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Fuel cards for new businesses guide

  • Compare the best deals on fuel cards for new businesses
  • Economise your fuel expenses
  • Convenient fuel payments managed on one online account
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The best fuel cards for new businesses

If you’re just starting out as a new business, then the amount of business fuel cards on the market may be confusing. Which one do you go for!?

Well, we’re here to help. Here’s a quick selection of the best across the UK so you can cut straight to the chase.

Fuel card The business benefits Stations in network


BP Plus

Fixed weekly fuel prices at over 3,200 BP fuel stations. Use it at BP and Texaco stations to benefit from fixed weekly fuel prices 3,200


Esso National

Wholesale fuel prices at Esso and other network stations. Plus, access to 25% of all fuel stations in the UK. That’s over 3,400 fuel stations 3,400+


Accepted at 1,350 Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, & Tesco stations. Plus, you can get supermarket loyalty points the more you spend 1,350

EDC Diesel card


Lets you fill up your vehicles in 21 European countries. Access over 11,000 service stations across the EU, with simple VAT and duty reclaim solutions 11,000+


Shell Multi-Network

Access to Shell, Esso and Texaco stations across a network of over 3,400 stations. You also benefit from weekly wholesale fuel discounts 3,400+


Generally, they offer more or less the same benefits. But it’s always good business practice to keep an eye out on the provider that best suits your specific business needs.

Who provides the best fuel cards for new businesses?

There are plenty of fuel cards around… but what about the providers?

Well, there are some big-name providers around and these famous brands all offer different types of deals. Here’s the pick of the bunch.

Provider Benefits Stations in Network

Shell fuel cards

Provides security of weekly fixed fuel prices across over 1,100 UK Shell stations and over 3,800 partners in its national network 4,900+

Esso fuel cards

Lets you fill up at Esso, Shell and BP stations with over 3,400 in its network. Also, you can use it at 800 car washes nationwide 3,400+

BP fuel cards

Offers access to the largest motorway network in the UK, with 1,200 BP stations from across a network of Texaco, Gulf and Esso. In total, there are 3,400+ stations for BP and partners 3,400+

Texaco fuel cards

Enables you to refuel at major supermarkets across two branded fuel cards. That grants you access to over 2,000 stations across the UK with fixed weekly pricing 4,100+

UK fuel fuel cards

Gives you an incredible selection of fuels at fixed weekly prices across several cards. With that, you can fill up at over 3,000 stations across the UK 2,000+


Again, it’s best to just cut to the chase and compare the market to find the best business deals. Recommendations are tailored to your needs, making it much easier to pick the best one.

Why fuel cards are essential for new businesses

There are many different ways that your new business benefits by using fuel cards, but they all boil down to two things:

  1. They’ll make your life much more convenient
  2. They’ll save you a bunch of money on fuel expenses

And that means fuel cards for new businesses are a must. Basically, you need one!

Think about it. If you need to get around to make deliveries, or you just need to travel to meetings with clients, then a fuel card gives you peace of mind on your refuelling needs.

Fuel cards can be used by new businesses, including by sole traders and the self-employed, throughout the UK and Europe.

You can fill your vehicles up with all the big brand fuels, at all the major stations, and even at supermarket fuel pumps. And if you do fill up at, say, a big Tesco then you’ll get loyalty card points thrown into the bargain.

Simply put, they just give you a great deal of peace of mind.

With a fuel card, you and your employees don’t have to faff about with managing loads of receipts. And that makes it much easier to reclaim VAT, all while making your fill ups super convenient. You just refuel, pay with the card… and that’s it!

With that in mind, let’s look at the core reasons why.

The benefits of fuel cards for new businesses

If you’re still wondering exactly why you should get a fuel card, you can check out our complete guide to the business benefits of fuel cards.

Don’t have time for that? Here’s a fast facts summary for you on the key points.

  1. Discounted fuel prices: Fuel cards give new businesses access to fixed weekly diesel and petrol prices. And that means you’re going to be saving money in the long-term!
  2. European vibes: They can be used across the UK and Europe, letting your new business access big brand stations wherever you are. And that greatly simplifies fuel payments whether you’re in Glasgow, London, Paris or Berlin.
  3. Manage your expenses: You get greater control over your weekly, monthly and annual fuel budget, whether you have one vehicle or a whole fleet.
  4. Ramp up your credit: Build your credit score up quickly because fuel cards offer interest-free credit to new businesses.
  5. Make reclaims easy: It’s miles easier to make VAT reclaims from HMRC, saving you a ton of time on accounting. Plus, no more fiddly receipts to manage! You get one online account to manage everything.
  6. Ultra-convenient: They help your new business become super-efficient because you can track and control your fuel use online. You never miss a thing!
  7. Helpful tech: Most fuel cards come with fancy software that make managing your payments easily, plus they help you and your drivers easily find stations in your network.

It’s as simple as that, really, if you have vehicles in your business then you need a fuel card.

They’re cheap to get, make life much easier and help you save money into the bargain. All you need to do is make sure you get the deal that best suits your business’ needs.

Bag your business a fuel card bargain

If you’re ready to take control of your fuel expenses, now’s the time to do a free market comparison. Here’s how it works:

  1. Enter a few business details into our online form.
  2. We search our database.
  3. You get your tailored results!

You take your pick from the providers and you’ll be forwarded onto them. It’s a case of signing up and you’ll get your card within 10 working days. What are you waiting for?

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