and solve business problems immediately. This saves you time and makes it easier for you to run your business. 

These are three main ways that using a GPS device makes your fleet more efficient: 

  • Makes it easier for you to manage your drivers: your tracking devices show you where your drivers are in real-time, so you always know if they’re taking the quickest routes and are on track. 
  • Boosts the service you offer to your customers: your GPS fleet management software allows you to give your customers live updates on their orders, so they know exactly when they’re due to arrive. 
  • Improves your safety and security procedures: GPS fleet tracking works as a safety tool by telling you the precise location of your vehicles, so you can know if they’re in the wrong place and inform the police if you fear they’ve been stolen. 

GPS tracking provides these benefits to an enormous number of industries, such as construction, manufacturing, retail, services, e-commerce and much more — it helps any business that operates a fleet of vehicles. 

Whatever your industry, investing in fleet tracking gives you all the information you need to save time, boost your customer service and keep your business safe at the touch of a button. You get alerts and live reports on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Top features of GPS tracking systems for fleet vehicles 

GPS fleet management solutions come with really helpful features that allow you to head off business crises and solve customer problems before they become an issue for your company. 

These are the most helpful features you get from using GPS fleet management tools: 

  • Timesheets for your drivers that are 100% accurate and available in real-time 
  • Alerts that notify you immediately if your drivers have been in an accident or collision 
  • Reports that help you save on fuel costs by showing you the MPG of your vehicles 
  • Breakdowns of driving behaviours highlighting habits that could lead to wear and tear 
  • Notifications that advise you when a vehicle arrives at or departs from a location 
  • Live tracking of all your vehicles from your smartphone, tablet or computer

Why fleet managers should compare tracking systems 

Using a GPS tracker really benefits your business because it provides you with data that allows you to solve problems, answer questions and manage crises. 

But there are two different types of GPS devices and you need to know what the differences are between them, so you pick the one that’s best for your fleet. 

These are the most important things you need to know about the two GPS trackers: 

Self-install vehicle trackers

  • Less expensive 
  • Work without input from your drivers


  • You don’t get reports on driving behaviour and driver performance  
  • Quick to install which means it’s easy for drivers to switch between vehicles and may make it harder for you to plan/manage your fleet resources 

Hard-wired device

  • Can’t be tampered with 
  • You get reports that show you driving behaviours, giving you the data you need to catch bad habits and tackle them before they cause fuel wastage, wear and tear or accidents on the road


  • Cost more than self-install devices 
  • You’ll have to take your vehicles off the road for about 45 minutes, so that the system can be fitted by an approved engineer

You can find even more information about how to make the technology for GPS fleet tracking work for your business by reading our detailed guide to vehicle tracking.

Use iCompario to compare the best GPS tracking systems for your fleet 

You can use iCompario to compare the best GPS tracking systems for your fleet business. This means you can manage fuel consumption, see how many vehicles are on the road and direct the nearest vehicle to an ad hoc job in real-time. 

All you have to do is enter the company’s requirements and we’ll help you to find the perfect GPS device for your business. 

Find your GPS system today and you’ll soon see how much time they save you and how much easier they make your life. 

iCompario is the free online marketplace for business products and services, where managers and owners can research and rapidly compare fuel cards, vehicle tracking systems, insurance, telecoms and other essentials. The team follows up online queries by telephone so every site visitor finds their ideal, future-proof product at the best price possible.

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