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Find Out Which is the Best Petrol Card for your Business

If you’ve found yourself browsing through various petrol card companies trying to find the right fit for your business – we can help. Each petrol card has its own pros and cons, from the number of petrol stations it can be used at, to monitoring and tracking features, and more. That’s why, to cut down on hassle, we’ve handpicked the very best petrol cards in the UK, outlining the unique benefits and features of each, to help you decide which is the most suitable option for your business.

BP Plus petrol card

BP Plus Petrol Card

Access over 1,200 BP sites across the UK, and use at over 2,200 partner stations including Texaco, Gulf and Esso.

Shell Multi-Network petrol card

Shell Multi-Network Card

Access over 3,500 fuel stations including Shell, Texaco, Esso, Gulf, Gleaner and Morrisons

fuelGenie petrol card

fuelGenie Petrol Card

Fill up at over 1,350 Sainsburys, Morrisons and Tesco petrol stations and earn supermarket loyalty points when you refill.

How does a company petrol card work?

How does a company petrol card work

How do I know which petrol station card is right for my business?

How do I know which petrol station card is right for my business

Petrol cards for fleets

Petrol cards for fleets

Top petrol card brands

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How iCompario Works

Finding the most ideal petrol card for your business with iCompario is a breeze. Here’s how it’s done in 3 quick and easy steps:

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You get the perfect match

After our free fuel card comparison, we’ll send you recommendations for petrol cards that meet your business’ unique requirements. It's as simple as that!

Frequently asked questions

Prices of petrol cards can vary depending on the provider you choose to go with, with some being free and others requiring payment.

Each option charges slightly different amounts for the fees making up the total cost. These fees include things like annual membership fees and network fees.

No. Petrol cards are just for travel expenses, such as petrol, diesel and EV charging. Unlike credit cards, fuel card providers tend to set weekly or monthly payment times and allow you to keep all of these expenses separate from your other business costs. Find out more in our guide to the differences between credit cards and fuel cards.

There are a wide range of options available when it comes to petrol card offerings in the UK. Large fuel companies such as Shell and BP provide petrol cards offering fuel discounts that can be used at their own petrol stations. Whilst other cards, such as fuelGenie, are great for filling up on fuel at supermarkets. Complete our quick and easy petrol card form now to find out which option is best for you.