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Lymm Truck Stop Fuel Cards

If you’re in Cheshire and you’re looking for a break, the Lymm Truck Stop is a very popular location for both trucks and cars.

It offers a great range of services, there’s no doubt about that! But our guide to Lymm truck stop fuel cards is here to answer the most asked question by truckers: What fuel cards can you use at Lymm truck stop?

Lymm M6 close to Lymm truck stop

A short overview of Lymm truck stop

Lymm truck stop, formerly known as Poplar 2000, is a motorway service located at the junction of the M6 (J20) and the M56 (J9) motorways. Find it at Lymm, in Cheshire, postcode WA13 0SP. It’s one of the best and most popular truck stops in the UK.

It has a long history and it includes many services, making it highly popular for all kinds of vehicles.

Most families will most likely head to McDonald’s drive thru, Greggs, Costa Express, M&S Simply Food and Krispy Kreme. Most truckers, though, might choose to go to the Bar & Grill, the onsite restaurant, which offers a licensed bar aimed at truckers – the Fifth Wheel.

HGV drivers looking to spend a longer break here can find a WHSmith, an arcade (the Lucky Coin), a budget hotel and even a barber.

Plus, you can get your truck cleaned at the biggest truck wash in Europe.
Other facilities include toilets, showers and electric vehicle charging stations.

Lymm truck stop fuel cards – what can you use?

‘What fuel cards can I use at Lymm truck stop?’ That’s the main question all HGV drivers ask.

We’re not neglecting other drivers, chances are you can fuel your car or van with the fuel card provided by the company. And we’re going to talk about fuel cards for all vehicles, not just HGVs. But the reality is that truckers are the most likely drivers to be interested in the fuel cards for this particular motorway services area. And there are many fuel discount cards to use here.

These are the main fuel cards accepted at the Lymm truck stop. If you’re not using them, our advice is to seriously consider getting one of them.

Smartdiesel fuel card – best for hauliers

Smartdiesel fuel card for Lymm Truckstop

One of the best diesel fuel cards, the Smartdiesel card is perfect for hauliers to access clear, transparent fuel prices.

It is priced on a weekly wholesale rate. You can choose your fuel card’s rate based on how much fuel you want to use. With the price calculation tool, you can choose the fuel price in advance, so you know you’re paying the best price for fuel.

Get the Smartdiesel fuel card not just to use at the Lymm truck stop, but for its added benefits.

  • It comes with a price calculator so you know the price you’re going to way in advance.
  • You get bulk buy benefits – the more fuel you buy, the greater the discounts.
  • It uses the UK Fuels network of over 3,000 independent fuel stations.
  • You can buy in bulk at over 750 HGV stations across the UK.
  • It lets you control your fuel spending by receiving email notifications

Texaco Fastfuel fuel card – best competitive prices

Texaco Fastfuel fuel card for Lymm Truckstop

The Texaco Fastfuel is a great choice for everyone – fleets, cars and vans businesses. Its best feature is the great pricing and flexibility. It gives you the option to choose from pump prices or fixed prices.

The Texaco Fastfuel can be used at multiple petrol stations like Texaco, UK Fuels, Morrisons, Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

Consider getting the Texaco Fastfuel fuel card because:

  • It lets you to choose between paying pump prices or fixed weekly prices based on the wholesale prices of petrol and diesel. So, you know you’re always paying the best fuel prices for your business.
  • You can use at a wide UK network, at over 4,000 stations.
  • You don’t need to manually log in every receipt. Save time on admin with automated HMRC-approved invoices to reclaim VAT.
  • You get access to an online account management software to ease your work.

BP Plus Bunker fuel card – best for HGVs

BP Bunker fuel card for Lymm truckstop

If you’re looking for an alternative to fuel up, there’s a BP station right next door. Plus, if you drive an HGV, the BP Plus Bunker is very popular fuel card among HGV drivers.

BP Fuel cards have the largest network of motorway service stations. Plus, the BP stations are very popular due to their high-quality fuel.

BP Plus Bunker can be used at over 1,200 BP stations across the UK, including 600 bunker refill stations, like the one at the Lymm truck stop.

  • Why choose the BP Plus Bunker fuel card?
    It’s perfect for fleets of HGVs and coaches. Few other fuel cards have as many bunker sites for HGVs in the UK.
  • You pay competitive fixed weekly prices at BP bunker HGV sites, with Lymm truck stop being one of these sites. Or you can choose to pay the pump price. Either way, you’re set for discounts.
  • It comes with an online account management system where fleet managers can easily track fuel usage and discover areas to reduce costs.
  • You can also view online reports that help you to review and manage your company’s travel expenses.
  • It makes submitting VAT claims easy with HMRC-approved invoices.

BP Plus fuel card – best for great coverage

BP Plus fuel card for lymm truck stop

While the BP station is next door and not on the actual site, if we’re talking about Lymm truck stop fuel cards, we must mention the BP Plus fuel card. It’s one of the top choices for sole traders and businesses and it’s easy to understand why.

The BP Plus can be used at BP and at other partner locations, gathering an impressive number of over 3,400 stations across the UK. Out of these, 60% are conveniently located on motorways, with Lymm truck stop being one of them.

The BP Plus fuel card helps you unlock benefits and potential discounts for your business each time your refill.

  • It can be used at more than 3,400 petrol stations including BP, Texaco, Gulf and Esso.
  • It’s perfect for almost any car and van business due to its extensive network.
  • The BP Plus fuel card comes with fixed weekly prices that tracks the wholesale oil costs. This can be a great way to save.
  • You can use the online account management system to track your fuel usage, set weekly/monthly spend limits and see every purchase and filter by driver.
  • You get digital HMRC-approved invoices that reduce your admin work and make VAT claims easy.
  • You can also use it to buy AdBlue and oil, not just fuel.

iCompario tip:

This is not an exhaustive list of Lymm truck stop fuel cards, just a list of the most popular ones. There are other fuel cards accepted at the Lymm services, which you can easily discover with a quick market comparison. For example, the FleetOne and the FuelPlus fuel cards from UK Fuels are widely popular among businesses of all types. And can be used at the Lymm truck stop.

Find the best fuel card for your specific business needs

No matter what kind of fuel card type you’re looking for, we can help. Compare fuel card that can be used at the Lymm truck stop, cards with a wide network coverage, and HGV fuel cards with just a few clicks. iCompario is the place to find your fuel card.

The market is packed with offers, all shiny and promising. And while one fuel card is great for one company, it may not be the best choice for you. But we’re experts at comparing the market and finding the right offers for your business.

In less than a minute you can provide all the details we need to get you the best fuel card deals. Fill out our form now and get your quotes!

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