Best Petrol Cards For UK Businesses

Petrol cards reduce the time you spend on admin, make it easier for you to manage your travel expenses and give you access to fuel discounts.

Finding the best one is vital for your business and iCompario is here to make this process as quick and simple as possible. 

Our guide lists the top petrol fuel cards for UK businesses. We’ve looked at their pros and cons and explained how they can benefit your company.

The iCompario top 3 petrol fuel cards for UK companies

BP Plus fuel card 

iCompario petrol card rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The BP Plus earns a 5-star rating from iCompario’s specialists for businesses that want to save money by streamlining their operations. 

Its powerful online account management software saves time for your drivers and accounts team. This reduces the cost of running your business and makes it simpler to reclaim the VAT for your travel expenses.

BP PlusFuelPlus petrol card

Credit: iCompario

Why is the BP Plus fuel card in our top three?

The BP Plus fuel card makes managing your travel expenses simple and accurate. You can use the Velocity website and app to keep on top of your fuel purchases and know where every penny is spent. 

The card also produces HMRC-approved invoices, making it easier to claim back the VAT on the petrol that your company buys. 

Where can you use the BP Plus fuel card?

You can fuel your vehicles at over 3,500 petrol stations across the UK. These feature some of the biggest and highest quality brands, with the card accepted at Esso, Texaco, Gulf and BP stations. 

These stations span the entirety of the UK. This means your drivers will always be close to a garage with the fuel they need, no matter where in the country their jobs take them. 

Is there a downside to the BP Plus fuel card?

The BP Plus fuel card is perfect for fleets of cars and vans. However, if your business also operates HGVs or coaches then you’ll need a different option to get the fuel your drivers require on a single brand of fuel card. 

Check out our BP Plus page today to learn more or apply now.


Shell Multi-Network fuel card

iCompario petrol card rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Shell’s Multi-Network fuel card is the perfect choice for companies operating mixed fleets. It’s accepted throughout the UK and its online station locator makes it simple for your drivers to find the closest garage.

Shell Multi-Network petrol card

Credit: iCompario

Why is the Shell Multi-Network fuel card in our top three?

Our experts recommend this petrol card for businesses that need national fuel coverage. 

It allows you to refuel in the UK’s towns and cities, along the nation’s motorways, and across the key transit routes. 

So, whether your business needs to transport goods to a small Welsh town or get to a job in the centre of London, your drivers will be able to use their Shell Multi-Network fuel card throughout their journey. 

Where can you use the Shell Multi-Network fuel card?

This card can be used at more than 3,800 petrol stations in the UK, with Morrisons, Esso, Texaco, Gulf, Circle K, and Gleaners. 

Many of the stations come with a range of onsite facilities that are ideal for taking a well-earned rest during a long journey. They feature Wi-Fi areas, restrooms, and shops for your drivers to buy some food or a coffee. 

Is there a downside to the Shell Multi-Network fuel card?

This card is designed for UK businesses, meaning that it can be used in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. But it’s not accepted outside of the UK, so the card isn’t the right choice for cross continental companies. 

If you run a fleet that does business outside of the UK then we recommend you check out our European fuel cards page. 

Head over to our Shell Multi-Network page discover more, or apply now.


fuelGenie fuel card

iCompario petrol card rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


The iCompario team rates this card as the best petrol card for regional businesses that want supermarket fuel prices. It is accepted by Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons.

fuelGenie petrol card

Credit: iCompario

Why is the fuelGenie fuel card in our top three?

The fuelGenie fuel card scores a 5-star rating from the iCompario experts because it gives UK businesses low price fuel that often costs less than the pump price. 

Supermarkets are often the cheapest places to buy your petrol, with some offering significantly lower prices than the big fuel brands. 

With this card you have your pick of three of the biggest supermarkets in the UK.

Where can you use the fuelGenie fuel card?

This card is accepted at over 1,300 supermarkets in the UK, with Morrisons, Sainsburys and Tesco petrol stations the three brands you can choose from. 

It’s a pump saver card. This means that you get a guaranteed saving on the petrol that you buy at supermarket pumps, offering your business increased control over its fuel spending. 

Is there a downside to the fuelGenie fuel card?

Your fuelGenie fuel card is a pump saver, which helps your company to manage its petrol costs. What you don’t get is the option to pick weekly fixed prices, so you can’t plan your fuel spending at the start of the month. 

Visit our fuelGenie page discover more, or apply now.

What iCompario’s experts say about the 10 next best petrol cards in our database

Petrol card What’s the top benefit of this petrol card? iCompario rating for petrol fleets
FleetOne Retail and commercial prices for petrol ★★★★★
Esso Europe Can be used in 11,000+ stations across 28 countries ★★★★
Texaco The Business Accepted at 800 Texaco fuelling stations ★★★★
Esso National Can be used to buy petrol at 25% of the UK’s stations ★★★★
FuelPlus Get fixed wholesale prices for your petrol ★★★★
TruckOne Can be used in 600+ HGV fuel stations ★★
Texaco Fastfuel Lets you create custom fuel transaction reports ★★★★
EDC Gives you 24/7 access to HGV fuelling stations ★★
JetCard Simplifies accounting with HMRC-approved invoices ★★★★
Shell CRT Get access to over 50% of motorway service stations ★★★★


iCompario ratings

The ratings in our focus articles are not universal ratings. We assess each fuel card afresh before writing our focus articles. 

Each focus article is for a specific category of fleet manager or business, and we rate the cards according to the unique requirements of users in that category. For example, on an iCompario diesel card page, a certain card may get 2 stars, but the same card could get 5 stars on a different page about fuel cards for multi-stop city fleets.

Star rating What it means
  • A highly relevant choice
  • Has specific benefits that other cards may not offer, such as high-tech fuel or extremely competitive pricing
  • Accepted at a very high number of petrol stations/truck stops either around the UK or in urban areas, as relevant
  • A highly relevant choice
  • May offer some specific price or product benefits
  • Accepted at a high number of petrol stations/truck stops either around the UK or in urban areas, as relevant
  • An appropriate choice 
  • No noteworthy specific benefits
  • Accepted at a reasonable number of petrol stations/truck stops either around the UK or in urban areas, as relevant
  • A less relevant choice
  • No noteworthy specific benefits, some drawbacks
  • Accepted at a limited number of petrol stations/truck stops either around the UK or in urban areas, as relevant
  • Not a recommended choice
  • No specific benefits, some significant drawbacks
  • Accepted at a poor selection of petrol stations/truck stops either around the UK or in urban areas, as relevant


5 main petrol card benefits for UK companies

A Shell garage

Credit: Wallpaper Flare

Getting a petrol fuel card for your business is a great investment. 

They help with fleet management, controlling your cash flow, and keeping your costs low. The result is that your company can be more efficient and more profitable, as you’re able to manage your resources better and use your money more efficiently. 

There are many petrol card benefits and these are the key ones: 

  1. Your business can get fuel discounts: you can get deals in the UK and Europe. 
  2. Makes controlling fuel spending easier: lets you set weekly and monthly limits.
  3. Cuts down your admin time: account management tools record fuel expenses.
  4. Helps with your tax submissions: creates HMRC-approved invoices for you. 
  5. Simplifies cross-country travel costs: pay for fuel and road tolls across Europe.

The petrol fuel cards available from iCompario can be used across the UK and Europe. This means that all businesses that use transport can benefit from them, whether you’re a sole trader or multinational fleet.

So, try out our price comparison tool now and apply for a fuel card that offers real benefits to your business.

How do petrol fuel cards work?

Petrol fuel cards work by letting you buy your fuel on credit and then pay for it at a time that’s more convenient for your business. 

You can use them to cover the costs of petrol, oil, and even road tolls — they can pay for a wide range of travel expenses. 

You can choose the payment schedule that works for your company, with many petrol cards giving you the option to pay on either a weekly or monthly basis. 

This means that petrol fuel cards work as an excellent method of cash flow management. 

You can buy the fuel you need to keep your business on the road and pay for it at a later date. This allows you to pay bills that need to be settled immediately, without causing your company financial hardship. 

You can find out even more about how petrol fuel cards work by using our comparison tool to find the one that meets the unique requirements of your company. 

Once you find the right option, you can visit the page for that specific card and it’ll give you a detailed explanation of how it works and the benefits it offers your business. 

iCompario has the best petrol fuel cards

The best petrol fuel cards save you time and money. They give you discounts on fuel, allow you to control your cash flow, and reduce your admin time.

This makes your business more efficient and more profitable.

You can find the best petrol fuel cards at iCompario. 

We offer a range of fuel cards that help businesses of all sizes, from one-person companies to multinational corporations.

iCompario is the free online marketplace for business products and services, where managers and owners can research and rapidly compare fuel cards, vehicle tracking systems, insurance, telecoms and other essentials. The team follows up online queries by telephone so every site visitor finds their ideal, future-proof product at the best price possible.

Our cards offer a wide variety of benefits, with each one aimed at meeting the specific needs of a diverse selection of companies. To find the one that meets your needs you just need to use our comparison tool. 

Simply enter your requirements (from the type of fuel you need to the coverage you demand) and our tool will find the best petrol fuel card(s) for your business. 

Try our comparison tool now, find the right card for your company, then start your application.