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Best GPS Fleet Management Systems UK Guide

  • Compare features of top fleet management systems
  • Use accurate GPS to track your fleet vehicles
  • Discover extra location features to enhance management

GPS tracking systems for fleet management in the UK

Using the right fleet management system makes your operations faster, smarter and even cheaper. But the market is absolutely swamped with systems of the latest and greatest. Here are some of the best systems in the UK.

GPS Fleet management UK vehicles

1. Editor’s choice for data-based management: Kinesis Pro

We can’t talk about GPS fleet management without accurate location and fuel data. Kinesis comes from Radius, a UK-based provider with fingers in the telematics and fuel pies.

Kinesis Pro is a GPS tracking device for fleet management. Pinpoint your vehicles! Out of all systems, Kinesis also has one of the best geofencing features we’ve seen.

The geofences really enhance all the other GPS functions. Alongside its detailed reports and optional features, Kinesis is ahead of the competition.

Features of the Kinesis Pro fleet management GPS tracking software

  • Accurate GPS location pins up to 3 metres
  • Highly advanced optional features for all budgets
  • Remote immobilisation for more security
  • Excellent fleet reporting system
  • Integrate with fuel cards
  • Easy to use live location map

2. The jack of all trades: Rewire Security

Rewire is a GPS tracking and fleet management system. It’s got all the basics, plus a nice driver report system.

The driver reports are nicely done. Get all the important stuff right at the top like harsh braking. Dive into the details when needed, but the data you need is right at your fingertips.

Rewire can also be used to check vehicle status and maintenance. It does a little bit of everything! Some features, like the Kinesis, are optional and do cost extra. So compare fleet telematics systems to find better quotes.

The one downside of this system is its app. GPSLive can work well, but sometimes it has glitches and can crash. Checking detailed reports on your phone is trickier than we’d like!

Features of the Rewire Security fleet management GPS tracking software

  • Fleet mileage reports
  • Average speeds and speeding analysis
  • Live GPS status of vehicles

Why GPS fleet management matters

We’re not peddling the latest devices to open up your wallet. GPS fleet management is the best tool you have at your disposal to nip problems in the bud.

Solving problems in your fleet can’t be done if you can’t see where those problems are and what’s causing them. At its heart, GPS management is all about having eyes where you need them.

Not ready to install GPS devices? Here are three top reasons to jump on the tracking bandwagon.

1. Track your fleet on your phone, laptop, tablet and desktop.

2. Reduce your fuel costs by optimising your routes.

3. Use GPS to locate a stolen vehicle.

What are the benefits of having GPS systems in your fleet management system?

GPS tracking and fleet management go hand in hand. When you use GPS systems, you benefit from accurate vehicle tracking, customer service and better security measures.

Overall, we think trackers are worth it to solve problems faster and boost your fleet management. But let’s break down the benefits to get the full details.

  • Easier driver management: your tracking devices show you where your drivers are in real-time, so you always know if they’re taking the quickest routes and are on track.
  • Offer location updates to customers: your GPS fleet management software lets you give your customers live updates on their orders, so they know exactly when they’re due to arrive.
  • Boost security measures: GPS fleet tracking works so well as a safety net. Make sure you set up alerts for when vehicles leave your site and for unauthorised use. No other tool helps you take immediate action against theft!

Whatever your industry, investing in GPS tracking systems for fleet management gives you all the information you need to save time, boost your customer service and keep your business safe at the touch of a button. You get alerts and live reports on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Top features of GPS tracking fleet management solutions

Basic GPS systems can do the job for some fleets, but you could be missing out on helpful features.

The best features are a good management system based on GPS data, security features, and temperature monitoring.

1. Detailed fleet management GPS tracking software

Make sure you’re getting a good GPS-tracking device for fleet management! At the bare minimum, you should be able to filter by driver or vehicle and get immediate reports on location and status.

The more detail in the reports the better! Especially when it comes to driver behaviour. Systems that show you journey history, and any speeding incidents are well worth the money.

2. Security features

Last but not least are the security features on offer. GPS tracking systems for fleet management should include accurate vehicle tracking and geofencing. Ideally, you should be able to watch your fleet from your phone even if you’re on holiday drinking cocktails by the hot tub.

The GPS fleet management systems that should catch your attention are the ones with additional security measures. Driver ID, such as key fobs, is one of those great additional security steps you could take.

3. Temperature monitoring

Fleets carrying temperature-sensitive goods need to keep an even closer eye on things. Look for temperature monitoring. This includes a temperature check of each vehicle on your fleet system.

iCompario tip: don’t forget about your dash cams!

Many fleets now use vehicle cameras. Are you making the most of them? Having an extra system just to check video footage can be a hassle on top of everything else. Many GPS tracking systems for fleets can include dash cam footage on their online platform.

If one of your drivers gets into an accident, check the alert on your system and see the video right away.

How to make your fleet management smarter in three easy steps

We’re in the golden age of smart technology. It’s easy to see shiny new tech and throw money into the pot, hoping for results.

But the best fleet managers know software on its own can’t do anything if you don’t use it. So, once you’ve got your new fleet management GPS tracking system this is how to make a difference to your fleet.

1. Fleet management is smarter with GPS tracking

GPS fleet systems provide in-depth information to make managing your fleet easier and smarter. GPS fleet management is a smarter approach because it improves time management, driver performance and security.

Without GPS fleet management systems, you will struggle to find an accurate picture of your vehicle’s location and how your drivers are performing.

2. Unleash your inner nerd and check out those fleet reports

OK, graphs might not be the most exciting thing. But good data can help you make better choices. The best GPS tracking management solutions include fleet reporting.

Managers are busy! Using this data takes time, but it pays off in the long run. The top things to look for in these fleet reports are driver fuel usage and journey history.

3. Send feedback to your drivers

Management can’t be done alone! Once you’ve tracked down the problems, it’s time to implement solutions.

Many GPS vehicle tracking systems come with driver apps or online portals. Your drivers can create an account and see how they’re performing. They don’t have to wait for feedback.

GPS tracking fleet management solutions aren’t just about finding problems. These are tools to discover your best assets – your best drivers that are right under your nose!

Ready to take the first step to improve your GPS fleet management? You’ll need to find which system suits your business best.

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